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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. waxdoctor
    Hi everybody,
    does anyone know if the Plenue D plays equally loud as the Colorfly C3?
    Many thanks!
    Best, wd
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  2. Skint

    it certainly does. I used to have a c3. Lovely player but the D is in a different league.
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  3. waxdoctor

    so yes it does play equally loud or even louder - that is good to know - thank you! So a new Plenue D for me it is then! :))
  4. waxdoctor
    another question - on most of the pictures the Plenue D "gold" looks like bronze or some kind of "brownish"

    or is it more the bright gold finish look - like that one...
    does anyone own a gold one and can confirm it looks?
    many thanks!!!
  5. clee290
    It is the first like the first photo.
  6. waxdoctor

    thank you! :)
  7. clee290

    No problem, and wow, I really butchered that sentence lol.
    But yea, the gold version is really nice. Normally, I would have gone for the silver, but I wanted something a little different and I'm glad that I did.
  8. waxdoctor

    Yes me too - actually I cannot stand gold looks(if it is this bright look as on the second pic I posted) - but if it goes into this brown/bronze/copper look then I like it! I'm gonna order it! :)  
  9. Raketen
    these jokes... I can't... they're never going to end are they...
  10. lmfboy01
  11. Raketen
    Pretty... is that the Lyra?
    @jmills8 or anyother DAP fiends out there- have any suggestions for somthing that sounds like the PD but that might have better seperation/layering/imaging properties- I think this stuff is probably pretty subjective, but I like the sound of PD it's just that one step away from having my S-EM9's at their best (for me so far has been JDS C5D). I'm finding JetEffects stuff deserves the praise but it doesn't really address that at all imo (plus I like the sound at Normal, though the BBE presets like Viva and MachBass are fun).
  12. Cagin
    onkyo dp-x1 for those listening sessions. cowon Plenue D for the ultraportable fun
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  13. Niyologist
    I just got to get the Plenue D. After having the J3 for over 3 years and owning the 770C for a year. I can use a true upgrade.
  14. jmills8
    Cayin N6, DX80, or Cowon P1.
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  15. Skint
    Plenue P1, M or I guess the S?!? From what I know these have the improvement you're after.
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