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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. waxdoctor

    nice :) thank you
  2. regit

    +1 Didn't work for hires for me as well. There's an audible click in between even though the transition timing seem alright.

    This is just about the only unexpected disappointment that I have, otherwise PD is a perfect match with the 846 for the sound I'm looking for.

    Thanks a lot for the replies pat1984,BruceBanner & Raketen. I should've mentioned I'm aware the Cowans don't have bluetooth built in. I use a bluetooth transmitter on my iriver and it works pretty good. I haven't heard of APTX BT support but I'll look into that. I'm going to think this over but I'm kinda learning towards the Cowan M2 at this point since it can play videos and has the Jet Effect 5 & BBE+.
    Really appreciate the info on what to expect with certain headphones and the expected difference between high bitrate .mp3's and flac. I'll give that 'ABX Testing' a try and see what I think.
    BTW, you don't have to use proprietary music management programs on the Cowans do you? That's why I like my iriver so much. You simply drag and drop your music or video files into the appropriate directories and your on your way. I find the ipod music management very annoying as I mentioned.
  4. QsTree
    NO proprietary music management programs are  necessary for Cowon players. Just drag & drop.
  5. Niyologist

    What IEM is that? It looks so shiny.
  6. Raketen
    I'm 75% sure it's http://campfireaudio.com/lyra/
  7. Niyologist

    Wow. The Lyra is really expensive. It's probably worth it because of the build quality and the SQ. Anyway. This thread got me interested in Cowon again.
  8. RomanRise
    Fiio X3II or COWON Plenue D? (Sound quality major reason to buyng one of these)
  9. dimmockg

    Vey odd, browsing daps myself and just literally came to this thread to ask that very same question
  10. taffy2207
    I own the Plenue D and have heard the X3ii (between 20-30 hours) and the Plenue D is clearly the better sounding to my ears. It's just my opinion though.
  11. dimmockg
    Thanks taffy

    I was angling toward an android based dap (to root and add viper or similer)

    Nothing is about at the moment in my price range so started looking at daps around the amount i want to spend and keep looking at the PD

    The other alternative is to use my phone as a dedicated music source as well :rolleyes:

    However, storage is only 32gb and no sd (galaxy s6)
  12. taffy2207
    Portability is the strength of the PD IMHO. Great form factor, battery life & neutral sound. It's not a perfect DAP but it's strength lies in it's portability (It really doesn't need a separate amp unless you have particularly sensitive iems).
    My wife's a 'generation Apple' kid and she loves the PD.
  13. Raketen

    I think the OnePlus phones are supposed to have pretty good DACs and stuff? Also supposed to be very hack-friendly.
    There's also the Seiun Pro which I think is android... it was crowdfunded some time ago and is supposed to be released this year- crowdfunding price was only $150 so it should be relatively affordable once its actually for sale... who knows if it will actually live up to its promises though (a lot of paranoid backers)- I've got a used one of their little cheapo Clip+ style Player that was part of the campaign and it's rather hissy.
  14. Biachplz
    Can the Plenue D be used as a DAC like the Fiio X3 II? Looking to buy a PMP/DAC combo like the fiio and came across this
  15. alorora

    No. It is just a DAP.
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