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Cowon Plenue D

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by aerosatan, Nov 30, 2015.
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  1. audio123

    Cowon signature long battery life. Battery life is way better than Calyx-M
  2. Raketen

    I guess there is a limit to Dremel's usefulness lol, its not THAT different from using a cd buffer http://www.instructables.com/id/Real-Mans-Toothbrush/
    p.s... I have had some luck ripping scratched dvds to image files and then playing using a virtual drive.
  3. shigzeo Contributor

    I got into Cowon with the D2. It advertised 50 hours of battery life and no matter the volume or file type, never got more than 33 hours. Certain small iPods got close to that. This is a whole other league. 
    Hey Head-fi users and Cowon Plenue D owners! I was curious if anybody can offer me suggestions on this nice Cowon Plenue D player vs the Cowon M2 32 GB HD Media Player? I know the basic differences between them. The Cowon M2 32 GB HD Media Player has the ability to play videos which I really like but I already have an ipod nano for that and my good old iriver clix2 8GB Redline that is at the end of it's life. The iriver was my favorite tech gadget I've ever bought. But the the clix function doesn't work very good anymore so I can't navigate it easily and the battery is worn down. I know the Cowon Plenue D is just a dedicated audio player/PMP. I'm warning up to the ipod nano but I find it VERY ANNOYING that I have to use their stupid POS itunes to manage my music!! It's so annoying... I also tried some third party apps to manage the ipod like media monkey but it didn't work for the videos! Media monkey kept saying the format was incorrect and wouldn't sync movies! Once I installed itunes I was able to sync my movies so that's good. I also like the small form factor of the iriver and ipod. Mainly use these at the gym and they are great for that.
    Anyway, I'm not a hardcore audiophile but I can really appreciate the higher quality sound! The Wolfson DAC and Jet Effect 5 & BBE have been very highly praised from everything I've read here and elsewhere online. I believe the Cowon M2 also has Jet Effect 5 & BBE so I that would be nice. I'm just curious what type of headphones I'd need to truly enjoy the Cowon Plenue D? I'm pretty sure bluetooth headphones definitely would not be sufficient to enjoy lossless FLAC audio. I have some pretty decent Fanny Wang and V-Moda over the ear headphones that are pretty good. They were like $200 headphones.
    Thanks for any input or suggestions on what headphones would let me enjoy the quality the Cowon Plenue D is capable of would be appreciated. Or any suggestions on the Cowon M2 would be good. Thanks!
  5. Raketen
    Whatever good headphones you like should be adequate [​IMG]. Bluetooth headphones have to do their own conversion and amping so choosing a DAP for that has more to do with transmission bandwidth/quality and codec choice I think- Plenue D doesn't have Bluetooth so a moot point I guess. Plen D is fairly small, a little thick perhaps. If you prefer a slimmer shape and want bluetooth and video while still having folder management, expandable memory and battery life, Sony A10 is a good option, but not as versatile as Plenue D with respect to output/headphones it can drive well and dsp/eq options.
  6. BruceBanner
    1st: The M2 doesn't have Bluetooth, so if you are thinking of using this in the gym and BT is important to you, then this isn't the DAP for you.
    2nd: I'm not sure if the PD does carry Bluetooth. My experience of BT varies, with some connections being excellent and some not so good, generally I keep an eye out for APTX BT support as it is fairly lossless and generally well recieved.
    3rd: There are divided opinions among the audiophile community in relation to different file types sounding better or worse. There is a test you can do yourself called 'ABX Testing' (just google it and follow the links). This test will take a hi res or high bit rate file such as WAV or FLAC and compress it down to an mp3 bitrate of your choosing (192, 320kbps etc), and then the song is played back to you and you have to guess which version of the playback is the uncompressed and which is compressed. I have done the test myself and are unable to ascertain any difference past 320kbps MP3 files, so for me MP3 files are enough, they also take up less space which is another bonus.
    Now i'm not saying others who say they can tell a difference are full of sh!t, but they go awfully quiet when asked to show their abx testing results, or even willingness to do so.
    This area opens a can of worms, so I will leave it there for now, there are many more factors to consider, but that's kinda of an intro for you, a place to start if u like.
    4th: I have heard members here who own a M2 and a PD and are unable to ascertain a difference in sound quality, then there are those that say they can. A lot of it will have to do with headphone of choice (as the PD may be more powerful in supporting fuller difficult to drive can headphones) but many headphones and IEMs may be harder to hear any difference. I believe the amp inside the PD is of better quality, I would expect less background hiss etc, but then again as a non owner of both I am speculating here, much will depend on user headphone choice, volume levels and any DSPs activated (or not). I always thought of the M2 as a 'poor mans PD'.

    5th: The M2 is a PMP, a Portable Media Player, I believe the PD to be simply a DAP (Digital Audio Player).
    6th: It is arguable more value will be had by spending your budget on attaining a greater headphone and pairing with the M2, rather than using all your budget on the PD and having little to nothing left over for the headphone.
    I have always thought of sound quality chain as being like this: Headphone > File Source (ie a decent mp3 file at least, not a 32kbps rubbish one) > DAP > EQ/DSP.
    I think many here would agree that the greatest significant increase in sound quality comes from headphones first and foremost and then file type, many sources are capable of producing a pretty good sound signature, such as the el cheap Sansa Clips etc.

    7th: I have nothing else to add lol.
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  7. pat1984
    I don't have the M2 only the PD. From what I have read, the touchscreen on the M2 is not really great and the sound quality and format support is definitely better on the Plenue D. I wanted an audio player and PD was the clear choice for me. If you want to play videos then definitely PD will not do that. My impression about the PD has been very positive so far. I am not getting 100 hours but maybe somewhere in the vicinity of 40 or so but thats good enough for me. The sound is really good especially with so may dsp settings to play with, I can tweak the sound to my liking. I am using mostly IEMs - mostly Fidue A83, Trinity Delta and Hidition Viento-R and I have never listened at more than 27/100 as it becomes really loud. I have also used the Cayin C5 as an amp and did not notice any distortion. In fact the soundstage width and the clarity in the low frequencies got much better with the C5 amp from the HO of the PD. I love the PD for what it is but if you need other features like bluetooth or video playback you should look elsewhere. Thats my personal perspective, hope it helps you decide.
  8. kageroh
    The D does NOT have BT.
  9. audio123

    what is bt
  10. HiFiChris Contributor
  11. pat1984

    The D does not have Blue-tooth ..... [​IMG]
  12. preuk
    I won't call it "the D"
  13. jmills8
    Little D
  14. angelo898
    the little korean d that has lots of stamina
  15. audio123
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