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Conundrum on choosing headphones. Grado HF-2s or RS2is

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by crayonhead, Apr 3, 2011.
  1. crayonhead
    Hi guys.
    I've recently been struck at a conundrum.
    Apparently, this guy in China has a NEW pair of HF-2s (He won't give me information on which number it is. Since i'm visiting in about a month, I'll go over to see.).
    However, they're priced at currently 1000 usd (which personally i think is WAY overblown for this set of headphones.) and i'm sitting on the fence on whether to try and budge him to lower the price to $old +shipped or to get the RS2is which are $495 plus shipping.
    Which way should i go? (personally, I'm only budging him to lower because I can only afford to buy it at original price. )
  2. Frankie K
    If that's what You really want then buy a new pr here or look in the for sale/trade forum there should be something for You there. If You not sure with those HF-2's then look elsewhere. Go with the gut instinct on this one, Be Wary!
  3. tamahome77
    Personally, I'll skip the PS1000s or the HF-2.  I would rather go for the HF-1 or the older RS1s if you could find one on the used market.  When I had the HF-2, I thought the HF-1 were more balanced sounding than the HF-2.  The HF-2's bass sounded bloated to me.
  4. lbj
    Honestly a fair price for a set of new HF-2's would be around half of what he's asking.  Forget about that pair and look in the for-sale forum as someone suggested.
  5. Bilavideo
    Yeah, I agree.  You can get HF2s off the For Sale forum.  If you don't find them for sale right now, put in a WTB post and somebody will find you.
  6. Uncle Erik Contributor
    Don't pay $1,000 for the HF-2. They turn up now and then, you'll find a pair.

    A used RS-1 was also suggested - it's also a good choice. As far as I'm concerned, the RS-1 remains Grado's flagship headphone.
  7. Bilavideo

  8. crayonhead
    I just sent the person another email, stating my intention. I have asked him also to lower the price to 500 USD just to make it so that he gains a profit, but at least I get the headphones. I have thought about the Grado RS-1i. However, It's a bit out of my price range (I'm a student) so I can't get the unless i save up for another 8 months..which is a long time to wait for headphones. I also (personally) like the look of the Grado HF2s, which is kind off messing up my decision making process. 
    A final thought. Who would pay that much of premium to get these headphones, even if they're limited edition?  
  9. bumblingbooby

    Well regardless of what you think, the PS1000 is Grado's current flagship headphone. 
  10. crayonhead
    Kind of getting OT here. I think I messed up the title, but I was asking about the HF-2s and the RS2is. Anyways, thanks for the suggestions. (I only have in that range (400-550 USD) for one pair of headphones)
  11. Currawong Contributor
    I'm a big fan of Rhydon's modification of the SR325is he has called the Symphones Magnums. They are above your budget though, but I believe they are worth saving for.
  12. lbj

    Sounds like you're not interested in used cans?  Because you can find used RS1's in your price range (non-i's that is).  Not to say the old RS1 is better than the RS2i, it's quite possible you'd prefer the RS2i.
    Someone would have to be crazy to pay that much for the HF2.  They're not that exclusive, they pop up used (and new) quite often.
  13. Frankie K
    If Your still interested I found a pr of HF-2's (used) for $400. By henryhan, give Him a look, no harm and there well within Your budget! Nothing wrong with used as long as there well taken care You get what You want and save money and not get burned with fake's. Keep that in mind with the new pr You mentioned!
  14. fatcat28037 Contributor


    Certainly the most expensive but not the best sounding to everyones ears.
  15. Frankie K


    Or better yet HeadPhoneAddict is sellig His pr of HF-2's serial #120 for $400. this would be Your best way to go if You really want these phone's, Good Source, Less Problem's and You can't beat the price!!  [​IMG]

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