1. LingLing1337

    wtb grado hf1 or hf2

    No idea why I cant post in classifieds. But im looking for these headphones, please pm me if you have a set.
  2. TubeStack

    Grado HF-1 or RS325is

    Same price. Which would you buy and why?
  3. Todd

    HF-1 update

    Hi Everyone, Here is some very good news. I am getting a few more of the HF-1 headphones for sale to members here. These will absolutely be the last of the HF-1 for sale. Here are the rules for ordering and conditions of sale. 1 Orders will be placed online on Monday starting at noon...
  4. Illah

    Post Grado HF-1 Pics here!

    Poor nierika's thread got thread-crapped more than I've ever seen a thread tread-crapped in my life Since he got his HF-1's I know some others must have gotten them too...if so post pics here! --Illah

    Full Size that sound like KSC75

    Hey guys, I've been playing around with headphones since jan 2010. I've owned quite a few in this time. However nothing has been as enjoyable as the $20 Koss KSC75. So far I have owned: DT770 - 250ohm HD650 SR60i DT880 - 600ohm Porta Pro RS1i Now don't get me wrong each of those listed...
  6. narrow bights

    Grado HF-1 and Little Dot 1+ combo

    I have long been a Gradophile, but have recently been favouring my K240 Sextetts and K340s, so I am selling off all of my Grados (most are now gone), along with my LD 1+ amp and other lower impedance cans.  I have separate listings for everything, but I am putting together a package deal for the...
  7. Riku540

    FS: Grado Head-Fi Series HF-1 #348

    Excellent Condition. Used estimated 300 hours. Autographed original box and 3.5mm adapter cable included. Shipping included in asking price.
  8. squirrelboy1210

    crave for muddy sound! help!!!

    okay two years back i got the beats tours, then i read a couple of reviews by audio professionals and did some research and found out they really suck... for the price, anyway (plus, i had to get them fixed 6 times.. 6 TIMES!!!!!). so then i got myself an ATH-M50 and a UE500 and was quite...
  9. Mani ATH 87

    Are Grado's worth picking up for if you DON'T listen to much rock?

    I've been curious about Grado's for a while now. I don't listen to the genre's they are purported to work with though, which has stopped me from looking at them further. There seems to be a love hate relationship with these cans in that they only seem to be recommended for certain genres, have...
  10. will75

    Need Advice: Want $100-150 pair of Full-size (Circum-aural), Closed Headphones, no amp.

    Title says it all.  My brother wants to get these for travel, movies, music...   Needs them full size so they go all the way around the ear, must be closed due to airplane use, and he won't be buying an amp so nothing with high impedance.   He wants to spend $100-150.    I always...
  11. chubbyone

    Grado SR80i Concerns/Buyer's Remorse. Help Appreciated

    I'll try and keep this short but explain my situation well enough so you can help!   I scoured the forums for hours, decided on a pair of Grado SR80i's. I listened through my iPad 2 w/ Spotify at 320kbps and MacbookPro with Flac converted to Apple Lossless in iTunes. I was initially blown...
  12. kwitel

    New Grado "S-Cush"/"Comfies" itchy and hard?

    Maybe I got a fake pair but I ordered them through Amazon from a company ( 4ourEars) that states they are Grados.   I dont remember them ever being this hard and uncomfortable.   Are there any new options for my HF-1's? I love the sound from a quarter modded s-cush but I cant wear these...
  13. Argote

    Upgrade from SR80i to SR225 or SR325 worth it?

    I currently have the SR80i plugged into an Audioengine D1 DAC/Amp at my home computer which is a pretty good combo. I was wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade higher up in the Grado product line or if it will be "more of the same".   I'm also considering the AKG Q701 or K702, however...
  14. HeretixAevum

    Fake Grados?

    I got a pair of Grado SR225i's in the mail today. I've been excited about this arriving for a while now. I opened them up, the headphones felt like they were quite good quality (and at almost 10 hour burn in they certainly sound it, too) however I noticed that the piece of paper that comes with...
  15. trose49

    How does Grado HF-1 Compare in sound to 325i

    Wondering the differences hear?
  16. mrplow

    My Grado SR80 SR125 SR225 MS-1 MS-2i HF-1 Mini Round-up in Q&A Format

    Ok, because like a complete *****ing moron I accidently clicked on a link in my email which caused me to navigate away from the "Post New Thread" page, my original 10 page dissertation has now been rehashed to this short blurb. I swear, it's more annoying than when you try to go to the HeadRoom...
  17. S

    Can we get Grado to make more HF-1s?

    There seems to be quite a few people that missed out on or want to buy the HF-1s. Do you think if we got enough of us to sign up for buying a pair in a group buy we could get Grado to make another batch?
  18. Azoth

    HF1 vs HF2

    I am thinking of getting the HF2 What is the difference between two models. Which can tolerate more decibels ? I hope it is the HF2

    Headphones worth holding on to......collectable cans

    Hi, I think my Audeze LCD-2's are beautiful- both aesthetically & sonically. I think these are something that I would be proud to hand down to my kids in 20 years and something I think will be a true classic. Does anyone else agree & what are some other current models of cans that are destined...
  20. crayonhead

    Conundrum on choosing headphones. Grado HF-2s or RS2is

    Hi guys. I've recently been struck at a conundrum. Apparently, this guy in China has a NEW pair of HF-2s (He won't give me information on which number it is. Since i'm visiting in about a month, I'll go over to see.). However, they're priced at currently 1000 usd (which personally i think...
  21. munkong

    YUIN PK2 .... Earbud KILLER !!!! (mini review)

    *remember! my English not good, but I would try * I received YUIN PK2 from FANG (nankai) this phone is purchase, not free or borrow it's look like other cheap earbud in the market look like $1 earbud, it's come with black color and small wood box not beautiful, not trust in...
  22. S

    Meier Audio Corda Head-Five Picture Thread

    Just came home from Photo and I see this dropped on the porch. Oh BOY!! Fresh from Germany . Cut open the bottom instead of the top since you have to take out the invoice anyway. Nice carry bag. No problems with jack spacing at all. The matching...
  23. dan1son

    DAC/AMP (pre-amp? tubes?) for Grado HF-1 advice please.

    So I'm going to use the great amount of knowledge and experience of head-fi to help me pick out a new amp/dac primarily for my HF-1s, secondarily for my ER-4Ps.  :)   I'm currently using a total bithead which I find a bit bright with the HF-1 and Ety ER-4S.  My fubar and mintish amp are at...
  24. JennaFF

    Differences between models of grado headphones?

    What are the electrical and internal differences between the Grado headphones? Is it all the same driver but a different housing/cabling and whatnot? Could I take the drivers from HF-1's and put them in SR60's and expect a difference?
  25. pablobaluba

    The official "most OVERRATED headphones" thread

    i don't know if this has been posted before . i'm a newbie in this domain and i think i will have a lot to learn from a thread like this. i'm sure ya'll audiophiles in here know a lot of models and listened to a lot too, so there surely must be HEADPHONES that you consider OVERRATED. this...