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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
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  1. PhilW

    This cable fits? No decent optical we try does at the moment
  2. nOtEcH

    I am just preparing my home for the Hugo to arrive a the end of this month, so I have'nt tried yet.. and by looking at the other cables you got in stock they seems quite similar.. so I guess that my cable won't fit either..

    These recessed inputs / outputs are not that audiophile friendly I'm afraid..
  3. seeteeyou
  4. jamato8 Contributor
    More listening impressions! :^)
    On toslink, Sysconcept has the 1300 fiber cable that can go up to most any bandwidth and to me, sounds better than anything else made. The price is right and they will make custom lengths and the cable should fit fine. They are the only one I would go with. You tell them what ends you want, the length and what you get is pure quality. 
  5. nOtEcH

    I guess that I'm talking to myself here.. but you might want to know.. the Airport Express way, is not the way to go.. at least for now.. I have optimized the network setup, and it is quite good, but dropouts still occure now and then.. I've searched on the internet, and I found this:

    "I believe there are issues with the stability of the clocks in the latest AEs. If you go over to the pink side, you'll read of problems that the designer of the M-DAC had interfacing an AE to it:
    " First first Gen worked without Drop outs when set to High Bandwidth... With Gen 3 they changed the Chip set and its even worst then the first for Jitter performance - with large discrete jumps in clock offsets - these jumps throw off (unlock) any dac with decent jitter attenuation (Tight Lock Bandwidths) - ironically Dac's with poor jitter attenuation cope with the Jumps, but off course they have poor jitter attenuation..."

    and here's a similar comment from CambridgeAudio, quoted on an apple support forum:

    "Basically, the Airport does not output a smooth SPDIF clocking. Every now and then, the Airport will sporadically adjust its output clock to track the desired sampling rate.
    These adjustments are very sudden and are the cause of the noises and/or drop-outs describe".

    So I guess I'll go back to the shop with the Airport Express and get my money back.. the cable should be ok but I don't need it anymore.. maybe in a few months if next generation of Airport Express is better..

    I've heard that the AppleTV is better.. but dropouts are reported with those as well.. guess I'll give it a try.. but best guess now is to use USB and the camera kit with my iPad / iPhone / iPod Touch and use Bluetooth directly to Hugo while charging the iDevice..
  6. jamato8 Contributor
    I am a breath away from ordering one of these, things. lol 
  7. evolutionx
    Just got my Hugo from Custom-Cable.   1st impression is pretty good with ak100.   Powerful enough for my LCD-XC and the reason for my purchase.   Time for the obligatory burning-in 100 hrs.  
    TH900 sounds pretty amazing as well…….
  8. nOtEcH

    I've been curious about LCD-XC as a replacement for T5P. I have also the HD800 as a reference. Have you compared the LCD-XC to any of them?

    Edit: Would be VERY nice with a Hugo / LCD-XC review after the burn in. :)
  9. evolutionx
    I have not compared with T5P and HD800, though I would say they are very different sound signature with LCD-XC having tried HD800 and owned T5P.   Will try to share more impressions with LCD-XC after burn-in…… :)
  10. bmichels
    Have you compared HUGO amp with TU-05 Amp ?    I owe a TU-05 and wonder if the HUGO will bring any additional SQ ? (I use TH-900 & Roxane)
    Alternatively, I can use the HUGO DAC part to feed the TU-05 amp IF the TU-05 AMP part is better than the HUGO amp part ! 
  11. nOtEcH

    Will be looking forward to it! :D
  12. tonyl59
    First of all, apologies for not posting since receiving my Hugo on Friday; been really busy so listening time has been limited.
    As others have said, packaging is fairly basic but adequate and there’s a very nice little folding user guide which is very well laid out.
    The device itself is solid and well made. I find its styling quirkiness actually very appealing, and of course, all those various coloured LEDs are very cool!
    Battery life seems really good and there’s a separate LED that cycles through various colours so it’s easy to see when recharging is needed.
    I had bought an adapter (£2.09!) for the supplied optical cable so I could hook up my AK120. Once plugged in you just press the input selection button until the little LED glows green (very similar to yellow, to my eyes, but easy to distinguish once you realise). This all worked perfectly.
    So, the sound... what struck me immediately was the detail, allied with a very smooth delivery. Bass initially seemed to lack just a little weight in places, but the more I listen the more I realise that it’s really just some unnatural “bloom” that’s gone. Bass is actually very clean and beautifully extended. Overall this seems to help open up the soundstage. The top end is very sweet, extended and again, deliciously smooth.
    All this smoothness, however, in no way diminishes dynamics. Certainly with TH900s there is plenty of slam, all presented against a completely silent background (given a suitable clean recording).
    The long and short is that I really love this device. It sounds superb with the TH900s, but also my UM Miracles have never sounded so good. I’ve only tried them once, so this is a very early impression. I don’t recall hearing any background hiss on the Miracles, even at mid-to-high volumes.
    A couple of observations: I haven’t got a Coaxial SPDIF cable anywhere that will fit the Hugo, so I haven’t been able to try that input yet. Also, I took it back to the dealer this morning because I was getting one channel going dead on the TH900s depending on how I wiggled the headphone jack in the Hugo’s 6.3mm socket. It turns out that when pushed in fully the metal sleeve of the jack touches the Hugo case and drops a channel! Anyway, a bit of tape will remedy this, though I’m rather surprised this is needed on such expensive components.
    I’ve tried Bluetooth with the AK120, my HTC Windows Phone and iPad Mini and all worked straight away. Sound quality drops off, of course, but would be fine for casual listening.
    Will try to post more soon, hopefully with some pictures.
    greenmac likes this.
  13. bmichels

    Thanks a lot for this preview.

    One Quick question. How AK120>Hugo>th900 compare to just Ak120>th900. Is it night & day that justify for the extra cost & extra brick to carry ?
  14. Audiowood
    Harmonix - Are you based in US? Any recommended reatailer in US?
    Ok - Nevermind - I found one at moon-audio - I thank myself :)
  15. tonyl59

    To my ears there is a substantial improvement with the Hugo. I can't say, of course, whether you'd find it enough to justify the Hugo's cost. I can say that it was worth it for me... In other words, personally I'd strongly recommend it, but please don't blame me if you think it's been over-hyped :wink:
    I should add that these are all my very early impressions after only a few hours listening, and not always in an ideal environment.
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