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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
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  1. greenmac
    Would love to see pictures with both the AK120 and the Ipad mini when you get chance

  2. nOtEcH

    No need to apologise.. even though I have to admit that I was hoping to read more about the Hugo during the weekend. :wink:
    Did you try out the psychoacustic filters with your headphones and / or iem's? I am just curious about your opinion on that topic (also).. :D
    Anyway.. thanks for your impressions so far.
  3. evolutionx
    I have the TU-05 and in my opinion, Hugo's DAC provided more details and slam (compared with AK100 as source).   TU-05 with TH900 is already an excellent combo but Hugo improved upon the details and yet maintained the musicality.  
  4. barbes
    Mine's just in.  
    Is anybody else trying to use this with CIEMs?  Neither 3.5mm socket will accept nearly any of my cables - the Hugo jacks are so recessed that the cables won't seat, they jam on the housing.  This includes both a range of custom cables and the original box-stock standard ones (all right-angle, which is part of the problem).  Right now I've got an adaptor in the 1/4" inch jack to make it work.  This is ridiculous - didn't the engineers try to use it before they sent it to market?
    It sounds good.  Just burning in, so I don't know how good yet.
    This is the closest US-spec charger I could find to the UK one that comes with it:
    What are others in the US using for chargers?  Thanks.
  5. CosmicHolyGhost
    Just throwing in idea, it should not be hard to reterminate the cable with thinner connector...
  6. jamato8 Contributor
    Doesn't the Hugo come with a charger? I can't imagine it not coming with one. 
  7. barbes

    It comes, if you source it from the UK, with a UK charger... I think all of the units in the US have gotten here that way. Mine did. So some of us need to find a US-spec charger.
  8. jamato8 Contributor
    That is odd, that all units would not ship with a charger. They are most always 100 to 240 volts now so not having one in the box doesn't make sense and could be frustrating. 
  9. barbes

    There is one. It's for a UK wall plug. It can't be used in the US.
  10. Mimouille
    Hum if most 3.5 ciem jacks do not fit that is quite an issue...
  11. jamato8 Contributor
    I can see the jacks being an issue, the toslink and then a charger that you have to go out and buy. I mean most all companies have a charger for each type of outlet. These chargers are inexpensive.
  12. harmonix
    The one that came with mine is indeed 100-240v - should fit voltages all around the world but would need a wall socket adapter obviously.
  13. CosmicHolyGhost
    wow, this is really high praise for Hugo. The only justification for me to spring for Hugo is that I would want to get a desktop DAC.
    Do people share the similar comment that the Hugo is better over other desktop DACs like Mytek 24/192 DSD,Calyx DAC,Yulong D8,Benchmark DAC2,Atoll DAC?
  14. harmonix
    Different objective for me Cosmic I wanted desktop performance on the go - the reverse.
    Would interesting to see what people think especially with the other DAC's as well.  Think the $2k-$5k DAC range would be interesting to compare as there are real advantages to running on battery vs. ac but people use AC because of the power requirements. And NO - I don't think this can beat the DAC2x!!
  15. bmichels
    Well, as expected, the HUGO DAC is better than AK100's DAC, but... what about the AMP part of HUGO v/s Tu-05 ?  
    Have you compared:  AK100 > HUGO (DAC+AMP) > TH900    V/S   AK100 > HUGO (DAC only) > TU-05 (AMP) > TH900  ?  
    May be the last combo is best of booth world : Hugo's DAC + Tube AMP ?
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