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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
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  1. harmonix
    Okay people just confirmed one issue with the Hugo.
    There is a slight background hiss when using IEM's. This is noticeable when the music stops playing.
    I would never have noticed this until someone on another thread mentioned a friend told him of a hiss issue. I noticed it when I stopped the music, cranked the volume up (don't do this with music on!) and then plug and unplug the IEM's. 
    Again not really noticeable and frankly can't hear it when the music is on. Intellectually a bit annoying. 
    Thought people should know as some may fixate on such issues - if that is the case for you caveat emptor.
    For me not an issue - I don't hear it when the music is playing and that's when the enjoyment starts anyway.
  2. jamato8 Contributor
    Do you hear it at normal volume but no music playing?
  3. harmonix
    Yes - if you know what to look for - it can be subtle.
  4. harmonix
    2nd round impression of Hugo sound (after 72 hours).
    Very detailed across the frequency spectrum and multi-layered. The details are like an onion. You can leave it be or keep peeling it back however it is not annoyingly so. Initially the details seemed to stick out but seems to be settling in nicely after some break in. The bottom end is very solid, fast and articulate not sloppy or boomy. On the high end we have very nice air and decay on cymbals and high hats  - tracks fast and complicated rhythms without losing the plot. 
    Music listened
    - Santana Supernatural - CD
    - Strunz & Farah Liive - CD
    - Daft Punk Random Access Memories - 24/88.2
    - Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah - 24/88.2
    - Hiromi Move - 24/192
    - Norah Jones Come Away With Me - DSD
    - Fan-Ya Lin Emerging - DSD
  5. harmonix
    Let me add one more thing you can hear it if you pick songs with large dynamic range (think classical) and lots of quiet passage crank the volume up a bit. 
    With IEM's you need to be careful; for me with SE846's this means volume knob into the yellow/green color zone on the Hugo.
    I can't listen for more than a couple of seconds when the quiet passages end - your mileage will vary obviously.
  6. jamato8 Contributor
    What I am more concerned with is more of music actual listening levels. I don't like hiss. Some hear it on the dx50 but I never have.

    Great impressions so far.
  7. harmonix
    A few more loose ends to tie up:
    1) There was a question on whether it works with itunes songs --> Yes it does - indicator light is red (16/44.1)
    2) Bluetooth pairs with iphone 5s using A2PD for wireless operation--> Works but everything seems to be down sampled to redbook. APTX should be better but then current apple devices don't have APTX. I don't like the quality via A2PD maybe APTX is better. Will stick to USB.
  8. OK-Guy
    Member of the Trade: Custom-Cable
    Location: London, UK
    "The DAC section of the Hugo, however, is just mind-blowingly good."
    Just as a side note, it seems Chord are putting an optical cable in the package so anyone wanting to connect their AKxxx would just need a mini toslink adapter!
    Review link - reposted from other thread.
  9. OK-Guy
    Harmoinix... do you think it's worth changing the title of thread to 'Chord Hugo Appreciation Thread'... there's bound to be BIG appreciation of this by the looks.
  10. barbes

    Jude, what are you using as a charger? Do we in the US need something to replace the UK unit?

    Mine's on the way - thanks in advance.
  11. OK-Guy
    Hugo was a rolling stone, wherever he found a DAP was his home...
     yeah I know... TAXI!

    Mython likes this.
  12. seeteeyou
  13. greenmac

    any news on your Hugo ?
    would love to see pictures with your ak120 and your impressions with the miracles
  14. harmonix
    I wanted it to be unbiased - the good with the bad... 
    There are plus + minuses - so far the plus still come up on top. 
  15. nOtEcH

    Did not notice that it was all the way down under. :)
    I guess you could use a carpet knife or something to cut it down if it does'nt fit.

    But anyway.. It is a shame that we cant get a nice and short cable with the Camera Kit built in..
    I'm not sure if it is doable for a cable verdor like Moon Audio to cook one up using Apple's own kit as an ingredience?
    I would buy one for sure..
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