1. OK-Guy

    Chord QuteHD DAC - 'Pulse-Array' Teconology Discusion Thread

    Chord QuteHD DAC   The Chord Electronics Company is based a couple of miles from where I live in Rochester, I have lusted over their equipment (out of my price range) after spending many happy listening hours ‘chewing the cud’ over music in a sadly missed hi-fi shop that was located where I...
  2. AndrewOld

    The Chord Hugo TT is announced.

    John Franks of Chord Electronics has released some details of a  new desktop  version of the Chord Hugo DAC. Known as the HUGO TT it will feature XLRs, big input output sockets for all those fancy cables, bigger battery, remote control, less cryptic display.    Anyone know anything about it...
  3. harmonix

    Chord Hugo

    Just got mine in today and will put it through it's paces in the next few days.  Will give it some time to run in (right now 0 hours 0 minutes!!). One thing for sure - very very detailed.   I think there is a typo on the instructions though - DSD files are showing up as purple whereas...
  4. c3p0

    Chord qbd76

    Considering getting this. Does anybody have this dac or the dac64 by chord. What are your experiences?
  5. rudi0504

    Chord Hugo big brother : Chord QBD 76 HDSD

    Hi Head Fi friends I want Share best High End dac : Chord QBD 76 HDSD This Chord QBD 76 HDSD is The biggest brother from Chord Hugio Please read more info below : The big brother from chord Hugo QBD76 HDSD DAC The QBD76 HDSD is our flagship DAC from the Choral range. A five-star What...
  6. econsumer666

    Is Sabre ES9018 the best DAC chip right now?

    Can you say that DACs based on Sabre ES9018 should be favoured over other configurations like WM8741 and PCM1704UK? I kinda keep reading over and over again that this Sabre chip is currently the best affordable DAC-chip.   Reason is, I've just ordered Audio GD DAC 5.2 and started reading...
  7. Chord QBD76 HDSD DAC

    Chord QBD76 HDSD DAC

    The QBD76 HDSD is our flagship DAC from the Choral range. A five-star What Hi-Fi? magazine favourite, the DAC offers cutting-edge bespoke technology that cannot be found anywhere else. You can read the 5-star What Hi-Fi? review here and see a 360 video here Using the latest support, the new...