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Chord Hugo big brother : Chord QBD 76 HDSD

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by rudi0504, May 29, 2014.
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  1. rudi0504
    Hi Head Fi friends

    I want Share best High End dac : Chord QBD 76 HDSD

    This Chord QBD 76 HDSD is The biggest brother from Chord Hugio

    Please read more info below :

    The big brother from chord Hugo
    The QBD76 HDSD is our flagship DAC from the Choral range. A five-star What Hi-Fi? magazine favourite, the DAC offers cutting-edge bespoke technology that cannot be found anywhere else. You can read the 5-star What Hi-Fi? review here.
    Using the latest support, the new QBD76 HDSD now includes DSD-over-USB playback, enabling audiophiles to access a world of high-resolution DSD music without the considerable expense of owning physical media.
    With studio-quality audio firmly focussed within the realms of downloadable material, the QBD76 HDSD, with its advanced 192kHz- and DSD-capable USB input, is perfectly poised to take full advantage of today’s HD music files, including the growing number of DSD files of HDCD material, which are now becoming available.
    The HD USB input uses a special high-speed data connector (where the QBD 76 once featured a Bluetooth aerial) and a USB 2.0-certified full data rate cable is supplied to allow connection to a computer. The existing USB input can be utilised for CD-quality playback, giving the option for two simultaneous USB connections for both high-definition and standard-definition playback from the DAC at the same time.
    The design of the QBD76 HDSD, from the digital input to the DAC outputs, has been created using the latest generation of field-programmable gate array devices (FPGA), now with 1.25 million gates. The FPGA handles the switching of S/PDIF inputs, all digital S/PDIF decoding, digital PLL, RAM buffer controller, WTA filtering, and the 5th-generation Pulse Array DAC. All of these functional blocks are designed at the gate level for maximum performance.
    The HD USB input uses its own separate FPGA and features asynchronous USB technology, isolating the digital clocks from the computer. Each sample rate clock is generated discretely using highly accurate crystal oscillators for optimum performance and ultra-low jitter performance. Proprietary USB driver software is provided removing the restrictions of current operating system audio playback. It also gives very easy set up and sample-rate selection from 44kHz to 192kHz, allowing for upsampling of standard-definition music.
    The QBD76 HDSD offers consumers Chord Electronics’ legendary build quality, exemplary audio engineering and renowned service and backup department. It brings exceptional detail-retrieval, insight and transparency to audio systems thanks to its bespoke circuit design implemented by Chord Electronics’ internationally renowned engineering team.
    Redefining the sonic performance of the enthusiast DAC category, the QBD76 HDSD showcases the unique talents of Chord Electronics’ Robert Watts, whose state-of-the-art proprietary FPGA technology lies at the heart of the device and allows capabilities far exceeding that of normal commercial DACs.
    Drivers: you can download the latest Windows and iOS drivers below. If you experience difficulty with your Mac driver and would like an earlier version, please email: sales@chordelectronics.co.uk
    Technical Specifications
    QBD76 HDSD:Technical specifications
    • Harmonic disortion:
    < -103 dB (1kHz, 24-Bit @ 44.1KHz Sample Frequency)
    < -110dB (100Hz, 24-Bit @ 44.1KHz Sample Frequency)
    • Signal to noise ratio: >120dB
    • Channel separation: >125dB @ 1kHz
    • Dynamic range: 122dB
    • Switchable digital inputs:
    2x 75ohm S/PDIF BNC coax
    2x AES balanced XLR input
    2x plastic fibre optic (TOSlink)
    1x USB (B-type ) 44-48kHz capable
    1x 4-pin high-speed to USB (A-type ) 192kHz-capable
    • Analogue outputs: 2x RCA phono, 2x balanced XLR
    • RAM buffer, 3 settings: off, min and maximum
    • Phase switch, 2 settings: positive/negative output phase
    • Sample frequencies:
    44kHz – 96kHz Optical, AES
    44kHz – 192kHz Coax Single Data, USB
    176kHz and 192kHz Dual Cable Optical, AES, or Coax
    • Output max: 6V rms. balanced. 3V rms. unbalanced
    • Output impedance: 75ohms (short circuit protected)
    • Dimensions: 338x60x145mm (Width x Height x Depth)
    • Weight: 7kg

  2. yellowblue
    Big brother or older brother? The Hugo has greater processing power thanks to the Xilinx FPGA (field programmable gate array) chipset,or am I wrong? How do they compare?
  3. nehcrow
    Woah that's some alien technology stuff right there
  4. rudi0504

    From The birth Chord Hugo has The latest chip set , but the Chord DAC QBD 76 HDSD is the Flagship DAC from Chord

    The DAC Section from QBD 76 HDSD is The same In their Flagship Red CD Player

    I have done The comparison between these Two Their DAC Section :

    The big brother win , more balance SQ Has Fuller sound Better presentation
    Before i heard i though For Desk top use Hugo DAC is enough , After i have done The comparison The SQ different is big .
    Now i am confuse , it is really very hard to Choose between This dac QBD 76 HDSD or The Reference music streamer DSX1000 as My desktop dac ?

    The Chord QBD 76 HDSD cost £ 5K Poundsterling
    The Chord Hugo DAC / Amp cost £ 1,4K Poundsterling
    The Chord Hugo Reference music streamer cost £ 7,5K Poundsterling
  5. rudi0504
    I want Share more pictures from My mini meet :

  6. Crashem
    I am unclear the purpose of this post outside of outright advertising. This is not a new dac and is actually quite old. Original post basically just cut and pasted info from chord's website and makes me wonder if OP is connected to Chord in some way (dealer?).

    As FYI, I have a chord hugo. I would highly recommend any potential buyers of this dac, think twice about it. Chord designer rob watt has publicly said that he is working in desktop version on new FPGA. So if you buy this old product, you will probably have it made obsolete in near future.
  7. Currawong Contributor
    It's just Rudi. He likes talking about high-end gear all the time. [​IMG]
  8. AnakChan Moderator
  9. rudi0504

    Thank you for Your suggestion
    Chord QBD 76 is already exist since 7 years like Sean Said
    Chord QBD 76 HDSD is release since 2012

    I have Chord Hugo too , I try to replace my Hugo with other desktop dac , now still on finding ones

    I try to find the best synergy DAC for my Mass Ko Bo amp 394
    Sofar chord QBD 76 HDSD sound excellent pair with my Mass Ko Bo 394 amps
    The next step from Hugo is DSX 1000 has better sound quality than QBD 76 HDSD
    That's why my friend replaced his 2 years Calyx Fempto with DSX 1000 yesterday .

  10. rudi0504

    Thank you Amos and Sean
    You are right , chord will replace their QBD 76 HDSD by end of this year with new dac chip technology what he done on chord Hugo
    I hope they done like chord Hugo with headphone amp as well .
    So far QBD 76 HDSD has better than my Hugo pair with my mass Ko Bo 394
    I am try to find best synergy DAC for my set up
    the pictures above is loaner QBD 76 HDSD .
  11. rudi0504
    My state of the art set up for headphone world
    Source : April music Stello CDA 500 as transport
    Dac : Chord QBD 76 HDSD
    Amp : T+A tube pre amp V 10.2
    Mass Ko Bo 394
    Headphone : LCD X , LCD XC , Abyss 1266
    Cable : Shunyata Zetrone series RCA and COAX
    It can drive in Excellent SQ various headphones from easy to drive like Fostex TH 900 until hate to drive like Abyss 1266
    Now I am confuse shall I jump / exchange my Hugo to this top tier DAC from Chord QBD 76 HDSD ?
    It is another level of Chord Hugo
    I never heard my abyss sound so good like today
    It is very difficult to make decision
    I have tried / owned DACs like follow :
    eximus DP 1
    M2Tech Vaughan
    Bakoon dac
    calyx Fempto
    Compare to these 4 DACs , Chord QBD 76 HDSD is the winner
    Has fuller sound , better clarity and detail ,very sweet and clear mid , very good bass Impact and bass speed and very deep as well
    3 D soundstage very good separation

  12. dguitarnut
    Your "State of the Art " system looks like a fire hazard with all the plastic sleeves on the cables plus it's probably smothering the flow of electrons. Does your music sound muffled?
    Lol. Just joking. Impressive looking gear.
  13. rudi0504

    Thank you for your compliment

    The plastic to protect my Shunyata RCA Ztrone anaconda and coax Ztrone again scratch and dust:D

    SQ excellent

    I postpone to buy QBD , because next year upcoming QBD are better , because they use dac chip from Hugo but 10 times better than Hugo :D
  14. zachchen1996
    I would never be able to afford them, but have you ever considered DAC's such as the Trinity DAC, DCS Vivaldi, MSB Diamond DAC IV, totaldac d1-twelve, etc. ?
  15. bmichels

    Rudi, I realize that the Chord DSX1000 Network Music Player has a HEADPHONE Jack (like the Hugo :) !
    -->   Is the Headphone Out a usefull feature, or definitively NOT at the level of a real external Headphone Amp ? 
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