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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
  1. jjb3
    Amazing; the response that I got from Chord was basically you can go to a dealer and try out one of their demos to see if they Bluetooth works the same as on your unit. The nearest dealer to me is 100 miles away.
  2. montanari
    Ciao everybody and happy Easter
    I m a satisfied owner of a Hugo (from quiet 4years!)
    I just bought an integrated amp that is balanced -burmester- and I m getting itchy to try the balanced input of the amp
    So was thinking to change the dac
    Do you think an exasound e22 is an upgrade over the Hugo ?
    I'm a bit puzzled because is relatively old and dacs are improving every year
    I will use the headphone output only for the th900 because I plug the he1000 to the speaker taps
    Thank you for the advise!
  3. Nik74
    I recently heard the hd800S through a lovely Quad pA-one head amp and then through my Hugo. The Hugo sounded more resolving and detailed but the Quad gave them more body and seemed to drive them with more authority specially in the lower regions. Id love to have it all while still using the Hugo as my dac. Is anyone pairing their Hugo with a good valve amp? Portability is not important to me as I use the Hugo only in house. potential budget wouldn't exceed £1500...
  4. miketlse
    If you want to be able to use your dac for portable use with headphones, get the Hugo 2 - there are plenty of posts describing it as a big step up from the Hugo.
    If you want to use your dac solely in desktop mode, then you have the choice of either the Hugo 2, or the Qutest. There are posts describing the Qutest as a step up from the Hugo 2, because of the galvanic isolation, but you do lose the ability to control the volume level - you only have the option of 1V, 2V and 3V to match the preamp/amp that you use.
  5. montanari
    Hey thank you
    I'm looking for something with the xlr output
    Not involved in Hugo tt , and dave very out of my budget
    Something more transportable than portable use
    Exasound e22 (too old specs?)
    or mytek Brooklyn +
    if they sound better then Hugo
    But will they sound better then Hugo ?
    Impossible to demo in Italy nobody nearby has them (only a shop in Rome the Brooklyn) and very impossible to demo in my setup
  6. Whazzzup
    Balanced is not addressed with ch, ch 2, or qutest.
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  7. 514077
    If you look at the Hugo2 thread, there were some posts about some good adapters for SE to balanced in the last couple of pages. I believe @rkt31 recommended some. Can't help you with choosing a DAC; sorry.
  8. montanari
    Going with xlr doesn't work with adapter
    Anyway It's fine let's hope somebody else know how is the exasound e22 compared to the Hugo
    Didn't find any comment about
  9. katulu
    Topic: Neutron Music Player + Hugo on Android 6.0.1 Samsung Galaxy S5

    Hi, I think maybe someone might find some use to this post. I use my Hugo with my Galaxy S5 phone (no sim card, airplane mode) through Neutron MP, through the SD USB, since the HD USB never worked for me under any setting. I recently discovered the option of "Direct USB Driver" under Audio Hardware in Neutron. This bypasses the OS and goes straight to Hugo. But what it also did was clean up the sound IMMENSELY, I couldn't believe how much more clearer and holographic the sound was using this option. You lose the ability to control volume with the phone, but the EQ still works in Neutron which is great as I use EQ with my main headphones (HD800s and UM Maverick).

    I read somewhere that HD USB will work in Android 9, but my S5 unfortunately still only has Android 6.0.1, and HD USB still does not work well under any setting with Neutron. Having said that, I do not have many hi-res files, so using the SD with Direct USB Driver has been the best sound I've been able to get out of my setup. I suppose I could get a new phone but the S5 has the advantage of expanded battery and most new phones don't.

    Does anyone use a Android 9 phone with Hugo and can the HD USB work properly with Neutron? Just curious. FYI, I also tried UAPP but I always got pops and clicks using HD USB with any of its settings, and additionally the EQ options suck which is not good for me.
  10. Whazzzup
    I couldn’t get neutron to work cck into ch1, so I’ll look at that later, but that’s Apple. I couldn’t differentiate iTunes and neutron that much direct to my iem and actually preferred the apple interface more.
  11. odessamarin
    Regarding HD USB.. works perfectly on Galaxy A3 2016, Galaxy A5 2016.. this days the price not much, worth to get them..
    both players Neutron and UAPP works well trough HD USB with those phones. Also Tablets galaxy Tab S
    Last edited: Apr 7, 2018
  12. WilliamLeonhart
    What phone are you using? I can guarantee that all iPhone and iPad doesn't work well with the Hugo, perhaps since ios9.
  13. jjb3
    I'm using a computer.
  14. chesebert
    Battery on my Hugo went out. I reached out to Chord a couple of days ago with no avail. Is there a number I can call or a person I can email? My warranty should still be valid until later this year.

    I figured given the number of Hugo they sold they would have a dedicated channel just for battery replacement services - a bit disapppinted with them.

    Last edited: Apr 10, 2018
  15. 514077
    It would help to know what country you're in. I had absolutely no problem getting mine replaced, through my dealer. Your dealer is responsible for looking after relations between you and the distributer in your area. The distributer is the link to Chord. That's how it's done.
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