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Chord Hugo

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by harmonix, Jan 28, 2014.
  1. gc335
    Thanks! That's basically in line with what I'm getting.
  2. Amictus
    Can you characterize the differences between the Hugo and Hugo 2? I’m considering the upgrade. My use will be entirely desktop.
  3. etnt
    Then I'd recommend that you just go straight to Dave
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  4. Amictus
    Too much ££££! Also I do transport the Hugo between two setups... although if I keep the original, that may cease. Of interest is the greater alleged competence of the 2 as a headphone amp, as well as any general improvement in performance.
  5. reeltime
    Honestly, It's better in every single way. It's got way more detail, but not in an analytical way. There's more openness-- space between instruments and notes. There's more there, there. Bass is more solid, highs sound crystal clear and pure. I did an A/B comparison. I was shocked by how much they'd managed to improve an already impressive DAC. This is listening on just a decent pair of Klipsch x20s. Imagine what this will do on the HE1000 or Focal. I thought it sounded better-- or at worst-- on par with my Hugo TT. If I'd had the money (April's been a rough month!) I'd have walked away with one. The Hugo2 is more than a year old and was the 2nd best thing I'd heard all day at SoCal CanJam. When things settle, I'll be selling my Hugo and upgrading. I was so filled with bile over how Chord had rendered my happy little Hugo world obsolete, I wanted to vomit. The Hugo2 is the best practical DAC available, period, IMO. Chord just owns this field. Their Mojo is better than most DACs available at 10 times the price. It's disgusting, in the best possible way.
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  6. 514077
    Yeah, I done got DAVE money in my pocket.
  7. 514077
    Much easier to listen to. Even CDs sound less in your face in stage depth. Treble not as intense, (airier). A bit more power. Major uptake. I don't regret moving up for a moment.
  8. Whazzzup
    Keep your ch1 and do a blind a/b you be surprised how close they are and the weight of base between the two.
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  9. 514077
    Did so, and respectfully disagree. I hear a night-and-day difference. But, that could be just me.
  10. Whazzzup
    It took a bunch of back and forth to differentiate what I was hearing and I actually liked ch1 bass.
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  11. montanari
    Night and day in this hobby is more like 8pm and 8.30pm august 10th
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  12. 514077
    And Rome wasn't built in a day.
  13. montanari
    I know! IMG_3101.JPG
    In 10minutes the differences Hugo1/2!!
    Forgot to say that if you buy one and comparing without blind test (and for blind test I mean my girlfriend switching between the sources casually with me listening with he1000 backside) the differences will be huge
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  14. Amictus
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  15. 514077
    If so, I hope you get as much pleasure out of it as have I.

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