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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. NYanakiev
    That’s a VERY good point. I paid my usual HiFi retailer a visit last week with the intention of potentially buying a H2 (I had never auditioned one);

    While I could perceive differences I wasn’t blown away by the H2 compared to Mojo+Poly. I didn’t buy one as I could foresee it seeing very little use due to its size and having to be tethered to my phone.

    It would have seen the exact same (if not even less) level of use as Mojo prior to Poly. Now, I would certainly reconsider as and when 2Go is released.
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  2. KESM
    Ultimately your decision. Honestly...I’d wait on further development on this item. Who knows? Chord may bring something else to the table to advance/recover from the missteps with this particular device. I’m on tap for a replacement POLY...but I’d scrap it...along with the MOJO...IF a portable mini HUGO2, with built-in wireless streaming (no separate module), was available by Chord. I still greatly believe in the idea & intent...because there’s nothing like it on the market....just not so much ‘as is’...in this existing MOJO/POLY combo offering. Chord’s already proven they can do better with their other solid products.

    Note to Chord: Shrink the size of the HUGO2 to an all-in-one wireless streaming unit for mobile carriers (please). You’ll likely own that market niche (i.e. MOJOPOLY). I’ll pre order if it can be had @ 1/2 the cost of the HUGO2.
  3. Benz-Fi
    (On other news) ..Just in case anyone was wondering the mojo/poly > campfire audio cascade pairing is amazing :dt880smile:
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  4. styks
    Add to that, PolyJo + Effect Audio "Lionheart" + Noble Kaiser Encore ...... My heads just melted on my pillow! .... Just beautiful.

    edit; Forgot to add one important part of that mix .... Ludovico Einaudi. ... Sorry Ludo old chap! Ha ha
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2018
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  5. LeeMark
    Replacement poly working like a charm, no drop outs, Glider recognizes it in a second, and the sound is great, listening through my universal Noble Kaiser10s. FYI Massdrop has them on sale now. Like them better than the customs, using comply foam tips, the seal is much better. Can’t wait for GoFigure!
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  6. jarnopp
    I just got my replacement Poly. Trying to determine if it works flawlessly or not. It seems when changing modes, it requires a manual reboot (turn Mojo off and on again), unlike before when Poly would reboot and change modes in its own. @Matt Bartlett Is this correct? I recall another post about the same issue. And, will GoFigure correct this behavior?
  7. NYanakiev
    Based on everything I have read about GoFigure, switching modes should work on the fly ie no reboots required:)
  8. joe28
    Unfortunately this is the only way to allow the volume slider on the lock screen and the hardware volume buttons control the volume on connected devices.
  9. supervisor
    i am still experiencing this issue and not sure if i have a defective one or if it is a result of the "fix" they have implemented for the older Mojos to work correctly with Poly.

    still waiting to hear back from Mitch from Chord on this issue...

    also I had one instance where it would not shut off that was very frustrating, otherwise replacement Poly is working great.
  10. NaiveSound
  11. NYanakiev
    Nice case:wink:
  12. rwelles
    I am having the same issue with my replacement poly. I have a pm into Matt as well. This could be the new standard?
  13. Chip B
    There is an old saying in IT Circles, don't let Perfect Get in the way of Good, otherwise you will never move forward. And if you wait too long, the whole playing field has changed, and you have a whole host of new problems you never ever thought of!
  14. jarnopp
    I think it is the new behavior, which must be hardware-related not firmware, since both my old and new Poly were on the latest. It’s not terrible, but I was used to switching with th pin and “reboot on save” and sometimes find myself waiting and nothing happens! I’m sure I’ll adjust finally just before GoFigure is released.
  15. jarnopp
    In the Hugo2 thread, someone asked if Poly would be better or worse in SQ to optical, the general consensus by Rob and others being that optical sounds best due to no electrical noise being transmitted. So, just got around to trying the optical output of my Elac Music Discovery and compared that to streaming to Poly via both Airplay and Roon RAAT. I used HD650 so I wouldn’t have to add an amp (as I usually do for the Hifiman HE-6). All files were CD rips in AIFF format.

    Poly Roon mode => Mojo Optical > Poly Airplay

    Really, optical and streaming Roon mode were very close, with maybe just a touch more smoothness and fullness in Roon/Poly. Why would this be? Not sure, but I don’t know what happens in the server between reading the SSD drive and a) outputting optical or b) streaming to Poly. Airplay was completely enjoyable, but not as smooth sounding as Roon or optical. I can only guess this was due to slight timing errors in the Airplay protocol?

    I’m still of the opinion that Poly allows the best from Mojo. When you add the convenience, higher streaming rates available, Roon endpoint and SQ overall, I can only hope there is a desktop streamer that will be available soon to feed Chord’s other DACs or M-scaler. Better yet, an M-scaler/streamer combination, as long as there were no sonic consequences.
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