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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. AudioBear
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  2. yukiorui
    Hi all

    I have been a generally happy user of the Poly. One thing I'd like to ask to see if anyone has a fix, is that from time to time I experience suddenly stutters in the audio even though I'm playing from the MicroSD card. It seems as though the wifi connectivity from the Poly to my iPhone, when momentarily losing connection or otherwise due to an imperfect connection, will cause these sudden stuttering and breakouts. Does anyone else experience this? It is making the MojoPoly experience a tad bit annoying, given that playback is effectively wired directly between the Mojo and Poly.
  3. BryanNguyen
    I belive we all have experienced this at one point or another. This is due to poly constantly search and trying to connect to a wifi network. It is quiet annoying to unusable.
  4. yukiorui

    I should add that I have primarily been using the Poly in hybrid mode but the problem nonetheless persists so I'm not sure that the only reason is it is searching for a WiFi network. You are right that it is almost unusable and I am already considering getting a cheap dap to replace the poly.
  5. innocentblood
    how about manually disabling wifi on your phone first before you connect to the Poly via your phone's hotspot? I'm on iOS and this method seems to be working for me. I connect Poly to the iOS hotspot so that I can listen to music on my SDcard via Glider. this method has been quite stable for me.
  6. yukiorui

    I should clarify that by hybrid mode, I mean that I am connecting my iPhone to Poly's own hotspot. I have also tried connecting the Poly to my iPhone's hotspot, but I have found the same occasional stutterings to be occurring.
  7. NYanakiev
    Same here- no issues at all!
  8. smaragd
    From the Gofigure app's manual you can see that the Poly's hotspot has the option to set a password...
    Plus, you do have access to internet but via the phone's data connection if in hybrid mode.
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2018
  9. NYanakiev
    You should probably drop Support an email. I am not seeing any stuttering in any of the playback modes since getting my Poly swapped out.
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  10. yukiorui

    I have written in to Chord's Support. Hopefully I'll get assistance in diagnosing/fixing this problem soon.
  11. NYanakiev
    My pleasure! I had a fair few issues at first but use Poly pretty much non-stop now. It is even on the charger as I type this:)
    I also can't wait for GoFigure to land primarily to make switching modes easier (I am hearing that it won't require restarting Mojopoly either); Hopefully this all happens prior to my next trip abroad so I finally get to try out Bluetooth control on the plane.
  12. tomi1976
    Am I using Glider correctly by first turning Poly into Hotspot Mode and then connecting to the Poly WiFi, Glider is syncing and I access music stored on the SD card?

    Works fine, basicly, but my phone battery is dropping rapidly, and it seems as navigating through the library and the cover visualisation is worse than actual playback... I am not sure whether it is actually the cover visualisation, the sync (library contains 3.7k files), maybe it is basic configuration issues, maybe it is my phone or some side effects by switching to poly (are there any other processes going on that drain my phone battery when I switch to polys wifi?)

    the problem is, that sometimes my battery is dropping 30% before I even noticed I did something bad draining the battery and I may have enough enery left in it for a couple of albums - I just cant use the phone much with its usual usage types like mobile checking mails or, for example, do something crazy like calling people...

  13. Gr8h8m
  14. frankraindog
    Does Poly work flawless now in roon mode? Just asking as this wasn't the case when poly came out in 10/17
  15. andrewjamesdean
    Didn’t Chord ever respond about the power drain many are seeing while the poly/mojo is turned off?

    I fully charged mine about 2 weeks ago (confirmed both were fully charged at the time, then took them off charge), and just went to use it for the first since it was charged and my poly is showing an orange light.

    If that’s the result of the poly being ‘always on’, then it’s a terrible design flaw
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