1. alxw0w

    [WTB] Chord Poly

    Hi there. I'm looking for Chord Poly. European sellers only. Every offer will be considered. Thank you
  2. Pictograms

    *SOLD*Modded Mojo with Poly and premium case

    For sale is my Fidelizer-Audio signature modded chord mojo paired with a poly and the premium leather case. I did not get Fidelizer to solder the batter to the board, I decided being able to easily replace the battery in the future was more important. Instead he replace the primary 3.5 jack with...
  3. silvahr

    Cancel: Chord Poly+original sleeve leather case (bought new 30.10.2019) - includes microSD card 200GB and optional Mojo same age

    Selling Chord Poly+original sleeve leather case. Bought new 30.10.2019. In pristine condition, without any marks of use. In original box, with all original accessories, including 2 months free Roon license. Poly is registered in Chord site since 30.10.2019. I'm using Mojo-Poly with micro SD card...
  4. wenbinbin2010

    [SOLD] FS: Chord Mojo + Poly

    Mint condition Chord Mojo and Poly combo. Loved being able to get the legendary Chord sound in a portable, wireless setup. In the end though, I ended up liking a pure DAP instead to keep things separate from my other gadgets. Poly comes with original packaging and documentation, but the Mojo...
  5. silvahr

    Withdraw: Chord Mojo+Poly+sleeve leather case (bought 30.10.2019)

    Hello, Selling Chord Mojo+Poly+original sleeve leather case. Bundle bought new 30.10.2019. In pristine condition, without any marks of use. In original boxes, with all original accessories. Both Mojo and Poly are registered in Chord site since 30.10.2019. Been using this combo with microSD...
  6. leon995


    For sale is a poly and mojo combo. It was purchased as a set. It comes with the chord hard case and Dignis leather case. Along with a 128gb microSD card. Everything in excellent condition. Most time it was used in hotel rooms when I was traveling. Due to work change I don't need to travel a lot...
  7. V

    SOLD: Chord Mojo

    Dear users, Would like to sell my Chord Mojo. Used for 3 years. Has some scratches. Operation is perfect, battery lasts for 4-6 hours which is normal! Have a box. Can ship to Europe only. Fees for shipping on your side. Paypal only. 200eur. Pictures in PM
  8. thathertz

    Chord Poly Streamer/Player for Chord Mojo EXC. COND / BOXED with Leather Sleeve

    Chord Poly Streamer/Player for Chord Mojo EXCELLENT CONDITION and BOXED with Leather Case - Mojo not included. Updated to latest firmware. Has had very little use. Also included: Manual / USB micro cable / Additional Fabric sleeve (see pics). £400 + PP fees. I will cover postage: Royal Mail...
  9. mashuto

    SOLD: Chord Mojo+Poly

    Adding this here as well since it seems this fits in both source and amplification categories. I am selling my chord mojo and chord poly. They are both in fine working condition and excellent physical condition. I have simply moved on to other things and am not using them and would rather not...
  10. mashuto

    SOLD: Chord Mojo+Poly

    For sale is my Chord Mojo + Chord Poly. Both are in good condition, but I have just found this combo is not for me, and have since moved on to a dedicated DAP. Poly is on latest firmware. Included is the chord original hard case, plus a very very nice valentinum leather case. Photos...
  11. agrosash

    FS: Chord Poly + Long Case [SOLD elsewhere]

    Edit: Sold via Roon Community. I'm thinking about selling my Chord Poly. With the new firmware update it's a fantastic piece of gear, but I'm mostly listening to my UE18s when stationary at my desk. I still have the original packaging and would throw in the original case for the Mojo+Poly...
  12. V

    FS: Chord MojoPoly original case

    Up for sale mine mojopoly original case (not leather). Has some scrathes but only minor. New price 89eur. Mine - 55eur.
  13. AC-12

    Yet Another Chord Thread (YACT) - Wireless Streaming - Alternative to 2Go/Poly?

    *** IGNORE first post and first page. Saved for archival "thought process" purposes when this idea first came to light *** Jump straight to Conclusion / Getting Started Guide on 2nd page for latest...
  14. lamaslamas

    WTB Chord Poly + case

    Pm if you want to sell yours Thanks
  15. casper3127

    [SOLD] Poly+Mojo in a real Good State 625€

    Up for sale is my Poly+Mojo combi in a real good state. It has been babied since it was bought, keeping both dac/amp and streamer always protected in its case. Moreover, the micro-sd card that was originally included in the pack has been replaced by a 128Gb one with a doubled storage capacity...
  16. Benz-Fi

    FS: Chord Mojo + Poly with Chord Case - SOLD

    Up for sale is my 6 month old Mojo/Poly combo with original Chord case. This combo has had very little use, babied when used and never over charged. Works flawlessly with my iPad, Samsung Note 9 and the GoFigure app. Most of my listening is done on Tidal at work these days so I don't get to use...
  17. nuhor68

    Chord Poly Bluetooth Connection Problem

    Hello, I am unable to connect Poly to my Android smartphone (Google Pixel 2 XL) via Bluetooth. In pairing mode the smartphone does not see Poly. At the same time I successfully connected my iPad and Poly via Bluetooth and can use Go Figure with no issues. I would appreciate very much if...
  18. NaiveSound

    Sold. Chord mojo! With case!

    Selling a mint condition chord mojo, got it directly from Chord, comes with a free miter case. Everything works, battery is outstanding, haven't used it much lately. 315$ takes it. Warranty available I ship signature required, fast and free to you!
  19. NaiveSound

    MojoPoly combo! 2 cases included!

    Mojo/poly By chord. Selling always protected by a case and followed safe charging practices , comes with what you see in the pictures minus the SD card. $885 does it all! NO TRADES Cowhide leather and miter case. Everything works as advertised. I ship free, ups, signature required...
  20. Chord poly

    Chord poly

    A streaming module meant to be attached with mojo. Horrible quality in built and execution. Constant drop outs, bad customer service from Chord. No app support for Android , even after a full year on the market. It's bent, poor battery life, locks up, freezes. No file control support via...
  21. WilsonT90

    SOLD: Chord mojo poly and case

    I had purchased the mojo poly and case two months ago from a dealership on canuckaudiomart . Still has full warranty. Selling as I have purchased a hugo2. Pp and ship at buyers expense. I am also interested in trading for something like hd800 s or ether flow c. I can add 200 usd with mojo poly...
  22. JeremyLaurenson

    TRADED: Chord Mojo+Poly combo new as of Mar 15, 2018

    Mint condition Mojo/Poly combination, both units new as of March 15th 2018 - the Poly is a second generation with the new power on circuitry. Both Mojo and Poly are in mint condition with new batteries. I have been trying to make this combo work for me and it’s just not doing it, I am...
  23. ceeloChamp

    Mojo + Poly instead of DAP?

    Hey All, Does anyone use this combo instead of a DAP? Currently I have a DX200 and WM1A and was wondering if I could just use my phone as the controller and stream through the Mojo/Poly, if so...what would the sound quality be like?
  24. NaiveSound

    Chord Poly

    Poly is a revolutionary music streamer, the first of its kind in the world. When partnered with Mojo, it enables music streamed from a range of wirelessly connected devices to be enjoyed in the best possible sound quality, whether at home or on the go. Poly is also a music player: its...
  25. WilsonT90

    Wtb: found

    Hi, I am looking for any of the above products. Thanks for your consideration.