1. 4

    Yet Another Chord Thread (YACT) - Wireless Streaming - Alternative to 2Go/Poly?

    *** IGNORE first post and first page. Saved for archival "thought process" purposes when this idea first came to light *** Jump straight to Conclusion / Getting Started Guide on 2nd page for latest...
  2. nuhor68

    Chord Poly Bluetooth Connection Problem

    Hello, I am unable to connect Poly to my Android smartphone (Google Pixel 2 XL) via Bluetooth. In pairing mode the smartphone does not see Poly. At the same time I successfully connected my iPad and Poly via Bluetooth and can use Go Figure with no issues. I would appreciate very much if...
  3. Chord poly

    Chord poly

    A streaming module meant to be attached with mojo. Horrible quality in built and execution. Constant drop outs, bad customer service from Chord. No app support for Android , even after a full year on the market. It's bent, poor battery life, locks up, freezes. No file control support via...
  4. ceeloChamp

    Mojo + Poly instead of DAP?

    Hey All, Does anyone use this combo instead of a DAP? Currently I have a DX200 and WM1A and was wondering if I could just use my phone as the controller and stream through the Mojo/Poly, if so...what would the sound quality be like?
  5. NaiveSound

    Chord Poly

    Poly is a revolutionary music streamer, the first of its kind in the world. When partnered with Mojo, it enables music streamed from a range of wirelessly connected devices to be enjoyed in the best possible sound quality, whether at home or on the go. Poly is also a music player: its...
  6. fjbruening

    Mojo / Poly combo or dedicated DAP?

    Hi, I recently found a renewed interest in personal hi-fi again, and picked up a Mojo to pair with my now ancient ety 4p's and a new pair of HD660's. WOW on both, but especially the 660s. Anyway, I'm looking to get a DAP, and was wondering if I should look at the Mojo/Poly combo as a type of...
  7. T

    New Member Post for Approval

    Greetings. I am the owner of a Mojo, in the market potentially of Poly, and owner of Westone W80's. Looking to post about these products and others. Thanks, Tom
  8. Matt Bartlett

    Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

    Chord Electronics’ Poly brings wireless, network and SD playback to the award-winning Mojo DAC Chord Electronics’ new Poly module enables the award-winning Mojo headphone DAC-amp as a fully fledged high-resolution wireless network music player, streamer and SD card playback...