Mojo / Poly combo or dedicated DAP?
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May 23, 2013
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I recently found a renewed interest in personal hi-fi again, and picked up a Mojo to pair with my now ancient ety 4p's and a new pair of HD660's. WOW on both, but especially the 660s.

Anyway, I'm looking to get a DAP, and was wondering if I should look at the Mojo/Poly combo as a type of DAP? Size isn't a big deal, and I like the idea of streaming as well as being able to play my own tracks (via SD card).

the M/P combo isn't a real DAP, as it doesn't have a UI, but I always have my phone with me which I understand can serve as the control for the M/P.

Thoughts? if not the M/P then maybe an Oknyo DAP (new one is coming in March).

Also, is it true that the M/P can't play to wireless headphones?!? That seems like a very common use case. I would love to be able to use the M/P to source a pair of Sony 1000xM2's for work and travel (although the Ety's are probably all I need).

Thanks for any insights.
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I'm in the same situation, except the wireless headphones which I'm not interested in. I've got a Mojo-poly recently that has a lot problems so I'll return it for an exchange but I'm still wondering about a refund and buying a DAP. The Chord device only have 6+ hours battery which is a bit of a dealbreaker for me, adding the fact that you always have to check your mobile phone (I like to feel disconnected when I'm listening to music honestly, not checking your phone every minute). I'm interested in the new Futura SE100 (AK rebranding) and waiting for the first reviews, Questyle QP1R (very cheap and very good sounding apparently but pretty poor UI), DX200...
Did you find a solution? It seems that talking about some Chords product is a bit of a sensitive subject... Especially when comparing them with other stuff.
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