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Chord Electronics ☆ Poly ☆ (wireless & microSD module for Mojo) ☆★►USEFUL INFO on 1st PAGE!!◄★☆

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Matt Bartlett, Jan 5, 2017.
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  1. Amberlamps
    I am reading the gofigure manual and.....For the size of Poly, what it can do is pretty amazing when you think about it.

    Roll on gofigure and 2go.
  2. Mojo ideas
    It was approved by Apple then they up and changed there iOS again we had to make more adaptions to our own OS then we were approved again by them we are just proving checking and rechecking that everything. If all is fine do Gofigure is in the starting blocks we are waiting for matt to give the final okay and fire the damned gun!
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  3. paulgc
    A whole group of users here to help check and recheck before a greater announcement on your web or mailing list.
  4. AudioBear
    @Mojo ideas This must be terribly frustrating for you and the rest of the good people at Chord. All of us users have only one's person's angst to deal with while you all carry the weight of a community of users. Here's hoping we can all enjoy the release of GoFigure very soon. If it really does what the manual says, it's just what I was hoping for.
  5. Amberlamps
    You are most welcome Mr F :)

    I have always been impressed with chord products, they are exquisitely crafted, so good infact, that having to use a pin just felt wrong.


    Nevertheless I am enjoying using them and will continue to do so, however Gofigure will make things soo much easier.

    I am looking forward to future Chord releases, both hard and software, especially 2go.
  6. Signal2Noise
    My replacement poopy...erm...Poly arrived unannounced today! I had no idea or tracking notice that it was on her way. Poly is getting juiced up for the first time and then I'll go through the rigmarole of setting up with the still included Config Pin tool <shudder>.

    Fwiw, old s/n: 021xxx, new s/n 026xxx. So 5000 times better! :wink:
  7. fordski
    Got my replacement poly yesterday and I’m very pleased. It turns on almost immediately and set up went flawlessly. Happily listening with Roon right now and earlier Tidal offline through airplay and SD playback with Glider was great on my walk.

    Having gone through the setup process for a second time I’m really seeing what a great little audio tool poly is. The diversity of options is amazing.

    Yes it was a painful process for Chord and many users but I think the result was worth it.
  8. DavidW
    Well after watching this thread since the beginning, chiming in from time to time, and waiting for the Poly to stabilize and for Chord to release the GoFigure app, I decided to buy the Poly yesterday and now I'm getting to know the Poly as a user instead of a bystander. Please pardon my baby step questions as they come about (I'll get there soon...) This is a new Poly (SN 22XXX), but I don't think it has the new firmware out of the box with the 2016 copyright. I entered access point mode, waited 20 minutes, rebooted the Mojo, but the screen is the same. Like I said, baby steps....

    I am in the process of trying it again but fear that I am doing something wrong. BTW, I've been to @JeremyLaurenson wiki (great site), the Chord website, and elsewhere on the web, but I'm still not there. Any advice?
  9. ZappaMan
    Is it connected to your network so that it can access the internet to retrieve the firmware?

    Go to Access point mode, register your WiFi, select save and reboot, you should the be assigned an ip address that you can hear when you’re switching modes.

    Then leave poly idle for 20 minutes at least.... then hopefully the update will happen.
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2018
  10. smaragd
    After the download has happened (presumably after leaving it connected for at least 20 min) you will need to reboot the Poly again for the update to install ...
    You should be able to see the firmware on the bottom of the page...
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  11. JeremyLaurenson
    I am adding a dedicated section to explain firmware updating to the Wiki now.
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  12. DavidW
    Here is what I did over the last ~40 minutes- I placed the Poly in access point mode (flashing blue and green), entered my WiFi name and password, selected "reboot on save" and then pressed the Save button. I then rebooted the Mojo, re-entered access point mode, and waited for 20 minutes. I then rebooted the Mojo, but no change.

    I see that @JeremyLaurenson updated the wiki (thanks!) to help step me (and others) through this. From Jeremy's update:
    1. Turn on your Poly, and make sure it is connected to a network - the P-Status light should be solid.
    I'm in access point mode and connected to my network (see attached image) - my P-Status light is flashing blue/green. I can't get it to a solid color. With the config pin, I can toggle between access point mode (flashing blue/green), network mode (flashing blue), and sometimes DLNA/MPD mode (I think that is flashing blue).

    Last edited: Mar 24, 2018
  13. smaragd
    You should set the Poly to network mode for it to be connected to your WiFi router or phone hotspot... it will only be connected if solid blue... flashing blue means it can’t connect.
    From your screenshot it seems you have an older firmware. I recall the earliest firmware had an issue with WiFi passwords that could not contain any special characters other than alpha numeric and no spaces. Check your WiFi router to check the password and temporary change to alpha numeric password only. If your Poly shows solid blue in network mode only then will it be connected to the internet and be able to update...
  14. DavidW
    I recall an earlier discussion about special characters. My iPhone and WiFi network names are only alpha. My WiFi password has a special (non alpha numeric) character. If I understand you correctly, my WiFi password also needs to be only alpha numeric, correct?
  15. smaragd
    Correct, after the FW upgrade you can change your WiFi password back as you like... the FW upgrade has a fix that allows any character.
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