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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. roy_jones
    I think it's a result of a lot of misunderstandings about audio in general and consumer behavior more specifically.  Differences between ears are overrated and sound isn't subjective.  Preferences are subjective. 
    Anyway, I realize I'm OT.  I've just been surprised recently at how much difference some well-placed EQ can have on IEMs.  Sometimes I think people write-off or sell pairs that might be satisfying if they were willing to use EQ, with the XE800 being a good example for me recently.  I probably wouldn't have used them anymore without it.  I'm surprised that people compare them to the VSonics that supposedly have the same driver because I'd always assumed the VSonics were bassier. 
  2. Forty6

    I'm no hi audiophile purists . I only hi fi audiophile qualities .
    That's why I love my E5 with the SBX eq thing very much .
    Eq has made my entire arsenal of various iem which I had own sound even good , and enable me to tuned it to my lever to my liking of my very own sounding preference.
    All to my liking even though streaming source to source via Bluetooth aptx .

    Eq :point_right: power !
  3. Hisoundfi Contributor
    I like Chinese budget headphones.

    Ya, Chinese budget headphones are cool.

    You guys like Chinese budget headphones too? Cool!

    yangian likes this.
  4. Roen
    I just demoed a SE846 today.....can't wait till I get the Chinese IEMs to see where the differences are.

    Will be receiving
    Senfer 4in1
    VE Monk Plus
    Havi B3 Pro 1
  5. amature101
    lz-a2s will not be close
    audio123 likes this.
  6. Roen
    Any reason?
  7. scizzro
    Has anyone been able to find a fr graph for KZ ZST? I'm interested if they are similar to ED9 but better.
  8. bhazard
    You would have to start looking in the $200+ region to match the sound quality level. Those others are a nice budget start though, and good daily drivers.
  9. smy1
    Just ordered the 4 in 1 yesterday, thats going to be my last iem before my endgame.
  10. Folly
    Sooner or later I am confident the 4in1 will receive the recognition it deserves.
    My under $100 collection consists of: LZ A2S, Shozy Zero, MEE M6 Pro, TFZ Series 1, HLSX BK50, Sony MH1C, Joyroom E107, Klipsh S4, TTPOD T1E
    Since the 4in1 arrived, I have gifted some of the above to my brother, and the rest had just been sitting and collecting dust.
    Edit: This is not to say that the others are bad, but I am just amazed by the 4in1's price/performance ratio.
  11. Roen
    Best bass out of your collection?
    Best detail?
  12. smy1

    How much did you have to pay for a agent?
  13. smy1

    Do these sound like a end game typeish headphone?
  14. Joe Bloggs Contributor

    Agree on the power of EQ, disagree about the part about ears not being different. Try getting in my shoes for a day--you release a shiny new EQ profile based on tuning a pair of earphones with your own ears to perfection, then someone complains that the profile took away all his bass. Well yeah you did purposely scoop out lots of midbass to clean up the sound. So you redo a custom profile for that someone, adding back almost all the midbass you took away as well as lots of subbass you have no use for, to the tune of almost 10dB. "Well is it any good?" "Yeah I added a bit more bass and now it's my favorite profile!" :blink:
  15. TwinACStacks
    [​IMG] Crab, I'm late already to the party. That Hidiz looks very interesting. How's it sound?
    [​IMG][​IMG] TWIN
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