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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. Tonx
    Hidizs vs Xduoo X3 would be interesting too[​IMG]
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  2. Forty6

    Minus that ear bud , 89 dollars DAP with its Bluetooth enabled Aptx is what got me interested . That aptx alone is already worth 89 within a DAP .
    Can't find Bluetooth aptx in the entire cayin dap lineup , fiio and even the Sony's .
    Therefore this should be a very good buy if one are in search of a quality DAP with Bluetooth aptx .

    Don't forget to post your impression after it landed at your doorstep .
  3. audio123
    i will be getting both the hidizs ap60 and shanling m1 and maybe fiio x1ii which I am still considering. cheers :)
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  4. farhat

    Yes I actually saw the price and I wonder if it can be compare to the lofi Xduoo X3. I actually want to buy a budget DAC/DAP/Amp which is suitable for the Senfer 4 in 1 and AKG KXX.
  5. Saoshyant
    Currently waiting on two earbuds, as well as the RE-00. Both the earbuds are budget, but I'm quite curious. I still need to pick an upgrade Dap, preferably with balanced so I can play with it, as well as gift away my HM700. I might go for a sidegrade like the Lotoo Paw 5K, which is really inexpensive & has transport capabilities unless I misread.
  6. audio123
    hifiman supermini or the cayin n5 :)
  7. purplesun
    Been using smartphones as my DAP for years, so I would be a terrible DAP reviewer. But I should be able to give some brief impression. Feature-wise it seems quite good value for money, though I think the power output might be too low to drive beefier earphones. So now the long wait for it to arrive.
  8. rockingthearies
    Tested the Xiaomi hybrids today I am not a basshead but I feel that the bass is not really that impactful it feels weak is it me or is the product faulty or is it my source because I am just using an iphone 5. I am still waiting for me ZS3 though and hopefully I can test it out with the upcoming LG V20. This is just my opinion and I am really new audiophile yeah.. Glad this thread was back because it kinda guided me to buy which iems, even though they are cheap but still tight budget for a student hahaha
  9. Saoshyant
    I'm I'm tempted to try the Supermini, but I'd prefer it have digital out, which as far as I know it's not capable.  The IEM included is roughly between the 400 & 600 in capabilities from what I've read.  The main advantage of the Supermini is I already have 4 balanced Hifiman IEMs, so it does have a certain convenience.  It also has a somewhat tempting price, and would be even cheaper if I can find a used one on forum.  I haven't really looked into the Cayin N5, but it's almost identical size as my current Dap the 1st gen Fiio X5, and I'd prefer something a little smaller for portability.  Maybe the AK70, but I'd have to justify the cost.
  10. audio123
    looks like the supermini is for you mate to pair with yr hifimam iems! Ak70 is another good option too. :smile:
  11. Forty6

    +1 , same as you here , I'm without DAP on 100%+100% on mobile . Reason ?
    There are DAP which I had seriously considering before, cayins , fiio , Sony's , onkyo , ak .
    All of the above mentioned dap comes with no Bluetooth aptx , except for the latter 2 .

    Simply put , if one is in search of a dap with Bluetooth aptx , they probably has only 2 choice .
    1 is the Onkyo dpx1 which is close to a thousand .
    The 2nd one is the Ak380 which cost several thousand .

    I choose none of all the above , I choose the most easier way out , making full good use with all my android mobile .

    Then today this thing appear here in this thread . And it only cost 89 together with a not much to complaint product spec .
    I don't need to search anymore . this DAP is the one .

    And this thing is going to pair up with my sound blaster E5 and chord mojo . So no worries about its power output .

  12. Saoshyant
    @audio123 I have adapters either way so 3.5 & 2.5 are options.  There's also a balanced dac/amp which would most likely be used, and using my phone as transport.  Then again, my phone has no SD support, so if I can find a decent inexpensive dac/amp, I can try a new phone as well.
  13. kvad

    ​Have you tried different tips? If you don't get proper isolation the bass will become weaker.
  14. kimD

    Seem like really DIY as your own preference
    Great can't wait your reviews
  15. audio123
    maybe lg v20 your 2 in 1 solution :smiley:
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