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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. Majin
    I am almost going into the same route
    Bought the VE Monk Plus last week and now i am pondering if i should go for a cheap IEM or a more expensive one.
    My suggestion for the KZ would be either ED9 - ZS3 maybe ATE or  the new ZST.
  2. HiFiChris Contributor
    Good to see the thread being online again. Hopefully it doesn't derail as heavily as the old one anytime soon.

    Anyway, here are my thoughts on the Brainwavz Hengja:​
    P1030448.jpg P1030462.jpg P1030451.jpg
    Imho, it would be great if they released a product that combines the front part of the Hookah with a (revised) clamp part of the Hengja.​
  3. purplesun
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  4. fonkepala
    Thanks for your input. Yup, I'm waiting for reviews on the KZ ZST as well. Is there an 'official' KZ store on Aliexpress?
    Thanks for the suggestions, I'll look into those KZ models as well. Man..I didn't know KZ made so many IEM models!
    I have some mid-fi IEM's, nothing TOTL but I'm happy with them. But I guess for now I'm rather more thrilled to find adequately performing IEMs at bargain prices :)
  5. kimD
    Nice we are back
  6. AudioNewbi3
    For those who are wondering, Turbo Ear Taobao page:
    There lineup as far as I know
    T3 = 1DD+2BA (10MM DD + KNOWLES 30017)
    T4 = 1DD+3BA (10MM DD + KNOWLES 30017 + SONION 1700)
    T5 = 1DD+4BA (10MM DD (different from the ones used on T3 &T4) + KNOWLES 30017 x2)
    T7 = 1DD+6BA (10MM DD (different from the ones used on T3 &T4) + KNOWLES 30017 x2 + SONION Low Mid BA (Model not mentioned)
    T10 = 10BA (In development) 
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  7. AudioNewbi3
    Btw, will post some initial (though maybe inaccurate initial impressions once these babies arrive from Taobao)

    14384006_10207169586933330_1527543256_n.jpg   14389801_10207169586893329_1037160169_n.jpg   14389022_10207169586853328_2116065643_n.jpg
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  8. kimD

    What's the specs of these?
  9. Forty6
  10. Pastapipo

    I would suggest the TY Hi Z 32ohm. I prefer it over the monks due to a slight increase in subbass.
  11. Majin
    Hey Pastapipo from Tweakers. Man what a bummer after i ordered the VE monks everybody is raving about the TY Hi Z. I hope I won't miss the bass from the monks.
  12. AudioNewbi3

    Told the seller from Taobao to tune it to my liking (for listening to classical and orchestra) by linking him youku video examples of the music which I listen too.

    Total Price including 1964 style 0.78mm Pin Cable is RMB1000 
  13. Forty6

    With the abovementioned , Got you additional pair of customized dynamic earbuds Too ! with a 14.8MM diameter driver . Ha :L3000:

    I'm going to be the next on line
  14. FUYU

    Bass is plenty, imo. I found the Hi Zs too bassy for my tastes.
  15. fonkepala
    Thanks for the suggestion. They seem to be pretty similar in looks to the Monks. Is there a review up for these babies?
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