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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. Vidal
    Has anyone seen the Remax S3?
    I haven't even tried them via BT yet as the battery was flat on arrival, I'm using a extension cable. They're a clip-on with separate earphones the clip-on earphones that they come with I'm 99% certain they're Fanmusic E6s/Mannhas E170s but with a J cable and no mic (the BT Clip handles that). The Fanmusic E6 was retailing at $60 on Amazon, I think they also appeared on Massdrop recently. I have tried them against my E170s and they seem identical in sound.
    They're available from Gearbest for about £10.
    Note for mods - I don't currently sell these and I'm highlighting that they can be bought from a head-fi sponsor 
  2. audionoobz
    Can anyone do a comparison of the kz zst and the lz A2S?
  3. Verasayshi
    @RedJohn456 Hi pal, did you do a review of the AK2016 Custom 6BA? Saw your review on the Dolphin's, they look absolutely stunning! Great review, keep it up :)
  4. Brooko Contributor
    Guys if you want to subscribe to the thread, but don't have anything to post - rather than posting "subbed" etc - please just use the subscribe button.
    This is of course from the posting guidelines (which I know you all studied rigorously [​IMG])
  5. SuperMAG
    I have or will have similar arsenal right now, but gave my KZ away, along with others which includes,
    Xiaomi Piston 2.1, Best IEM i even heard/owned, great clarity, great soundstage, great bass, nice mids and hot treble and what makes the piston best was the imaging, 3d up down left right.
    Xiaomi Hybrid, had weared toning and didn't made me get excited lol, also rolled of treble. BEST iem comfort wise.
    Xiaomi Youth, gave it to my bro.
    TK Maple, weak bass and muddy mids. very small soundstage, sold it.
    KZ edr2, very thin sound and full sounding.
    LG Quickbeat 2, my sister liked it too much, it was a good iem, all rounder i wanted something more.
    Rock Zircon, Also thin sound, uneven sound, not very clear.
    Letv Reverse, Good IEM overall, i liked the huge soundstage and bass, very very similar to xiaomi hybrid.
    KZ Edr1, don't remember it much but i was not impressed.
    Around 3/4 1/2 dollar iems from aliexpress for leaving in pocket purposes.
    Currently have
    Monk Plus, Good musical sound, big soundstage, thick mids, good tight bass punch also good imaging, but lacks extreme clarity, separation and resolution of that piston 2. But a keeper and using it double thin foam, different foams different sound.
    TY HIZ 32, bloated bass like or slow bass then monk, much more sub bass, decent mids and great soundstage, similar clarity but monk are smother, lacks imaging of monks, also resolution of pistons 2 but i think its the earbud problem.
    Waiting for
    Senfer 4in1, Hoping to be my end game, if not then buying used piston 2.
    KZ ATR *might give it to my sis if i don't like it, for sports and wanting to hear ate sound purposes*
    Rock Mucu *for sports and calling purposes as i find these samsung type earbuds comfortable.*
    Philips SHE3800 *shouldn't have ordered it since i have monk and ty but i did lol.
    Thinking of buying:
    Piston 2 Used if i dont like the senfer.
    KZ HDS1 for comfort, casual and outside use.
    Thinking of Thinking of Buying:
    MusicMaker TK12 or TK13, Trinity Vryus, Some other hyped iem, if all the above experiments don't work.
  6. EarTips
    The hidizs ap60 and shanling m1 dap look really good with good specs, waiting for comparisons too.
  7. Vidal
    Surprised at the weak bass comment I found the TKs to be too full on for my tastes. I'm not a big bass fan.
  8. RedJohn456

    These are not the full review fyi, that will be up in a few days with full comparisons :) But no I didn't talk about the Custom 6BA yet. I will do a write up on them very soon as well. If you have any specific questions I can try an answer them for you.
    The dolphins do sound every bit as good as they look.
  9. SuperMAG
    it was tight but weak and i am not the only one who said that, might be defective one. maple also has very small soundstage.
  10. Verasayshi
    Thanks a lot! Will wait for your full review for both before deciding which one to get haha :) 
  11. RedJohn456
    Since the chinese thread was locked, I thought it might be helpful for me to post it here in this new one.
    Sticking a Dolphin in your ears!
    First Impressions 
    Here we have a chinese iem offering that once again beggars belief that headphones of this quality can exist for this amount of coin! Something like this was unheard of even a few months ago. What the heck is going on? I can’t even imagine how the chinese iem market will look in a few weeks, never mind a few months!
    For the better part of a week now, I have been testing two new samples, courtesy of AK Audio, so a big thank you to them for giving me this opportunity. The iems in question are the Super Dolphin 6BA (I will shorten it to Dolphin for sake of brevity) and the AK 2016 Custom 6ba iem.
    1.jpg   IMG_5934.jpg
                                                                                                      The Dolphin                                                                       AK 2016 Custom 6BA

    I will be talking about the Dolphin today, which uses 6 balanced armature drivers. It is available with either MMCX or 2 Pin cable connectors (my unit has the 2 pin connector). 
    This is my first experience with a 2-pin connector and suffices to say I won’t be going back to M
    MCX anytime soon. A common point of failure for many iems with removable cables is the connector, and MMCX connectors are more prone to issues developing over time. 
    The Dolphin’s rock solid and sturdy connector ensures that this iem will last a long time.
    The included cable is very soft and supple, easy to manage and not prone to tangling. Even the memory wire portion, that rests over the ear, is pleasantly flexible and not in the least bit annoying. The cable itself has a braid and terminates in a 90 degree L jack. The strain reliefs on both ends are very well done so the cable should hold up like a champ.
    IMG_5912.jpg   IMG_5916.jpg   IMG_5920.jpg   IMG_5914.jpg
    The Dolphin housing/shells are black, adorning the name in red and blue. The faceplate is made a multiocolor pattern shell (not sure what the technical term would be) but eye catching and pleasing nonetheless.
    While the shells are a tad on the big side, they are comfortable once inserted into your ears. The Dolphin sports a durable build quality and sturdy construction, ensuring that it will easily withstand the rigors of daily use.
    IMG_5918.jpg   IMG_5922.jpg   IMG_5926.jpg
    The Dolphin has an insane amount of sound isolation, especially when you use tips that give an optimal seal. I was on the subway yesterday and I couldn’t hear ANY outside sounds while the Dolphin was playing music. And mind you, this was at a low volume. This makes them perfect for long noisy commutes, where you can easily enjoy your music at lower volumes and not damage your hearing in the process.

    So that's all good and dandy but how do the buggers sound? Well in one word: Impressive! Allow me to tell you why :)
    Overall the Dolphin is a clean and airy sounding iem, with a breathtaking midrange and tight bass that has great impact. I felt that it also had a slight emphasis on the mids, making a perfect complement to the airy and well extended treble.
    The treble is just about perfect to my ears, very extended and airy without being bright or peaky in the slightest (I am quite treble sensitive). The Dolphin’s treble strikes a delicate balance between sounding analytical and sounding musical. It has great resolution and tons of micro-detail. All the elements of a song are there, easy to delineate and follow individually from beginning to end. All the details are there, but they are not pushed in your face. I am not quite sure how they pulled off the treble without sounding cold and analytical but that’s china for ya. 
    The Dolphin has a natural soundstage that is more true to life and not exaggerated. It is not limited to inside your head and definitely sounds out of head, possessing more width than height. But what impressed me most was the sense of depth the Dolphin portrayed, it felt as if you are peering into the record; As if your music was being played in a room, positively cavernous!
    In addition to its impressive sense of depth and staging, it has incredible separation and layering of instruments that make you feel as if you are enjoying a live performance. Accurate positioning of sonic cues make for a believable and natural sonic presentation that will leave you wanting more.
    This leads to the star of the show, the midrange! This one really took me by surprise because how fantastically it renders female vocals, positively ethereal. If you enjoy female vocals AT ALL you really owe it to yourself to hear the Dolphins, it is simply breathtaking. The way in which it renders the details, vocal textures, ambience and atmosphere is something I have yet to hear on other headphones
    The Dolphin is not a one trick pony however, if you are a metal head this is also the iem for you. The way distortion guitars are so textured and detailed is simply mesmerizing. Drum hits come through loud and clear with great impact, giving the iem great PRaT.
    The bass is neutral with no bloom or midrange leak to speak of. It is tight and punchy with impressive impact, quickly getting out of the way when its not called for. It is distinct from the rest of the mix but not emphasized in anyway but still easy to hear in your music. While the Dolphin sounds good with EDM, its not going to give you the bumping bass you need to really enjoy electronic music.
    IMG_5932.jpg   IMG_5927.jpg  ​
    The Shells look stunning, one of the prettiest iems I have seen coming out of China​

    So overall, the Dolphin is light and quick on its feet, think Philadelphia Cream Cheese light lol. It is quite revealing without coming across as analytical, retaining a surprising sense of musicality, with impressive depth and a holographic presentation. The Dolphin is an all rounder that will sound great with most music but really shines with Female Vocals and Metal. I will say it again, if you are as big a fan of female vocals or metal as I am, you should give the Dolphin a listen! Heck these are even great for monitoring given how balanced they are from top to bottom. And lastly, for those of you who are massive Havi B3 Pro 1 fans like myself, you are sure gonna get a kick out of the Dolphin!
    You would think that the Dolphin would eviscerate lower quality music files, right? WRONG. It is surprisingly forgiving of poorly encoded files, which means that your cheapo mp3s should sound just fine. Furthermore, the Dolphin scales with better gear so it will grow along with your collection. While it sounded great running straight out of my Macbook Pro and BlackBerry Z30, it was noticeably better out of something like FiiO X7 with line out to VE RunABOUT 2.0. Heck it sounded awesome sauce out of my Sansa Clip+ (<3 <3).
    I avoided saying anything during first few days because I wanted to make sure that it was not new toy syndrome or a honeymoon phase, because if you can’t tell by now, I absolutely love the Dolphin! It does a lot of things right and really shines when driven out of a good source. This is the real McCoy, proving that you really ndon’t have to spend thousands to get top tier quality sounds!
    IMG_5911.jpg   IMG_5929.jpg   IMG_5933.jpg
    Link to the official thread: http://www.head-fi.org/t/820721/the-super-dolphin-6ba-not-just-an-aquatic-mammal
    Where they can be bought:
    **As always YMMV. I have tried to capture how the Dolphin sounds to the best of my ability and as accurate as possible. These are my impressions and should be taken as such. I reserve the right to change my opinion as time goes on.**
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  12. Vidal
    I use comply style foams and my thoughts on them were at the opposite end of the scale, big bass. Might give them a go with silicon eartips to see if that brings them back into the sweet spot for my tastes.
  13. purplesun
    I didn't even read that far before clicking order, so sent a PM to seller asking what earbud/IEM came with it. Sigh, it was such a nice quiet day for me as well with the old thread being locked.
    What's a customized earbud anyway? Give me an earbud that suits my listening style?
    I would needs half dozen or more for all music I listen to :)
  14. RedJohn456

    It depends on your musical taste. the Custom 6 is a smoother sounding iem with a slightly warmer tilt and it doesn't have the fantastic midrange of the dolphins. The Custom 6 is not as detailed or as revealing as the Dolphin but has better genre bandwidth since its better suited for the likes of top 40, electronica etc. The custom is v shaped relative to the Dolphins as well.
    The Custom 6ba lacks the finesse and technical capabilities of the Dolphin that makes female vocals and metal music such a joy to listen to. And to be perfectly honest the Custom 6ba isn't as ergonomic as the Dolphin, maybe its just my ears but I don't find the shell shape as comfortable.
  15. AudioNewbi3
    Do you have the link for Dolphin 6BA on Taobao?

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