Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread
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Jan 30, 2011
Brand new thread - a continuation of the old one (which was locked because it started getting out of hand).

Original thread -


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Above all enjoy sharing your finds.
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So happy we didn't lose the thread all together - it's one of the main reasons I'm even on this site. I really hope we can keep it that way..
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  The Chinese/Asian brand thread is definitely my favorite. 

About the only one I read. 

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Hooray for a new thread! Thanks to the mods for keeping this thread alive, I've learned a lot from it. Let's be nice people and share information.
As my first foray into 'Chinese brands' aside from Fiio, next month I'll be buying & testing:
a) VE Monk Plus
b) **** 4in1
c) KZ IEM - not sure which one yet...any suggestions?
I'll most probably be buying these from Aliexpress.
Did I miss anything? :)
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Ok so here we are in the thread reactivation! :smiley: one general remark to some of you boys: "music has charms to soothe the savage breast" so go and listen more! :smiley:

waiting for kz zst and, in the meantime, for more 1clearhead's impressions :smiley:

fonkepala monks are a must-have, 4in1 seem to be great so yeah why not, as for KZ, wait for reviews of kz zst and then choose your model

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