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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. anticute
    Something like the Oppo HA-2 makes any phone a great DAP, if nothing else.. :)
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  2. amature101
    Why so many people had issues with mmcx connector, my lz-a3 was good?  On the other hand i was the first batch of people who tried reshelling and the company who did the reshelling did not provide a job job. In the end, my ciem had loose 2 pin socket and sadly i stop using it.
  3. RedJohn456

    Not sure where you can get it on Taobao to be honest. But the aliexpress link is: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/2016-Super-Dolphin-6BA-In-Ear-Headset-DIY-Hifi-Custome-Made-Balanced-Armature-In-Ear-Earphone/119089_32723650896.html
    I think AK Audio might be the only ones selling it AFAIK. If I come across any taobao sellers I will let you know :)
  4. Majin
    Did you ask AK Audio if the dolphin is the same as http://www.head-fi.org/products/super-audio-6
  5. AudioNewbi3
    Indeed. Hopefully it turned out good.
    As for reviews, kindly take it with a grain of salt as I have no experience whatsoever with IEM's, and as my name suggests, I am an audio noob. 
    Thanks a a lot mate! 
    Reminds me a lot about JH UIEM's
  6. AudioNewbi3
    Official Taobao link to SuperAudio's store:
    And I do not think they are related. Just search their store.

    As for  the "AK Customs", here is there Taobao Store:
  7. RedJohn456

    I did ask them point blank if the dolphin was a rebrand of any sort and they said that is is an all new original product
  8. Skullophile
    I have found the Tao / Taobao agent page for these guys and updated the review with the link.
    It is now complete and I hope it puts them on the radar. Hopefully a second review isn't far away. Anyone?

  9. roy_jones
    I learned last night that a bump in bass via EQ can make the Vivo XE800 neutral instead of analytic/bright.  I know there were some others who recently bought them that weren't happy with their sound sig and would suggest playing with EQing the bass because they're quite good neutral earphones with some adjustment. 
  10. Saoshyant
    I must admit I'm a little curious about the XE800, but only somewhat.  I worry I'd buy it, go "Well, that's not bad" then ignore them afterwards.
  11. roy_jones
    The most fascinating phenomenon on head-fi for me is the reluctance to use EQ, and the lack of understanding about the role of EQ in perceived sound quality. 
  12. Majin
    Still no update on the Vivo XE800 vs the UE TF10?
  13. Forty6

    That's probably down to different ears . And there's the sound is a subjective thing .
    And that fascinating phenomenon you had experience in head fi is more or less down to the fact you'll find majority here is more or less with very high standard type of audiophile purists in search for bit for bit perfection .

    Hahaha :L3000:
  14. roy_jones
    Can't find the UE10pros anywhere.  :frowning2:
    Frustrating.  I'm guessing the EQ'd XE800 would be the winner because I like forward mids and the UEs mids are recessed.  Still don't like the bass level of the XE800, but at least with EQ they're neutral instead of bright.  The quality of the driver itself seems good. 
  15. Majin
    Ah what a bummer man. I'm so extremely close to ordering the XE800 when i get my salary but i want to have some references since most of my IEMs are kinda old.
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