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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. roy_jones
    Interesting; I'd still argue that what you're describing seems more like a preference than an anatomical difference, though.  Maybe the person had damaged hearing?  I'm saying that if you went to an audiologist's office and asked them to do a tone test on 100 people, the differences in ability to hear test tones across the spectrum would be small across a sample of folks with normal hearing. 
    I had a Porta Corda back in the day!  Ironically, I think I bought it trying to coax bass out of a pair of Shure E4Cs instead of just using EQ.   
  2. Forty6

    Whatever , I just love the way eq enabled me to tuned till to my liking .
    Personally , I can't live with my genres of music without eq .
    But having said that , not all eq , players I had experience with give me satisfactory results .
    I don't get very good results with onkyo and neuron . No matter how hard I try with them , I couldn't get satisfactory out of them .
    That also the same for me with those countless of apps player with their in build eq .
  3. Shawn71

    I hope you wont be disappointed with your snappy decision (purchase)......This looks so nice than the nano 6g like M1,which has fully occupied screen in the front.And its also interesting how hidizs come up with an ultra-portable dap that fits everyone's budget (pocket too :wink: ) with most of the bells and whistles what the normal size daps have. I will wait for my plastic card to regain its strength while I wait for some impressions on these.The rich looking 3.5mm out golden ring is also worth mentioning.
  4. kimD
    For my experience of using EQ setting, some standard IEMs even used with EQ there sound still worst.
    Such as single dynamic drive due to high pitching treble from the EQs can't solve at all.
    So if the good IEM to used with EQ should be helps much airy sound to suit for personal reference
  5. Forty6

    Yes I second that , but to be very frank , I didn't got that luxury of being Having own a large collection of various iem , headphones to do a better comparison .
    But fortunately , those iem which I owned currently, china made single dynamic , or America made hybrid all amazingly react well to my various of preferred eq settings I had thrown at them .
    All across my various collection genre of music , English , Chinese , Cantonese songs , live , acoustic , studio band and many others as well .
    I couldn't enjoying them without having eq ing out of them

    I'm a eq worshipper , believer too .
  6. anticute
    I have nothing against EQ, it's just that I use different sources, which can't easily be EQ'd in a uniform manner, so if I can do without it it's better..
  7. kimD

    Yes I was agreed with you too.
    EQs just like professional tuning in the studio, would be quite for fun when adjusted from EQd to tunes as your own sounds.
  8. smy1
    So whos next in line to test another high end chinese headphone? Someone get the 12BA eternal for $721 and report back :wink:
  9. Forty6

    Well bro , it's a open discussion , a healthy one , no one has against anything , personally I say it's just personal preference really , if one could enjoy or could live without having to eq hell of it , then it's good , like wise if one could enjoy the music having to eq a hell out of it , good for him too .
    We're all in the same shoes in search of our liking .

    Even if the entire world love eq , that doesn't mean I have to follow them to love eq , if we find that enjoyment experience with our setup , go ahead to enjoy it .
    Can't be bothered about what others think of what we're enjoying with our stuff .

    It's always good to keep sharing and post personal experiences , and it's good to know that there's ppl out there enjoying music without the help of eq , but I couldn't live without eq ha
  10. Ahmad313

    Excellent decision,
  11. Hisoundfi Contributor
    I have a Chinese earphone with me today, the TFZ series one.

    It's a little boomy and bassy but overall not too shabby.

    Review will be up soon.
  12. Forty6

    I still yet to demo that 2 dd 2 ba martian , I hope to have a go with them soon before Chinese New year in jan .
  13. kimD

    Sure you can have them, one of the best IEM and the metal case.
  14. Podster

    Looking forward to it Vince, I cut a lot of boomy out with my Auvio's. I love the Series one but found no need to go with the 3 or 5 after reading many comments they all sounded very close in SS, then I fell for the hype on the 1S and to me they are not as nice sounding as my series 1's[​IMG] However they do work well when operating lawn gear[​IMG]
  15. kimD
    How about this KZ ZST, anyone have you bough it recently?
    Look what I found on AliExpress
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