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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. yangian
    Oh, Thanks!
  2. wastan

    I bought a pair of urbanfun hybrids for $25. They're pretty bland and average. Worth the price, but I'd say the KZ ZS3 and the Senfer 4in1 beat them easily.
  3. hakuzen
    1st one: legit. specifications are wrong. i cancelled my first order after watching those specs. seller told me they were not updated (all his phones share same specs. i suggested him to edit them,  but it seems that got no success).
    2nd and 3rd: legit, right specs.
    4th: fake.
    5th: seems completely legit, specs are ok. the cheapest right now. but only 91.1% positive feedback.
    another cheap ones, 97.3% feedback
  4. smy1
    Already order the 4 in 1 but dont know if i should get the ex800
  5. goonx
    I don't see why... people say the senfer is better
  6. nhlean96
    It's between apple and orange. Depends on your taste.
    XE800 have a more relaxing soundsign, warmer, smooth mids while 4in1 is airy, sparkling, treble could be fatiguing sometimes. 4in1 can offer excellent clarity and micro-detail that surpasses any IEMs I've heard in $50 price range (including XE800, RE400, ...)
  7. Phantasia
    Hello, it's my first post. Could please anybody give me a suggestion for an IEM below $50 that has a neutral and good clarity with a good mid(not v-shaped)?
    I've got my 4 in 1, and it's just not my taste, too v-shaped for me and the mid is recessed eventhough i think the bass and clarity is really good.
  8. Pastapipo
    Welcome to Head-fi! Sorry about your wallet. Although the first hit will be relatively mild since you seem like the perfect candidate for the Vivo XE800.
  9. crabdog
    New Rose earbuds wha?
  10. yangian
    Official specifications from official website:
        Cord length: 1.25m
        Connector: 3.5mm plug
        Rated power: 10mW
        Max power: 50mW
        Frequency range: 5 Hz-30000 Hz
        Rated Impedance: 50 ohm
        Response rate:110 dB
        Mic Specifications
        Frequency range: 20 Hz-16000 Hz
        Response rate: --42±3dB
        Interface definition: L/R/GND/Mic
    Whearas the $18s is:
    1. Resistance: 9Ω
    2. Sensitivity: 123dB
    3. Frequency Response Range: 8-25000Hz
    It seems it's a different product. This might explain why someone claimed it sounds like Gr07 and someone claimed not!


  11. Pastapipo
    Or the seller is just lazy and didn't include the right specifications :wink:
  12. audio123
    Rock Zircon then.
  13. yangian
    It seems not since
    1. Resistance: 9Ω
    2. Sensitivity: 123dB
    3. Frequency Response Range: 8-25000Hz
    is not a common specification.
  14. Sehn82
    Have you asked the seller? Since they claim it's 100% original it should match the manufacturer's specs?
  15. 1clearhead
    KZ-ZST (by Knowledge Zenith)
    Okay, so finally the KZ-ZST were burned-in for over 120 hours plus and I am more than confident that much of its’ sound signature won’t probably change from this point. But, before I start, I would like to say that I have no affiliation and have any business relationship other than the current in-ear earphones I actually bought directly from KZ at his taobao store.
    About the KZ-ZST:
    To my surprise and many here that like the KZ brand this is actually their first attempt on a hybrid model. They really are good looking sporting an in-ear/over ear 2-pin detachable MMCX cable. In the picture below you'll find what's inside; manual/warranty card, MMCX detachable cables and extra silicone tips -large/small, exclusive from KZ!....packaged in one nice compact box! My purchase came out to be only 100 RMB with free shipping (equivalent to around $15 US dollars).
    IMG_20160918_171823.jpg IMG_20160918_170710.jpg
    The Frequency Response is based according to the SPECS on KZ's homepage website on taobao and other websites that carry similar information:
    Sensitivity: 120dB/mW
    Impedance: 16Ω
    Frequency range: 20-20000Hz
    Cable length: 1.2M +/- 3cm
    Brand: KZ (Knowledge Zenith)
    Model: ZST
    Wires: Detachable MMCX
    Hybrid type: Dynamic Driver/BA Armature
    You can find them in taobao, aliexpress, or other respected online stores.
    Here are a few links…..
    The KZ ZST, to me, tends to sound more like a V-shape (though, at times sounding more U-shape) signature with more emphasis on bass and midrange.
    IMG_20160918_172320.jpg IMG_20160918_172159.jpg
    The housing is made of plastic and the wires are the typical (or at least similar) same wires that come for the KZ brand. These come with a 2-pin detachable wires, so a little caution can go along way when detaching and attaching the wires. They have good looks going for them and are actually smaller than the ATE, due to the shorter nozzle for a better fit. They also have the advantage of having removeable cables. For those that are sport enthusiast, the weight should be just right for jogging, outdoor sports, or even the gym. So, I’d say use these according to your best interest.
    The review will consist of the KZ-ZST and the KINERA BD05 with other quick comparisons that include the Xiaomi Quantie hybrid and the SENFER 4in1, as well. On my review, we’re going to focus on 2 hybrids plus other quick comparisons as mentioned above. So, keep in mind, it’s all about preferences and we all can agree to disagree.
    The bass on the KZ ZST sounds well rounded with a nice sonic punch to it more in quality VS quantity and sets the rest of the signature for a wide soundstage with it's deep sounding bass. While the KINERA BD05 has a more linear punch to it sounding solid and quick, but revealing less sub-bass than the ZST. But, the bass of the BD05 does manage to harmonize better with the lower midrange to give nice tunings to the vocals and string instruments. A big plus if you ask me! Supposely, even though the BD05 don't punch as low as the ZST, they tend to provide better details when harmonizing with the partnered BA armature, which is very important for consistency and coherency.
    I'm really trying hard to like the midrange/vocals of the ZST, but there is a constant grainy and artificial-like signature that give these a set-back, or NOT to my liking. If you noticed, I gave these not 100 hours, but 120 hours of burn-in and playtime to see if it made a difference. But, still the lower midrange really sounds grainy. But, unfortunately that's why they are budget earphones -don't expect too much! The BD05, in the other hand, got better after this process and has a very good vocal and instrument presentation with enhanced clarity. The only upside, at least with the ZST is that the vocals are some what forward giving it a nice wide soundstage at best.
    I never got to see the light of day with the treble on the ZST because of the constant short coming, or lack of details 'caused probably by grainy and artificial-like sound coming out of them. Chances are....this is as good as it gets? But, with the BD05, they came through with good coherency and clarity to justify their purchase. Details are nicely done with exceptional vocals. 
    Soundstage is actually bigger on the ZST, but what good is that when the DD and BA can't give me the clarity that I long for on my very first KZ hybrids! Grainy and Artificial-like, Bummer! With the BD05, soundstage is really good, but falls in the bracket of not being the best. But, it has good imaging and enough clarity to be engaged and convinced of it's capability to perform very well.
    Comparisons with the Xiaomi Quantie hybrid and the SENFER 4in1:
    To my own surprise, I kind of favor the ZST over the Xiaomi hybrid because of that wide soundstage they're able to project, which personally brings me to like them only in this aspect, even more over the Xiaomi hybrids. With the SENFER 4in1's, I would just have to say, they are just in another league; better clarity, staging, coherency, details from end to end, and even contruction (housing) and better cables seal the deal.
    Finally, I would like to say that KZ did not do their homework, sort-of-speak, to get the job done properly and have yet to master the great marriage of hybrids to earn a spot, as of yet! But, I cross my fingers, for that day will soon come! --> Alternative for the same price with detachable cables: KINERA BD05 (hybrid)
    In this latest review, this is how it currently stands with the KZ-ZST.....
    SENFER 4in1 <-- still, my favorite
    KINERA BD05 <-- these are a keeper, also with detachable cables
    KZ-ZST <-- needs work, bummer!
    This review is according to my preference and ears. Others may differ or be opinionated. So, it’s okay to hear different. That’s what makes us unique, that’s what makes us individuals, that’s what makes us human. [​IMG]
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