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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. c0rp1
    Same here ... actually mine got returned two times. If you want send me your tracking number through PM so we can compare.
    I already contacted the store and asked for a full refund, because it actually took more than 10 days after the online docs have been filled for them to ship the IMEs.
  2. Majin
    @1clearhead sucks that KZ couldn't deliver on a value hybrid IEM. Are the included tips anything special?
  3. yangian
    No, I didn't. 9ohm and 50ohm should be easily detectable.
  4. nhlean96
    No surprise here, it's their first hybrid [​IMG] 
  5. 1clearhead

    I've tried them on several other earphones I own, I think they're pretty good and helps with clarity. [​IMG]
  6. yangian
    Keep losting interesting in 4in1. Keep it as a BA driver product. Never buy BAs product any more. Cannot appreciate their sound. Sincerely agree Axel Grell, they are for hearing aids, not for earphones.
  7. haiku

    +1 here. BAs are also not for me. I appreciate Dynamic Drivers only much more.
  8. kalo86

    Hi, thank you for this review! It would be fantastic if you could write something in a comparison adding the Rock Zircon and maybe the KZ ZS3. Actually I am enjoying the Rock Zircon with Tennmak tips. I am trying to get information about the KZ ZS3 even if I don't really like the way I have to wear them (overear).
    Days ago I bought the Senfer 4in1 which I cannot use because I feel pain after 30 minutes of usage... They hurt my ears in the zone of the "golden" plated ring (really close to the tip).
    Today I still prefer the sound of Rock Zircon even if the polished mids of Senfer are quite good and better than Zircon's.
    Any advice? Thank you!
  9. hakuzen
    this is what happened
    like i told a few comments ago:
    specifications are wrong. i cancelled my first order after watching those specs. than, asked to seller, and he told me the specs were not updated (all his phones share same specs! i suggested him to edit them,  but it seems that got no success). ordered 4 units in total. measured impedance: ~50ohms (perfect, legit). so forget reading the specs of that site (they are outdated).
    Pastapipo likes this.
  10. purplesun
    Have you tried Comply with 4in1? The comply tip stick out a few mm beyond the golden tip and should keep the 4in1 tip from touching you ear.
  11. Majin
    I had the same with my pistons and then i went with the clear shure tips which are way thicker than your average eartips.
  12. kalo86

    Hi purplesun, I don't have these tips and I just sold my ex Senfer 4in1. Thank you for the advice :wink:
  13. Saoshyant
    Well unfortunately the RE-00 has been delayed on delivery.  After getting tracking, it immediately said it had been picked up and was on it's way to DHL, but that took 3 days to arrive at the center.  After they handed it over to USPS, all tracking ended, so hopefully it's getting closer without receiving updates instead of just sitting in St. Louis.  Once it arrives, I'll post initial impressions, and hopefully remember to compare vs previous two versions.
  14. Muskyhunter
    Still waiting on my ZST to compare to the 4in1s i have. $15 can't expect too much but maybe i am spoiled from the 4in1. 
  15. vsls
    My wallet hurts again, thanks head-fi!
    After an extended absence of buying new IEMs for the past months I couldn't resist and pulled the trigger.
    Vivo XE800 was a no-brainer for me. I hope that I would really enjoy the fit as my VSD1S were my favorites, especially the moving nozzles. Also I have never tried the GR07, despite the fact that they ticked all the boxes.
    So now I'm wondering if KZ ZS3 are also a worth buy for ~$8
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