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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. Vidal
    Did you have any thought's on these two?
  2. Ewen

    Rillpac ( $27 in june ), but recently hakuzen confirmed that the $18 from XiaoYu was legit so I'm seriously considering getting a backup.
  3. Rammoshe
    Hi all
    Is the MusicMaker TK13 good for Rock/Metal?
    Worth 90-100 USD?
  4. Holypal
    For 100$ and Rock/Metal, I would go for Dunu Titan 5. It's a safe and good choice.
    I haven't heard about MusicMaker TK13. Maybe it's also good.
  5. notamethlab
    What is the name of the bottom pair? I have read about your experiences with them and they have peaked my interest but I forgot the name.
  6. Lurk650

  7. Subhakar

  8. Lurk650

    Semi open is not portable use
  9. yangian
    I found some inconsistency:
    1. Resistance: 9Ω
    2. Sensitivity: 123dB
    3. Frequency Response Range: 8-25000Hz
    1. Resistance: 51Ω
    2. Sensitivity: 110±2db
    3. Frequency Response Range: 5-30000Hz
    1. Resistance: 51Ω
    2. Sensitivity: 110dB
    3. Frequency Response Range: 5-30000Hz
    1. Resistance: 32Ω
    2. Sensitivity: 101dB
    3. Frequency Response Range: 20-20000Hz
    Frequency Range: 5HZ- 30000Hz

    Impedance: 50ohm
    Sensitivity: 110dB
    and etc.
    So which is the genuine one? I mean what is the true resistence, sensitivity, and FR range?
  10. B9Scrambler
    Not quite yet. Haven't spent enough time with them. However, I will say that I've been enjoying the Huawei's well-rounded signature more. The 1More's bass seems to drop much off too early.
    Huawei AM175. They're nice. Working towards having a review up next week.
  11. notamethlab

    I think you would have better luck asking this in their dedicated thread imo
  12. Holypal
    Anyone else have this kind of experience?
    I ordered a SENFER 4in1 earphone from Shenzhen HCKexin. It seems the parcel didn't pass the security check at Guangzhou courier company, and then returned to the seller.
    I tried to contact HCKexin and no reply yet.
  13. yangian
    No. Didn't find their own thread.
  14. Roen
    Has anyone ever had an order closed and verification requested by Aliexpress?
  15. scizzro
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