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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. audio123

    i have not used that dac b4 hence cannot help u much
  2. SuperMAG
    Initial Senfer 4in1 impressions, please don't take this seriously because i need time for ears to adjust. 
    - The sound is very thin *not thick like monk or even neutral like tyhiz32*. I think i realize what BA is all about, i dont like this, i prefer thicker. female voice are good, male doesn't feel natural.
    - Even this bass is light for me, realising i am a basshead, piston 2 are much more bassy, at least midbass, also might be because of seal, i will try other tips later.
    - Too much sibilance, but i can get used to this no problem later.
    - I am also realizing i like V shape signature, as i raise volume, the vocals give me headache but i hear better bass and treble.
    - Soundstage and imaging are good.
    I dont know if burning these will have any change in sound, can anyone say about anything about this?
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  3. SuperMAG
    More points:
    - I dont understand how people say earbuds like monk+ have low bass, its like 2/3 times more than this.
    - The clarity and separation are good but is hollowed by sibilance, too much noise to call this smooth like say monk or piston 2. but i hear stuff i didnt hear before.
  4. Ewen

    What are your picks around $10-$15?
  5. audio123

    vjjb k4
  6. farhat
    Is this compatible with the Benjie K9 player? It's a budget player. 
  7. audio123

    can the k9 supports digital out?
  8. HiFiChris Contributor
    I have no idea - I don't have that DAP.
  9. crabdog
    Nope, just a standard 3.5mm out.
  10. Ewen

    That's $15+.
    What are your low cost iems?
  11. smy1

    I heard vivo uses the gr07 driver in there xe800.
  12. crabdog
    My pick there would be KZ or the QKZ W1 Pro.
  13. Ewen

    Thanks crabdog, but I'm not actually looking for recommendations, I'd like to know what is good budget sound for him, since he described YHS 001 as mediocre.
    Agree on the W1, but now with the ZS3 at $8, competition is really tough.
  14. Ewen
    I have both, GR07 is more on the warm side while XE800 is clear sounding, I won't open them to check, but they both are excellent to my ears ( especially XE800 at $20 ).
  15. smy1

    Who did you buy your ex800 from? I asked this question before but lost the link.
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