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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

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  1. Niyologist
    My GS G11 will be delivered today. :)
  2. audio123
    upgrade journey for starters keen on chinese iems:
    Rock Zircon -> VJJB K4 -> TFZ Series 1 -> Ostry KC06/Havi B3 Pro 1 -> TFZ Series 5/TK13 -> A83/IT03/FLC8S -> Celeste/Sirius
    this list does not cover everything, merely a recommendation.
  3. crabdog
  4. 1clearhead
    Zircon's are really addictive because of the huge bass response, which in turn gives it that big soundstage. So on that same note, have you tried the original Zircon tips on the 4in1's? You'll be surprised on the overall deeper bass and depth giving them a nice rounded bass response with plenty of soundstage to spare as well!
    I personally think they're worth buying at that price. [​IMG]
  5. SuperLuigi
    Any recomendations for a budget dac/amp?  I've seen some one ali for about $30 but I'm not entirely sure what I should be looking for.
    I do think I am going to order the xe800 after reading about it for the last 10 pages or so.  Seems like an awesome price/qualty ratio.
  6. kalo86

    Hi, for sure, yes! I tried the Rock Zircon's tips on the Senfer 4in1, I loved them for the resulting audio quality! Anyway I always feel pains after 30 minutes of playing music... IMG-20160909-WA0006.jpg
  7. Sylmar
    Nice review Crabdog. I use these mostly when biking as it's reassuring they can handle a little rain. I had a lot of problems finding the right tips for these but they seems to work real well with Penon Audio Spinfits Medium. I had a little bit of a love/hate relationship with this IEM since I couldn't get a right fit but now that I have I really appreciate them for what they are.
  8. SuperMAG
    sorry posted this in kz topic by mistake.
  9. Grayson73
    Hi guys,
    A friend is looking for an over-ear, closed headphone for around $50.  I was going to recommend Takstar Pro 80/Gemini HSR-1000, but don't see that for $50 any longer.  Any recommendations?
  10. windcar
    My XE800 arrived today. The fit is very good and this iem is very comfortable to wear. After initial listening and A/B against other IEMs and full size headphone, i am left underwhelmed. Technically, this IEM offers better clarity than the cheaper KZ IEMs, but there is something artificial in the tonality. Vocal is not natural sounding and is worse than some of the cheaper iems.
    Compared to full sized can like XPT100, which is a clone of Fischer FA-003, sound is inferior in almost every department, most noticeably in sound separation and tonality.
    bjaardker and audio123 like this.
  11. audio123

    yeap i have been saying the xe800 is severely hyped. very mediocre sounding for the price, better off with havi b3! glad that you r extremely honest in your views
  12. jant71

    Okay but the "I got it today and came to a conclusion" thing is a bit rushed, no? Let it run in a bit, tip roll, live with it for a week and maybe listen to it on it's own for a couple of days away from what you are used to including full size headphones then you will know for sure. Never had the XE but the Vsonic I have had can be picky and take some getting used to esp. since they come with those oddly narrow tips that don't seal right for me. Even if you don't end up feeling any different at least you gave them a fair chance.
    B9Scrambler likes this.
  13. NiallWang
    Hey, I'm looking for some ear buds under $50, not IEMs just ear buds that are light, comfortable and have a mic /in built remote. My rock zircons broke and I'm looking to spend just a little bit more money than those for something better, since I feel the mids were a bid drowned out on those, but still keeping a good amount of bass.

  14. vapman
  15. Ahmad313
    So the 4in1  couldn't get a position in your rating list :cold_sweat::sob:
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