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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. lgcubana
    Not yet. When I swapped out the stock cable for an aftermarket, I wasn't fond of the look, on the Blon BL-03. Below is a link to my 1st attempt at using some heat shrink tubing, to give the aftermarket cable a bit more of a factory look.

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  2. snip3r77
    Is it ok to burn pink noise then white noise?
  3. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2019
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  4. CoiL
    Yeah, agree, it`s annoying (not only his duplicate thread posts and his site, there are others too).

    Someone should do a thread with links to different review sites (and info about head-fi/other sites nickname users related to those sites), so, that everyone can find one to follow&trust.
  5. HungryPanda
    Quite a few reviewers cross post on this site are you going to report them all?
  6. mbwilson111
    Not just reviewers. I often see other identical posts in several threads. The problem is that there are so many overlapping threads. I do not see a really good way to fix that.
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  7. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    There was a spam post count everything thread on the old Huddler platform but they don't have one it seems since. The posting of identical content on 1,2,3 different threads is simply not allowed.
    That it happens is because people may not be aware and mods cannot do everything all the time. To answer your hubby, yes, I will flag it everytime I see it. The ones who require a warning will be noted and the ones who ignore that will probably get a ticket off the site.

    I am not a great member but I try to be a good one. Let's all do what we can to not have attention drawn to threads we enjoy and police ourselves.
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  8. darmanastartes
    Nicehck's NX7-type cables will fit the BL-03, but they'll leave a tiny bit of plastic on the protruding connector showing.
  9. Chrisrd
    A tiny bit showing with an angled connector would be acceptable. I can't stand visually how straight connectors fit on top of the proturding transparent thingy, maybe it does fit better but I don't like how it looks at all.

    Manufacturers should stop making more and more different connector types, it's getting confusing.
  10. durwood
    Well, if he was comparing he should have done it with the green or silver nozzle in, not the 3rd party. Even then though it would still be mushy bass compared to the V90 at least to my ears. The v90 has a quicker more defined bass. The only way to measure something like that would be the square wave tests that Tyll used to do at innerfidelity.

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  11. lgcubana
    Have you confirmed this with your own Blon BL-03s and an NX7 cable ?

    Which NX7 terminated cable did you have success with ?

    Before I committed to a straight, .78mm pin cable for my BL-03s, I tried one of Nicehck's new C16-3, NX7 cables and the sheath of the NX7 cable would not go over the protruding housing of the female receptacle on the Blons. The deal breaker is the composite of the respective sheaths on the cables. The Blon stock cable uses a soft, pliable sheath, which makes for a tight, surgical glove fit, over the protruding female connector. The Nicehck C16-3 has a rigid sheath (with no give) and the inner diameter isn't open enough to envelope the protruding connector on the BL-03.
  12. Ultrainferno
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  13. darmanastartes
    This was with the cable which comes with the NX7.
  14. Slater
    If you burn in using rainbow noise, you don’t have to do the separate burn in using pink and white noise. One noise and you’re ready to go!
  15. BadReligionPunk
    I think you are just supposed to listen to White Stripes and Pink Floyd on your new IEM for the first 200 hours.

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