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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. ozziecook
    I wanna touch the light the heat I see in your eyes.
    Genius. Makes me incredibly happy. One of my heroes.
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  2. Otto Motor
    Two of us are currently secretly revising the Blons...no joke...we really work with the manufacturer to extend the nozzles and to alter the frequency response to arrive at an improved Blon BL-03 Mk II. We presently accept wishes of what you would like to have deleted: for example country-music voices, piccolo flutes, snare drums, glockenspiels, complete Nickelback songs...I plead for removing bagpipes and the back catalogue of "Brotherhood of Man".

    @HungryPanda: that PG performance is jolly and uplifting indeed.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2019
  3. TheVortex
    I would love to see Blon make a proper TWS using the driver in the BL-03 with a well sorted build, stable connection and a good enough battery life.
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  4. rayliam80
    I have too many weird childhood memories with that somehow on MTV playing in the background in the home I grew up in.

    And this one too:

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  5. SoundChoice
    why isn't the audience holding up cell phones with the torch app on
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  6. superuser1
    You just trashed the baby xelento! :D
  7. voicemaster
    Just received my blon and I am impressed. Out of the box, sounds great, no bloated bass like most DD iem before burn in. Vocal is clear, treble is clear, bass is punchy and have weight to it. Overall the sound performance is A+. But, this thing fit like a sh!t. Not to mention the stock tips is so smooth and doesn't seal at all. I did cut the stem of the crappy tips and insert it into the nozzle so it is blocking my starline tip so it won't go deeper. Other than that, very nice sounding single DD iem.
  8. durwood
    I like a good basssss note too, but there is such a thing as over-damped, under-damped and critically damped. When people talked about "speed" of the bass this is what they mean. Similar to a car suspension, with lots of potholes in the road do you want a) a tight sports car suspension, b) a worn out suspension c) luxury car suspension

    I like the M6, but the bass is one of the reasons it keeps from being my go-to IEM.

    Last edited: Sep 24, 2019
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  9. CoiL
    Imho, this is the answer. No need to "spam" reviews/links in every thread. Instead, reviews/sites linked in first post of that possible thread, can post their reviews/news there. And no discussion will be allowed on that thread.
    I personally would certainly subscribe up to that thread.
  10. ozziecook
    There is indeed such a thing. But not on the M6. I see it more as C in your analogy above.
    Listening to the M6 is like driving an automatic Mercedes...smooth, luxurious and supremely comfortable...with no bumps, judders or sudden jolts.
    I think it's pretty TOTL...the bass is thick, sure (like many MPs in this country!). But not messy or bleeding. Vocals and mids are buttery smooth and the treble (quality of which to me is always a sign of a different class of IEM), is beautifully present, sparkly/soft and airy. Soundstage is also wonderful and airy, somehow...despite the overly bassy presence...which almost I guess acts like a soft pillow for the rest of the FQ's.
    It's the closest I think I have to a classy full headphone sound. The slightly slower speed is fab for jazz and classical (yeah good present bass works well for classical!) and vocal-guitar based tracks.
    Not everyone's cuppa tea, granted. But ooooh, baby...relax, be non critical and enjoy. B-E-A-U-tiful.
  11. DynamicEars
    Im on Mrs Panda side for this thingy, mine is great with vocals too, thick, little forward, clear, non harsh, and not shouty on upper mids area. With some recording that have boosted sub bass, maybe the Bass is too much, but they did much better than average. even tfz no3, or kanas pro.
    This is just like "another level of MH755". Baby Xelento still applied, Xelento got big sub bass dude
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  12. DynamicEars

    So my V90 was arrived when I was out of town for work, just back yesterday and my early initial impressions out of the box are quite positive.

    cable is as usual, just OK. The shells are well built, using metal they are solid and outshine the direct competitors. Quite small for an IEM although they have 5 drivers inside.
    Sub bass is boosted, Bass monster for rumbles, with quite good control, but a bit loose not so fast.
    mid bass isn't bleed to the mids, sub bass bigger than mid bass. Decay is normal just like ZSX, not fast but average speed.
    Signature is V Shaped, not as deep as V80, but more V shape than ZSX so mids are more recessed than ZSX. lower mids region are thick enough, not overly done, high mids also far from sharp. Just that they are less forward to me.
    Their mids are clearer than ZSX by a small margin
    Highs are brighter and more detailed than ZSX, but far from fatiguing, they are crispier but very well controlled. I like the highs
    Soundstage and imaging are wide and good, they are wide, a bit wider than ZSX.
    V90 more dynamic and energetic, while ZSX more lush and laid back, very different in signature.

    I found that the signature is too v shaped for me, bass and upper trebles play their part. ZSX are more balanced with more forwarded mids. Technicalities are almost on par on V90 and ZSX.
    They are side grade to each other, just pick your desire sound signature.

    Im still BLON away anyway, so ZSX and V90 will stay on drawer for a while (or i can burn in them)
    But the V90 also good IEM, too bad the bass are too big for me.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2019
  13. ShakeThoseCans
    Would you say that it feels like a straight upgrade on the V80?
  14. ozziecook
    I think the non-vocal thing was just a bit of fun. Well, I can't speak for @peter123 of course, but I don't hear a weakness in the vocal. Sometimes depends on source too - on one of my players there is a slight upper mid shoutyness, but not on the other.
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  15. DynamicEars
    straight upgrade to V80 definitely yes, they carry similar v shaped signature, with upgrades in almost all departments, but less v shaped than V80 ( a little bit more balanced)
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