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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. zr0dfx
  2. TheVortex
    0.78 version.
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  3. zr0dfx
    Cheers :dt880smile:
  4. islubio

    Actually do u wanna a listen to iems that I have ordered? I won't have time for them and I would be back in sg for a night on the 26 of Oct. U can listen to everything I have just bought. And return them when I m back in Nov haha.

    Lz a6 mini - arrived
    Cnt 1 - arrived
    Bl03 - on the way
    C12 - arrived
    VE bonus ie - on the way
    T260 - to be ordered
    T180 - with me
    C16 - with me
    Nuforce hem1 - with me
    Tri i4 - with me
  5. ShakeThoseCans
    My Semkarch CNT-1 just arrived. It has Chinese/English instructions, and recommends a burn-in period with white noise of 24 hours, and then pink noise for 10 hours. It says that the standard burn-in time is 100-200 hours.

    I'm going to see if I can put it on white noise until I get up in the morning.
  6. kkazakov
    How do you keep it to not rotate? Have the same cable, but the rotation around the mmcx connector is really annoying...
  7. SciOC
    :confused:I've never seen specific burn in instructions like that.... Crazy. Especially if they present it like it's anything other than a suggestion.... Because whatever man!
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  8. MrDelicious
    Completely pointless. They sound great out of the box.
  9. baskingshark
    By the time the 200 hours of burn in is completed, the next budget hypetrain CHIFI would have arrived LOL.

    BTW, I'm a believer in burn in for DDs, but the CNT1 sounded very good to me out of the box.
  10. Ziggomatic
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  11. ozziecook
    Woooah, hold ya horses, Jurgen. The M6 lacks bass kick? Really? Try 'Novocaine' or 'Tundra' by Amber Rubarth...kicks like a mule (or am I mixing my quadrupeds!)
  12. lgcubana
    The Blon BL-03 is a .78 mm, 2 pin connection; so it can't rotate.

    For MMCX connections you can look at it's unhindered ability to rotate as either an annoyance or a good thing, where it's a good thing (for me) is with preformed, over ear hooks. Sometimes with a 2 pin connection, the curvature of the wire will stick out from my ear. Which will lead to the wire slipping off of my ear; I've never had this issue with an MMCX.
  13. kkazakov
    Yes, I meant that I have the same cable as MMCX variant. However, some of my MMCX cables rotate, but are kinda stiff, which still can be controlled. With this one, it's very easily rotated on it's own.
  14. Chrisrd
    Is there any aftermarket cable that will fit flush like the stock one on the BL-03 does? KZ has at least 3 2 pin cable variants. A type seems to be the typical 2 pin used on most "older" earphones, it looks like it will fit on top of the Blon's proturding socket. C Type is used on newer earphones and it seems it wouldn't fit BL-03 at all. That leaves B type connector, has anyone tried them on the Blon??

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