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Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

  1. mbwilson111
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  2. 1clearhead
    My top 5 IEM's so far after 100 hours of burning them in:

    LZ A6mini:
    Best micro-details and overall exceptional clarity in all areas of the soundstage.

    Magaosi DQ4:
    Nicely done 4 tuning switch with my favorite being "enhanced sense of atmosphere".

    SFR MT100:
    One of the widest soundstage, in my own personal experience.

    CCA C12:
    Incredible sonic-like presentation throughout the whole range with star lines silicone ear tips installed.

    BLON BL03:
    What? is this a gift to us from above for such a low price???
    :astonished: ...Stay tuned for this one!

    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
  3. Nailzs
    Got the Venture Electronics VE Bonus and the BL-03 coming. Who will win? :scream:
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  4. snip3r77
    the one who buys them plus trn v90
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  5. DynamicEars
    Yes, tfz no 3 got audible hiss. Not the same case with blon bl03

    Lol, i meant you need to pull the back end of the bluetooth module to pull up the front end so the shape is align with the Blon, lol hard to describe, try them yourself
    You can try, even though i dont need spacer on dt6 nozzle
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  6. baskingshark
    Yeah I get hiss with the TFZ No. 3 on the BT20 too. But it is not very noticable when music plays.
    Also TFZ No. 3 has occasional hiss on smartphone and some desktops. But it disappears with an inline volume controller or impedance mismatch device or even an amp.

    I find the hiss of the TFZ No. 3 is actually the most among the CHIFI IEMs I own.
    I'm no audio expert, wondering how come the TFZ No. 3 (impedance 20 ohms, sensitivity 108 dB) has more hiss than another IEM that has less impedance (eg toneking nine tails, impedance 16 ohms, sensitivity 100 dB; or eg Audiosense T800, impedance 9 ohms, sensitivity 90 dB)?
    Is hiss factored by both low impedance and high sensitivity?

    TIA for any explanation on hiss!
  7. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
  8. DynamicEars
    Yes its because low in impedance thus high insensitivity also (also caused by low impedance). I dont know also about further technicality details, sorry
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  9. mbwilson111
    Did you read my reply to your other post as to why I like the stock cable? I even posted a nice photo for you so you could see the tips I have chosen.

    The cable that you linked has the exact type of thick over ear part that I try to avoid, especially with smaller shells like these. My ears lie very flat to my head. I don't have room for that thick bit and my glasses...not to mention how my hair gets tangled into the whole mess.

    Obviously I actually prefer cable down.

    BTW, I fixed the link in your quote to remove all the redirect crap.
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  10. Nailzs
    Got both for less than $25.00. I'd say the trn loses.
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  11. Niyologist
    I have recently obtained the Magaosi BK50. It's not bad, but not very good either. It's somewhat better than the 1DD + 1BA Hybrid CCA CA4, even though the BK50 itself is 1DD + 1BA.

    I had also obtained the DUNU Titan 6. I will listen to that shortly.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2019
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  12. lgcubana
    For speakers: A 108db sensitivity means at 1 watt of power, you’ll hear 108db, at 1 meter distance. You have to double the power for every +3db. So if you have 2 speakers, 1 rated at 95db and the 2nd rated at 98db, the 1st set would require double the wattage, to equal the output of the 2nd set, at any given rate of volume.

    I’m sure that the formula for wattage and distance have an offset for IEMs. But the scale should still be indicative of how easy or hard it would be to drive a given IEM.

    From personal experience, I’ve found the TFZ No. 3 to not be over friendly to too much amperage; which relates to their high sensitivity.
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  13. Tonymac136
    Got home to a KZ EDR1. First impression is that it's both better and worse than the ED9. ED9 Has no real bad points but also no great strengths. The EDR1 has a very zingy and unnatural treble but the bass is nice and deep and very present without being overpowering. I am now waiting for my MH755 so I can form an opinion on which super cheap sub £15 IEM is best. At less than £3 (posted halfway across the world) the EDR1 just made quite a good first impression.
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  14. lgcubana
    Blon BL-03

    Switched to a TRN 16 core cable, as I believe the stock cable was giving me trace amounts of static, when I upped the volume.
    Blon fin2.jpg
    (Shrink wrap)

    I think I'm done buggering with the Blons, before I go off of the modding ledge
    Blon fin1.jpg
    (o-ring for shoulders and Large, Comply tips)
  15. SciOC
    Keep in mind that 3 decibels is a power rating and not perceived volume, and that perceived volume requires more than 3 db to double. The soundwaves have 2x the intensity at +3db but not 2x perceived volume/loudness. That's dependent on... More stuff but is usually +6-10db as a rule of thumb.

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