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Campfire Audio IO

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  1. moqsu
    If it were me, I would wait for a Polaris in good condition if you like that kind of signature. I haven’t tried it myself but since most characterize it as v shaped and that is what I would expect from the Io with its tweeter & oversized BA driver configuration. I guess maybe wait and see some impressions of the Io but if I could pay the same price for either (assuming similar v shaped sigs) I would go with the discounted Polaris over a new Io.
  2. hiflofi
    The new Andro is identical sonically to the "old" one. Only difference is packaging afaik. I doubt anybody who wasn't planning on selling a green Andro would now sell at a loss for minimal differences.
    Last edited: Apr 27, 2019
  3. ExpatinJapan


    Unboxing soon of IO

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  4. iron2k
    Sound impressions please :)
  5. ExpatinJapan
    In due course. As they just came out of the box ten minutes ago.


    E5DE0E8C-B24F-45A1-A42C-66CAFC2A39FD.jpeg 3D0132E1-979F-42BA-AF4C-131B53F1A9A7.jpeg 27611C2D-386E-42E6-A68A-B7E35BBA688D.jpeg 573EAB17-020B-4E25-A6B2-9ABBE02718EC.jpeg 86B6E904-3189-422A-ADAD-6E70B83BC6E6.jpeg 8E408E08-61F5-4168-9048-828D659A4845.jpeg 31068655-278B-41F3-8B6D-6F9F7D8B0128.jpeg 9FB1907D-81BD-4F75-BD7D-F8A979F9C374.jpeg D39DF7C2-E836-4ED5-97B6-C66D118D7E1B.jpeg 3739742C-DAE9-4F1E-85A6-6BA399FE51B8.jpeg B490B8C8-C926-4764-A0B6-951DF2D8453D.jpeg 42802D86-F8B4-477F-9B32-3EF3B3EAC614.jpeg 09378AF9-401F-4B1A-B9B3-42E0A8351CF2.jpeg F2FE473F-0189-41F4-B4B8-4ED20AC1CEF4.jpeg 23A5A084-8538-406C-8EBB-2CDE641C2A46.jpeg F291231C-511A-4658-87D8-5D28208EBE2F.jpeg 21EC6596-C856-40DB-94B2-42F4ADC57672.jpeg

  6. dannyvstheworld
    The new packaging looks amazing, especially the new case; and I have to say the IO look so much more beautiful in these photos than those from the CA website! I may buy these just for the look.

    And very happy that CA finally replaced the memory wire with molded ear-hook; hope CA do this for upgrade cables as well.
  7. gazzington
    If these sound decent I'm definitely getting some
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  8. ExpatinJapan

    But wait theres more! Bonus DX220 and IO rig
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  9. gazzington
    Let me know what it sounds like. I'm getting a dx220 but will also get the campfire if it sounds good
  10. JustJoseph
    Is it just me, or does the nozzles look longer as compared to the Andromedas?
  11. Lv100Pidgeot
    Yeah, iirc one of the more common complaints about older CA designs is the short nozzle. They've changed it up for the newer models- see https://campfireaudio.com/shop/polaris-2/ for another example of the newer nozzle design.
  12. candlejack
    Not sure if that says anything though. The old Polaris also had longer nozzles.
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  13. szore
    wait, wut?
  14. maira
    Impressions, we want Impressions! :)
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  15. szore
    Love the price point, cannot wait to hear it!
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