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Campfire Audio IO

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  1. Fideon
    Same. As a fan of vocals, this makes me sad. I was looking to upgrade to $300 IEMs with good vocals and I hoped this was it. Using the T3 now and the vocals are GREAT. Guess it's back to the FLC 8N then.
  2. imackler
    Yeah, I'm potentially disappointed. Between recessed vocal and bloated bid-mass... pretty much my automatic turn offs with iems. But it was the first response from someone we don't know. Let's wait to hear more!
  3. Wheel Hoss
    Yea but I’ve heard that criticism of the Solaris which is absurd.

    I think CA has a warm sound sig that treble freaks might call hazy or veiled. To me it’s perfect.
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  4. maira
    We have to wait for some other reviews anyway..
    but the first review said "Vocals on the Io is recessed and hazy at times." That has nothing to do with "warm sound sig" or "treble freaks".
    If (if!) the review correct, its a dealbreaker for me...
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  5. Fideon
    Same. Can you recommend IEMs in the price range with great vocals?
  6. maira
    I havent heard too many iems but Fiio FH5 maybe. They have forward vocals (but it can be too much for my taste sometimes...). Read some Reviews if you like...
  7. HiFlight
    Grab an Orion while you can. Great vocals!
  8. iron2k
    I'm also interested in this
  9. bb rodriquez
    I went a head and purchased these last night and just got a shipping notice, so hopefully I will have the early next week. I will definitely share some early impressions once I get them!
  10. zombywoof
    Ordered last night. My shipping notice indicates delivery on Monday. I see quite a few inquiries for comparison to Andromeda. I have Jupiter and Lyra II and can provide some comparisons to those CA models.
  11. loris615
    Considering the huge price gap, Im going to be more interested in what separates this from other IEMs in this price range. I can't help but feel campfire must know this price point is a good spot to sell a lot of product, so I'm hoping when I get mine it feels like a good price/performance ratio.
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  12. nekromantik
    seeing as the price is $200 lower then the Nova's do people think it will be a downgrade from them?
    I want something with more bass then Nova's have.
  13. TooPoorForHiFi
    I Dig that Ironman Color theme! :heart_eyes:
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  14. Mobat
    I just got the Massdrop Plus in the mail and I'm very happy with them, they hold up better than I remember. I know it's an odd comparison but I'd love to hear the contrast between the two since they are in the same price bracket. But a bigger question is how they compare to the Orion. The Orion was a really solid IEM in my opinion, but the bass was easily the weakest aspect of them, as well as the treble (lots of detail, but a little too sharp for me). If these can get close to the Orion in the mids, tame the treble and have similar separation with more bass presence, I would buy these in a heartbeat. But then again, the pricing wouldn't really make sense at that point.
  15. candlejack
    I guess my dealer was right about what CA had in the works.
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