1. elChefe

    FS: Campfire Solaris SE

    Letting go of these beautiful Campfire Solaris SE. Decided to focus on full size headphones more recently so these haven’t gotten much use. Got these after absolutely loving the original Solaris and these were a substantial step up in refinement and sound quality. Great slam and deep sub bass...
  2. efejoao

    [SOLD] IEM Bundle Sale! Campfire Comet + JH Audio Billie Jean + Balanced MMCX Cable + Tips

    I am currently placing these for sale as a bundle as I am cleaning up my inventory and these don't get enough ear time. - JH Audio Billie Jean - Campfire Comet - Balanced MMCX Cable - Ear Tips Price includes standard shipping (North America) and PP fees. Please feel free to ask any questions...
  3. cr3ativ3


  4. CL14715


    Looking for mint u12t's
  5. justsomesonyfan

    wts / fs cfa solaris OG , 1k incld paypal + shipping.

    solaris OG in used/mint condition. price is 1k w/shipping and paypal fees, or a trade for rhapsodio zombie mk2, or an ier z1r with me adding 200 usd. some accessories may be missing such as the tips that came with them and maybe some bags, but not anything major such as the cable. no hollowness...
  6. aaf evo

    [FS] - Campfire Audio Andromeda Gold *SOLD*

    Received these this week, here is the original Head Fi ad which shows everything included and the condition: Not looking to make a dime on this, looking for $825 net to me. So roughly $835 sent via F&F...
  7. Afsa

    SOLD: Campfire Andromeda S

    Hi im selling my Andromeda S. They where bought about a year ago at Headphonecompany in Germany. Including all original Tips and some comply foam tips. Original cable and a 4.4 mm Tin cable. There are some scratches in the cases! See fotos.
  8. CL14715

    [SOLD] Andromeda Gold #741 (Mint Condition)

    Andromeda Golds serial # 741 purchased from a member recently, in perfect condition. All accessories that come from factory are included.

    [SOLD] QUICK SALE: Campfire Orion CX $130

    Sold. Sold. Sold Sold. Sold. What up Headfi Gang... Hope you all are doing well under quarrentine. I have a pair of black Campfire Orion CX IEMs for sale . Included with the IEMs are an official Campfire Audio pouch and a braided mmcx cable. I'm selling these for $130 thru PayPal. First come...
  10. fezzyness

    [FS] Campfire Audio Orion

    I’ve had these headphones for a couple years but only uses a few times. Nothing was wrong with them, just not my style in terms of sound signature. I will also pay shipping. Edit: price dropped to 150
  11. Adnan Firoze

    [SOLD] Campfire Audio Andromeda 2019 (v3) - MINT w/ ALO Pure Silver Litz 4.4mm Cable ($250 worth)

    Hi, I am having to sell off one of my favorite IEMs. I bought them directly from Campfire Audio/ALO Audio Deals in their deals as New/B-Stock for $860 (see invoice in the pictures). These have absolutely ZERO cosmetic imperfection that I could catch and the sonics are always as brand new. All...
  12. elChefe

    ***SOLD*** ☀️Campfire Audio Solaris☀️ *Mint* plus Free ES100

    Do to the current situation, I’m putting my Campfire Solaris up for sale. They are in mint condition, comes with original box and all original accessories minus one pair of foam but I will replace them with brand new dekoni bullets and a bunch of new extra silicone tips. Comes with original...
  13. BB124T


  14. cr3ativ3


    please delete
  15. Kevintj604

    WTB: Campfire Audio Atlas (mint or as close to new as possible)

    Hello, Looking to buy a set of Campfire Audio's Atlas. Trying to find a pair as close to retail as possible. A mint pair was posted on Head-Fi a couple of weeks ago that I missed out on for $500 USD. I could go up to $600 USD. I'd be interested in a trade for IMR Acoustic's RAH as well. The...
  16. BB124T


    Brand new solaris se, not open yet. $1700 covers paypal and shipping fees. Reason for sale: I decide to buy other things,and need some cash.
  17. Tristy

    (SOLD) please delete (SOLD)

    Up for reluctant sale are my Campfire Audio Solaris Hybrid IEM's. These earphones are the best of what Campfire Audio has to offer with 4 Drivers (1 - 10mm dynamic driver and 3 BA drivers) and bests the Andromeda in every way. They put out the widest and most holographic soundstage I have heard...
  18. E

    [SOLD] CA Vega

  19. cr3ativ3

    Campfire Cascade ( sold )

    Selling my Cascade. Mint condition. Also include a pair of cloth pads . Boxed .
  20. SLC1966

    *SOLD* Campfire Andromeda S w/extra cable

    I purchased these from a fellow Head-Fier. He originally purchased them b-stock from Campfire Audio. It is in perfect condition and perfect working order. As usual with Campfire Audio neither I nor the original owner can tell why Ken Ball decided to make these b-stock. There are no scratches...
  21. chanman96

    SOLD: Campfire Audio Solaris with original packaging (price drop)

    I purchased the Solaris pictured from a forum member in January 2020 along with a pair of Andromeda Golds. I like the AGs a bit better so I’m going to let these go. By my standards, I think the condition is very good but I’ll let you judge for yourself. The only blemish I see is some light...
  22. E

    [SOLD] CA Dorado

    I've for sell CA Dorado. Perfect technical condition. Cosmetic condition like on photos below. I can send more photos for interested. Full store set. Price including shipping in EU and fees. Payment by PAYPAL.
  23. Hentype

    Campfire Audio for Beginners 2020 - Comparisons and Details

    Hello! I've done a decent amount of research and reading / watching reviews on the many various Campfire models past and present and have a general idea of ones that I am mainly interested in, but as someone who is just starting out and learning what they like it is a very difficult area to...
  24. endless.skai