1. TaronL

    Cyber Monday

    Exclusive to and ending tonight at 11:59pm PST, save $300 on the Focal Radiance, get a FREE $100 Gift Card with a purchase of the Focal Clear (In stock and ready to ship!) and deals from more brands! Buy the Focal Clear, get a FREE $100 Gift Card Buy the Focal Radiance for...
  2. Campfire Audio Onyx

    Campfire Audio Onyx

    From the Campfire Audio website: In the deepest reaches of the Campfire Multiverse, our team discovered a rich deposit of sonic rarity. Shrouded in darkness and emitting an entrancing sound, our team harnessed this power to create Onyx, an all-new hybrid design in a gleaming black ABS housing...
  3. Kagerou

    DAC recommendations for Campfire Audio Andro 2020

    Hi everyone, as the title says, I'm looking for DAC recommendations for the CA Andromeda 2020. I've been exclusively using the Witch Girl 12 now for a couple years and am ready for a change, and I've always admired the Andromeda's aesthetics but never really liked the sound until the newest...
  4. Campfire Audio Honeydew

    Campfire Audio Honeydew

    Campfire Audio Honeydew
  5. Campfire Audio Satsuma

    Campfire Audio Satsuma

    Campfire Audio Satsuma
  6. Campfire Audio Vega 2020

    Campfire Audio Vega 2020

  7. Campfire Audio Dorado 2020

    Campfire Audio Dorado 2020

    Dorado 2020 Hybrid Hero Since 2016, Dorado’s original release, we have developed a remarkable series of high-fidelity hybrid IEMs that have gone from niche to popularized as some of the very best in the world. Dorado 2020 breathes new life into the name and the legacy of the original with a...
  8. C

    Campfire Audio Andromeda Version?

    Which Andromeda version goes with this box?
  9. H

    Sony ier-m9 vs Campfire Solaris vs 64 Audio u12t

    Hello, I'm looking to upgrade my current Dunu Falcon C iem. I like them but not so much, I feel they sound too metalic, they don't hurt my ears tough. I'm going to use these in my work, for my home I own a pair of 4xx for videogames/movies and a pair of Focal Clear. From all of them preference...
  10. Campfire Audio Solaris 2020

    Campfire Audio Solaris 2020

    Copied from Solaris 2020 has arrived Small Size + Big Sound Re-engineering our critically acclaimed Solaris was no small feat. Maintaining its signature sound, but changing its exterior shape was a substantial challenge. The result of that...
  11. Campfire Audio Ara

    Campfire Audio Ara

    New Ara Uniquely Awesome Incorporating a ‘Crossover-less’ driver design with our new Solid-Body acoustic design into a Titanium shell makes for an excellent earphone. Ara has a speed and accuracy to its musical delivery that is exceptional. Its sound has just the right touch of warmth and...
  12. Hentype

    Campfire Audio for Beginners 2020 - Comparisons and Details

    Hello! I've done a decent amount of research and reading / watching reviews on the many various Campfire models past and present and have a general idea of ones that I am mainly interested in, but as someone who is just starting out and learning what they like it is a very difficult area to...
  13. chanman96

    Dog walking with Andromeda Gold, Solaris, and trusty Shure 215

    I'm not an audiophile so for those looking for a super nuanced detailed review for a buying decision, this ain't it, sorry. But if you ever wondered what a total novice would think if he/she borrowed your headphones - sans any hype, I'll share a more informed impression on this thread after...
  14. KB

    Campfire Audio 4th of July Sale

  15. leaky74

    TOTL IEM owners - NW UK

    Hi Anyone in the NW (Lancs/Gr Manchester), have any of the following they’d be willing to let me audition? CA Solaris CA Andromeda CA Atlas Noble Encore I can bring my oBravo erib-1a (stellar performer) and Campfire’s new IO - a great EDC Please please get in touch if you can help. Thanks...
  16. KB

    Campfire Audio IO

    Campfire Audio is proud to release the all new IO. IO Design: All New Dual BA Design: High Driver + T.A.E.C.™ paired with oversized Custom BA Build: 'Garnet' Red Anodized Finish with 24K Gold Plated Screws. Stainless Steel Spout and Machined Aluminum Body Updated Custom Beryllium / Copper...
  17. G

    I spent ~$30 for a pair of Campfire Nova

    Well sorry for the click-baitey title...I consider myself somewhat of a cheapskate/second-hand collector,half of my cans are retro/discontinued cans. The story goes like this: I recently browse through my local forum for head-/earphone hunting and stumble across a seller wanted to sell an...
  18. R

    Thoughts on Campfire Audio?...

    Hey, I’m new here, but spent a fair amount of time skulking around and reading stuff. Great to just browse, but I’m blown away by just how knowledgeable everyone is in this damn place! Anyways, I was just interested to hear people’s thoughts on Campfire Audio in general, everything Ken has...
  19. LucasFur

    Bluetooth too loud Help.

    Head-fiers, If you could help me out a little. I've been searching around for this to not break the "new thread rule" but there is nothing... So... I recently bought a MEE Audio MMCX bluetooth headset Connecting directly into Iphone. Im using FIIO FH5's as my IEM's. .. also tried with...
  20. geardoc

    Tips to prevent cables tangling?

    How do you prevent the cables from tangling? Some IEMs and cases are worse than others. For example, when the cable is heavier than the ear pieces, then I can more easily wrap and unwrap a coiled cable. This is true, say for many of the Shure IEMs. Less so for the Westone IEMs which...
  21. E

    Campfire Audio Andromeda Durability

    Hi, so I'm using a Campfire Andromeda, but I'm not really sure how durable it really is. It looks tanky and durable, and while I won't treat it carelessly because of this, I want to know how much it can really take. I'm quite paranoid as this is my first (really) great IEM and I've heard that...
  22. deafmutelame

    Shure SE846 vs. Campfire Audio Andromeda

    If you have been able to listen (even owned?) to both IEMs, please leave your impressions about these two beasts.
  23. M

    Help me choose matching balance cable with Andromeda and Sony zx300.

    Now I use Campfire Andromeda with 3.5mm stock Litz cable. I want to use 4.4mm balance cable with Sony zx300. In your opinion, which cable good match with both? Now I interest Alo Reference 8 is it good matching with them?
  24. S

    Sub €200 IEM recommendations

    Hi guys, I know this is another thread asking the same thing, but I have searched around and having a difficult time finding the information I need. I currently own the original M6 Pro from MEE Audio, but I'm looking for something that has a bit more to it. I am not too familiar with terms...
  25. shotgunshane

    BTG-Audio Cable Impressions, Reviews and Discussion | Sunrise, Starlight & FitEar

    I've decided to change this to a BTG-Audio Cable Impressions, Review and Discussion thread.  As such, I'll add links to other reviews here in the first post.  Below those links is my original review.   Reviews: doublea71 - sunrise cable review tomscy2000 - sunrise cable review...