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Campfire Audio IO

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  1. Richsvt
    I just ordered the IO. Looking forward to its signature.
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  2. Mobat
    $300 is pretty damn solid for the Polaris. Never been able to find them that cheap. But then again, it’s been a while since I’ve looked.
  3. Mobat
    The Orion :p. The Orion has the best vocals of any one I’ve heard in that bracket, hands down. You can snag a used pair on ALO right now for $200
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  4. NovaFlyer
    As always, awesome photos! :beerchug:
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  5. ForgotPants
    IO looks amazing! Can't wait to hear impressions so I can get to ordering my first CA :D
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  6. 40lb
    The $300 segment gets more and more interesting, really curious how this compares to others in the same price range. However, just going on looks alone I'm stuck between this and the Fiio FA7 leaning towards the CA Io. CA probably is just going to get more of my money.
    nephilim32 likes this.
  7. maira
    CA has better Cable and better case. But lets wait how it sounds....
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  8. Wheel Hoss

    I always chuckle when I hear these industry insiders talk about bass-heavy sound signatures as perfect for "modern music" (Caleb from CA talking about the upcoming Polaris).

    When are dudes going to get that the reason cans like ZMF have such legendary synergy with acoustic music is their warm, bass-driven sound profiles? The reason: acoustic music is all about warmth! No grating cymbals. No screeching electric guitars. Listen to an old time string band, and the entire ensemble bubbles along with an almost tear-raising level of toasty intimacy.

    As a bluegrass picker, I'll be picking up the Polaris at some point.
    Sp12er3, Passenger11 and singingbee like this.
  9. jaydunndiddit
    I actually just got both the IO and Polaris in the mail yesterday and I'm currently putting them through their paces. Sorry for the poor image quality, my camera is currently a potato.


    Also, first post :slight_smile:
  10. dakchi
    Amazing! waiting for your sound impression
    singingbee likes this.
  11. jaydunndiddit
    Most definitely. I also have the Atlas, Solaris, and Lyra II so I'll be sure to include some comparisons and impressions there as well.

    At this point, I can definitely say I enjoy the signature of both. The IO sounds more balanced/neutral (per the CA house sound) with some tight, snappy lows and the Polaris is arguably more fun with some hefty bass and sparkle up top, but still more technical than I was expecting considering all things. Quite impressed with both considering cost. I really think CA could have easily charged more for what's on offer here an no one would have batted an eye.
  12. Tristy
    Looking forward to hearing more impressions! If possible would you be able to compare the new Polaris signature with the Solaris and Atlas and give your impressions?
  13. dakchi
    Would you recommend IO for smooth dynamic sound or is Polaris is worth the 200$ extra? I guess the comparison with Solaris is a non sense

  14. maira
    With the price point in mind, comparisons with the Fiio FH5 or Ibasso it01s and it04 would be interessting...
  15. jaydunndiddit
    Certainly. I can outright say the Atlas and Solaris are superior to the Polaris but I don't think anyone would be surprised about that. The lows are of the Polaris definitely have some thump and can move some air akin to the Atlas but don't have the level of texture or quality (although they do have gobs of quantity). They do have more bass over the Solaris but lack their tight punchiness as well as texture. They're not muddy or anything to that effect but the Atlas and Solaris have a level of quality over the Polaris. Again, this shouldn't come as much of a surprise. Still, time will tell as I adjust to their signature and take more notes but the lows are very enjoyable. I was honestly taken aback at how low they dig on first listen and on some sub-bass heavy songs they can really rumble without breaking a sweat. It'll take me more time to get a handle on the mids and highs but nothing has jumped out at me as "wrong" so far and I haven't detected any sibilance so those are two easy wins in my book.
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