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Campfire Audio IO

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  1. nunovpc
    Yes everyone does!
  2. Applehusky
    They probably sound like Robert Downey Jr. whispering sweet nothings into your ear while AC/DC plays in the background.
  3. 7VIIlI777IIlIV7l
    Man I should really start to attend audiophile's conventions, you guys gets to experience amazing things
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  4. megabigeye
    Well, I suppose that's better than Jerry Stiller shouting "serenity now!" while Taylor Swift plays on FM radio.
  5. Oscar-HiFi
    We will definitely be getting them.
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 26, 2019
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  6. Wheel Hoss
    Question about these kind of IEMs:

    Never used over ear IEMs. Want to use them for on the go, and I walk quite fast.

    Would I have a problem with them staying in and feeling comfortable on the move (Andro owners chime in please), or would I be better off with the Comets? Thanks!
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  7. Arthur Li
    Sad to see the Orion being discontinued due to the new release. I think Orion is the most neutral sounding offering to date by Campfire Audio - more so than the slightly V-shaped Andromeda. As Orion retires from the line-up, there is currently no "reference-tuning" earphone within Campfire's product line.
  8. SoundDouble
    First off. Very nice case, with the iem.

    Second. I might be going to far, but according to Wikipedia description of the moon "has the highest density of all the moons, and has the least amount of water."

    I am guessing very tight (dense) and quick sound, somewhat dry? Would love to try them out.
  9. Grimbles
    There you go @musicday - hifiheadphones.co.uk will be stocking in the uk :)
  10. Cheaplad
    Well it depends on the size of your ears; and some with small ears may feel Andro uncomfortable. But I don’t have such a problem and it stays in my ears quite firmly (a fast walker too). The Comet is small but if you use the right tips it could stay in your ears firmly too.
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  11. imackler
    Still a variety of Orion available at ALO Audio deals, for anyone interested; https://aloaudio.deals/shop/orion-ck-by-campfire-audio/
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  12. imackler
    Salt-shaker required, but here's the first response I've read. From a new reddit user: "Just got some fresh impression of them along side my Andromeda. They are generally more v shaped sounding than the Andro's warm sound signature. The bass is weightier with more mid bass. Lots of impact but not loose at all. The Andro extend deeper though. Vocals on the the Io is recessed and hazy at times. Just like the Andromeda, the mids and upper mids are not forward, which I like (Harman Curve is painful to my ear). Last but not least, the treble is more exciting on the Io from 7 or 8khz and up. The soundstage of the Andro remains unmatched. Details and imaging are excellent on both. Have to say, the red color is even more stunning in person. According to CA, the Io is kind of the successor to the Orion."
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  13. plexabyte
    Do some shopping around. I got a pair of Polaris with an upgraded balanced cable (no original cable or box sadly) on here for 290. the deals will only get better. I'd wait to see what the reviews on the new version are like.
  14. Inorbit8
    I was expecting that once I saw the new 2019 Polaris. Sure enough, a fellow head-fier pm'd me last night offering a set for $300! But me being impatient and just ordered the 2019 Polaris from ALO an hour before his pm! :sweat_smile:

    Now it's the waiting game for mine to show up! :ksc75smile:
  15. maira
    Mhh, that´s not that great.. .
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