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Campfire Audio IO

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  1. jaydunndiddit
    So far, I think so. They're pretty mellow. Smooth and balanced to tell the truth. They don't outright have the level of over-the-top fun of the Polaris so I think I'll get a better handle on their signature as the days tick on by. I've been listening to them the most right now and they're very competent. Good imaging, mids and highs sound good. Lows lack quantity but they're tight and drums and whatnot have a nice "snap" to them. They don't really rumble like a DD would but I wouldn't call them anemic in the lows. I will say they're very clear sounding and rather wide considering all things (not to Andro levels). Still trying to get a grasp on their depth and height. They aren't as all encompassing as the Solaris staging-wise but don't sound closed-in and in my head so that's a plus too. Also, they're very light weight after dealing with the Atlas and Solaris for so long so that's been welcomed, haha. I'll be using them non-stop for the next week or more so I can fully adjust to their sound before bouncing around for comparisons so I'm sure my notes/thoughts will be more cohesive moving forward. So far though, I thoroughly enjoy them for what that's worth.
  2. jaydunndiddit
    I wouldn't say that. They're the only hybrids that CA offers right now and at 1/3 the cost of the SOlaris. I'm sure many are wondering how they stack up comparatively but I know I need more time to get a handle on their sound sig before coming to any firm conclusion. I wouldn't say they're a "baby Solaris" but they do have some things in common I think. I definitely think Polaris v2 has more energy in the highs over the old Polaris. So, that's a plus to some who may have found the old version too polite and laid-back up there.
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  3. Zachik
    Polaris vs. Lyra II comparison, please :wink:
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  4. maira
    Well, People like me who are willing to spend up to maybe 4-500 Euro for an iem have never listened to the Solaris. But they are interessted in what CA has to offer in this price range compared to other companies.... .
  5. jaydunndiddit
    Oh, I didn't mean anything negative by my comment, just that I'm sure many are wanting to know how the two hybrids from CA go head-to-head.
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  6. maira
    Absolutely no offence intended!

    This is also interesting of course, but maybe in a more academic sense.
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  7. Wheel Hoss
    Can you talk about level of comfort in-ear? I was surprised to see the Atlas is actually smaller than the Andro, possibly because of single driver design.

    Polaris and Io both look closer to Andro size but I can’t really tell.
  8. cardeli22
    I think I have seen your posts in Massdrop, right?
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  9. TooPoorForHiFi

    Any Driver Flex on the Polaris v2?
  10. jaydunndiddit
    Ha, yes, that's me under the same name.
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  11. cardeli22
    Nice. I'm Jefe32 there. You definitely are one of the higher commenters there but always informative.
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  12. Rockwell75
    Welcome to Head-Fi man! I've commented on some of your Massdrop posts, which were a factor in my decision to take the plunge on Solaris...a decision I couldn't be happier with :)
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  13. ExpatinJapan
    I have listened to the IO last two days on and off.

    I have not a/b with the Comet and Orion yet.

    Also tip swapping seems to make quite a difference to the low end.

    Consistency seems to be the thing. great detailing, separation and airiness.

    I need a bit more listening to pin down the sound properly and its place in the line up.

    Its a quality IEM for sure. Its just a question of tying down its signature accurately.

    @jaydunndiddit has written a couple of things like ‘tight, snappy lows....technical’
    And that seems accurate. Not big lows there, but ‘tight, snappy lows’.
    Technical is a good word, not sterile.

    *Last night I was a/b-ing the New Andromeda versus the old with cables (new/new, old/old, new/old) and also included the Solaris and Vega in the mix.
    So that waylaid me for quite some time.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2019
  14. jaydunndiddit
    I don't have my Andro's anymore but from memory, the IO and Polaris seem smaller (and admittedly lighter). I actually was able to lay down on my side with them in and didn't have any discomfort which is always nice. They'll get a better test next week as I tend to wear them all day during my work day. So far with the medium marshmallows, they're on the comfier side of CA IEMs. Apparently, I just prefer a deeper insertion (I do prefer triple flanges in general when I can use them). The longer stems are definitely a huge help here for me at least as the stubby stem from the Andro was always a nuisance. They just never wanted to seat themselves in my ears and always wanted to worm their way out. Their comfort was one of the reasons I just couldn't live with them long term. The Solaris ergonomically fits well but are on the heavier side but also have a similar style short stem. Personally, the Atlas is my favorite as they just disappear in my ears despite their weight despite them also having a similar short stem (but the "cone" under the stem is larger than the Andro/Solaris so they are overall just as long as the newer units). But the housing style for the Lyra and Vega are still my favorite ergonomically. I find absolutely no fault with them and kinda wish CA would bring back a new unit with their housing. I know it won't happen, but still hope they do in the future.

    There is some, but I only seem to get it in my right unit so I think it's a matter of my ear anatomy. From my experience, every DD in the CA lineup has some driver flex when using silicone tips. The Atlas is the worst offender here by far as they can just completely cut out if inserted wrong. But, when you insert them correctly and go through the hassle of lifting your ear, watching the angle, etc. it isn't much an a concern. Just a nuisance if you're taking them in/out all the time. The Lyra's and even the Solaris have the "issue" as well but it never suffocates the sound. Just crinkles like static a bit then all is well. The Polaris does the same and hasn't affected my listening when I tried them briefly with all the tips. I'm pretty sure Ken stated that this isn't an issue and won't have any effect on the driver but I know this does irk some folks regradless.

    I tend to almost always rock foamies when using anything with a DD anyhow so it isn't much of an issue with me. I personally don't like how silicone fits in my ears unless it's a triple flange from the like of Shure, MEE, Ety's, and so forth.

    Ha, thanks. I try my best over there as sometimes the amount of misinformation and nonsense is off the charts on some threads. Figure I can try and be a voice of reason when others just want to be negative and take things off the rails. I have to remind myself not to be baited by the more trollish posters and try and stay on point. But I won't lie that they don't tempt me some days, haha.

    Ah, I remember our chat there. Happy to help as always and glad you dig them as much as I do. They have admittedly grown on me as they didn't wow me nearly as quickly as the Atlas did (or still does, really) but I have to say when the right song comes on, they just seem to hit every single note and stride right. I arguably can't find much fault with them. So for me, that spells the sign for a well designed piece of equipment when I have to find things to nitpick about since everything is buttoned-up so dang well.

    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 29, 2019
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