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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. monika.chr
    The situation is a little bit strange, I never have any problems when using the stock cable. But when I use the Final audio C106, the right connector is loose and lost connections when I move it slightly. However, when re-plugin the C106 to opposite connectors, both connectors are solid and no connection issues. Now I'm confused...
  2. candlejack
  3. claud W
    Ordered my CA Andromeda V3 yesterday. Having them change connection on stock cord to 2.5 TRRS so I can use it with my IBasso 220. I also have a PlusSound silver and gold X6 ordered and their 2.5 TRRS to 4.4 TRRS and the reverse connector adapters coming.
    I am a bit of a CA fan. I have Vega, Comet and Atlas and Sony 300ZX and Hiby R3 DAPS. Lastly I have a Norne Silvergarde IEM cable with 4.4 coming next week. Its been break in city here for almost 2 weeks.
    Last edited: May 23, 2019
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  4. azeral
    So I recently sold off my andromeda s because the thing was just so damn heavy in my ears when walking. The weight made them pendulous and created that really low-frequency *whoom-whoom* sound when walking. Breaks my heart.

    I'm looking to get back to the regular andro, as I dont recall having weight issues with that earphone. I'm tempted also by Solaris.

    Can anyone with experience tell me whether the Solaris is anywhere near the weight of the andro s?

  5. Roscoeiii
    I only have limited exposure to Solaris from a share. It is certainly bigger than any Andro, and I believe that they are heavier than my Andro S, but not 100% sure...
  6. candlejack
    From memory I would say definitely lighter than the Andromeda S, probably heavier than the green. I'm going to audition some stuff this Saturday so I can check for the OP.
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  7. M3NTAL
    The weight of the solaris is further out than the andromeda. The solaris feels heavier while wearing than the andromeda.
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  8. candlejack
    Does that cable cost as much as your Sony player?
  9. candlejack
    That's a very good point. If you can't get a deep insertion, it will feel heavier than it weighs.
  10. azeral
    Yes, this is sort of what I was after. My worry was that the effective "lever arm" of the Solaris would be longer and more susceptible to torque when waking. Think I may stay with the standard andro.
  11. M3NTAL
    I find the Solaris more comfortable overall than the andromeda, but I only wear them lying down. The sharp edges on the andro can sometimes fatigue your ear in different places depending on how they are situated in your ear. The solaris doesn't have the sharp edges.
  12. azeral
    Interesting. I had the standard andro for a minute, and they never did irritate my ears the way it seems they do for many (inner shell never contacted the intertragic notch of my ear).

    Here's a lament that I don't have access to a IEM dealer to try this all out for myself.
  13. M3NTAL
    They (andro) only bothers me when I'm laying with my ear on the pillow which pushed the edges into my ear. The solaris doesn't have the sharp edges, so when it "forced" into my ear, it is less bothersome.
  14. claud W
    No. Just $99, but they give you a new cable, not the one that now comes with it as I just learned. I canceled the $99 wire and said just send me an Andromeda, Now the PlusSound cable is a different story. You can buy a DX 220 for the price of a Gold & Silver X6. If you do not believe in cables, please do not respond and make an A--of your self.
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  15. candlejack
    Haha, yeah, I was asking about the other cable. It amazes me how much of their budget some people dedicate to the cable. And no, I don't believe in cables because I can't definitively hear a difference, but if you do, then enjoy the best you can. I don't need to push my religion on anybody. :)

    Post some pics with your new rig when you get it.
    Last edited: May 24, 2019
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