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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. ExpatinJapan
    Can you keep a secret?
  2. hiflofi
    Absolutely. Nothing but sealed lips around here.
  3. ExpatinJapan
    Me too.


    I would take KB's word for it and trust him and CA
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  4. hiflofi
    Ah I've been got!

    Nothing but trust for KB but I'd like to hear what's up with the Andro that would require such a hasty announcement. I guess we shall await an official Campfire statement on the Andro because that would carry significantly more weight.
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  5. ExpatinJapan
    well good you have a sense of humor.

    *Always good to defer to an official statement.

    Anyway Andro v1 versus v3 with Ken comments included via email

    As mentioned earlier.



    HF - Any andro v1 vs andro v3 impressions/comparisons?

    Me: Here:

    HF - ‘but Ken said no differences...’

    Me: - ok, but he also said >>link.

    HF - Did not read (cue: waves lightsabers gif)

    *classic head fi :)

    B4542943-E12D-46D5-BFB3-0D90FBE7DF83.jpeg FEA9E210-EF97-40C8-923E-BFC6A3727B82.jpeg
    Last edited: May 16, 2019
  6. auronthas
    I hope it's not Andros female connector problem but your earphone cable male connector. I experience loose connection on right piece too on my Sony Kimber Kable muc-m12sb1. No more issue after changed to ALO Reference 8. Please have a check.
  7. candlejack
    Thanks for posting details.

    Although, I have to say, when Ken replies with "Who knows, maybe it's X or Y, all I can say is that our recipe is the same" it doesn't exactly scream quality control of the final product.
  8. ExpatinJapan
    Andro V1 is early 2016 and Andro V3 is 2019. Two of the same recipe with a few machining changes, spout, deeper insertion and a new cable.

    Inner is cleaner arranged I understand but the essential ‘recipe’ is the same.

    I missed out on any V2 experiences.

    I suspect Ken was being generous and patient with me and my findings.
    And like me participating in the journey, exploring and wondering what and why rather than leaping to ‘Head pie your wrong, our QC is top notch’ or whatever

    Its a product that is on its third version with a few special editions.

    I enjoy these type of open conversations, Head-fi seems to be on a search and destroy mission lately in many a thread.

    But this (trend) too shall pass.
  9. Jackpot77
    I suspect if insertion depth is different due to the new spout (like the Io and Polaris 2) then this will be more difficult for the manufacturer to quantify in terms of how (or more to the point if) this affect the end tuning. Interesting debate nonetheless.
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  10. candlejack
    I appreciate you sharing your opinion, but given your personal relationship with Ken, your opinion is not the most objective one. And your perspective is certainly not the customer perspective.

    I bought 2 editions of the Andromeda because I liked it that much, so I'm not here to bash CA, but giving them a pass when I know they should do better is counterproductive to my goals as a consumer.

    They were great in dealing with an issue I had with my Andromeda S and sent me a brand new replacement asap. But I have the impression that the replacement sounds a bit different from the original unit (better actually). I can't say this with any certainty (3 weeks is a long time for audio memory), but everything I've heard from CA with regards to quality control and unit variance does not help destroy this feeling I have. And sure, this time I'm very happy with what I got, but it does affect my confidence for future buys. And just to pile on a bit, their quality of assembly could be improved too. :)

    All this being said, if I had to start fresh, I would probably still buy the Andromeda S (or maybe the ier-z1r if I had a could try it out and liked it). But this is more a reflection of the fact that the market is not mature enough and the competition is not doing a better job at impressing me. I'll admit, I'm a tough customer. HF needs more people like me. :)
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  11. candlejack
    The new spout is the same length as the original one, the geometry at the tip and the material are different. Maybe Al vs SS could lead to some changes in sound, but are these really audible? If they are, there should've been reports of sound changes from v0 to v1. Maybe there were, but I don't remember seeing any.
  12. ddmt
    Andromeda is a money generator for CFA. No way in the world KB will change anything, sonic wise.
  13. MXRaia
    This whole QC discussion is interesting. I blind-bought the Andromeda S in Hong Kong almost as soon as it came out. I had it for about two months, but I wasn’t its biggest fan. Before I sold it, I tried the Andro S demo in a SG store (Connect-It), and I was pleasantly surprised by the sound on that unit.

    Not sure if burn in is actually a thing for BAs, or if it’s unit variation in the same model. But these things do make me worry about dropping $1k+ on IEMs.

    By the way, did anyone figure out the meaning of the Mixwave announcement? Should I wait until June or July before picking up an Andro V3?
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  14. candlejack
    You mean not intentionally. :ksc75smile:
  15. ddmt
    Exactly :k701smile:
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