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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. jerchan
    just bought a pair of andros today super excited. has anyone tried them with custom tips? wondering if that messes with the sound signature.
  2. Mirimar
    Just my opinion but I find the below to be the case when it comes to tips...

    Marshmallow: increase bass
    Final Audio: increase highs
    Spiral Dots: neutral/balanced
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2019
  3. iBo0m
    Just my 2 cents: Final E tips are very dependable on the depth of insertion and size (deeper insertion = bassier, larger size = brighter highs).
  4. dakchi
  5. mattiav
    I’ve got Advanced Sound custom tips for my Andro S on the way (via Massdrop), will report back in a few days.

    I’m currently using the marshmallow foam tips - the Final E is comfortable in the ear but shifts the body of he Andro too deep for me, making the edges uncomfortable. I also preferred the sound of the foams. Never tried spiral dots.
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  6. jerchan
    thanks for the recommendations =). ended up getting the spiral dots and really loving them
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  7. Ryokan
    For me Andro's sound sublime with foam tips. Silicone make them sound thinner and reduce bass impact imo.
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  8. ExpatinJapan
    spiral dots my choice too.
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  9. Fargeg
    Just dropping by to shill for the Radsone ES100. I’ve tried pairing the Andromeda with the C5D, NX4 DSD, and the Micro iDSD with various tips, and the ES100 on the 1-ohm output impedance setting with the stock marshmallow foams provides a superior noise floor and tonal balance to all of them for a fraction of the cost of a dedicated DAP, not to mention working well with a smartphone with its EQ and Bluetooth functionalities.

    The bass response with this combination is reasonably balanced-sounding, if not entirely neutral with its BA mid- and sub-bass: it manages to avoid sounding thin while not obscuring vocals with upper bass muddiness, which I can’t say the same of any others.

    It doesn’t result in a generic V-shaped sound sig as using Spiral Dots does, doesn’t make the presence region disappear as Dekoni foams do, and doesn’t give the Andro an awful three-bubble soundstage with atrocious diagonal imaging as SpinFits do. It sounds more open than Complys, too, although the 1-ohm output cures the farty bass that using the latter with sub-ohm outputs causes. The soundstage also has actual depth now instead of sounding 2D as with most silicone tips, including the half-dozen AliExpress tips I tried. There’s none of the closed-off staging, excessively sucked-out upper mids at high source OI, or generally dead-ish sound caused by the IEMatch, either.

    I finally get why people call the Andromeda a TOTL now. At this point, I’m convinced that tip rolling on kilobuck IEMs is like putting ketchup on quality steak and that plugging the Andromeda into sources with output impedances outside the 1-2 ohm range is like having it well-done.

    e: Also, the ES100 obviates the need for fancy cables, as all those do is raise the total IEM circuit impedance, as the receiver does, and don’t even come with AAC or AptX codec support.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2019
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  10. Scorpion1611
    Just bought a pair of 2019 Andro’s and love them out of SE connection of SS SP1000. Using Spiral Dot tips, seem to give good balance of bass and treble.

    Does anybody have a cable recommendation for a 2.5mm balanced? Have read all the stories about the Andro’s being source and cable picky.

    Don’t want to break the bank but do want to use the balanced out of the SP1000.
  11. Lookout57
    Campfire SXC8
  12. candlejack
    Yeah, if you don't mind maximum stiffness and microphonics.
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  13. melons
    I bought (and have, somewhere!) a CA Litz (This) cable which is 2.5mm TRRS terminated. Bought it from Hifiheadphones (Sussex) when I bought my Andromeda OG's last year. Only used it for a couple of weeks before changing to a Forza 'Hybrid' Series cable (with straight mmcx plugs).

    The CA cable sounded great (with AK70 Mkii DAP) but the physical thinness of the cable and shape of the splitter annoyed me (irrational I know) so it has been put into a drawer somewhere. I'm open to offers if you're interested in buying it :)
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2019
  14. melons
    Reason: Whoops, double posted by mistake.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2019
  15. Scorpion1611
    That’s funny, I bought the Andromeda’s from hifi headphones. Also looking at the Forza Hybrid cable, have a tab open pondering.

    Is it a step up from the Litz?
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