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Campfire Audio - Introducing 2 new models Hello Andromeda and Nova

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  1. phiemon
    Which cable would be better for Andromeda: Reference-8 or SXC 8 IEM?
  2. theveterans
    Those cables IMO are stiffer than some aftermarket cables that I use for Andromeda.

    I use EA Lionheart 4-wire with its much flexible cable than either of those
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  3. melons
    I'm not daft enough to get drawn into recommending one cable over another, as I'll just get flamed by the CA loyalists, but would suggest that if you're considering the Forza Hybrid then forget the CA 'Litz' and instead compare the Specs of the FH to the CA 'Super Litz' which CA view as an upgrade to their 'Litz', that may help you decide

    What I will say about the Forza is that it's extremely well built, doesn't have the annoyingly lumpy/thick memory wire sleeve of the CA, just wire that bends to form around the ears, has zero microphonics (not sure if the Super Litz has or hasn't), looks better and I'm extremely happy with the sound

  4. Ryokan
    PM sent.
  5. Peter P.
    I use EA thor ii’s out of my SE100’s and love them. They sound great on the Sp1000’s too!
  6. BananaOoyoo
    I agree with the Alo cables being a bit stiff.

    I’d suggest looking into some of the budget PW Audio cables instead - IMO they’re much nicer than EA’s offerings. Saladin and Loki are both a fair bit cheaper than the Thor II/Lionheart mentioned above and closer in price to the Ref-8/SXC8
  7. phiemon
    Thank you for the reply.

    Actually, I'm looking for the better cable in regards to the better audio quality – and not to the better stiffness or price.
  8. candlejack
    Stiffness and microphonic noise go hand in hand. I consider that to be part of audio quality. Unless you plan to not move your body while listening.
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  9. phiemon
    Ok, then I'm interested in a cable for the Andromeda for the better audio quality such as the Reference-8 or SXC 8 IEM; stiffness and microphonic are here for me not a criterium for "better audio quality".
  10. candlejack
    Alright, I'm not gonna push this any further then, but I'm just curious, have you ever used a truly microphonic cable?
  11. phiemon
    I have actually the Reference-8 – which now I sent to Campfire for repair. But I wonder if the SXC 8 IEM or another cable would be better. So yes, the Ref-8 is a truly microphonic cable and I don't have problems with it.
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  12. Lookout57
    I went thru and was testing all my cables today and I compared the Ref 8 against the SXC 8.

    The SXC is not as microphonic as the Ref 8 and to me has smoother highs, deeper bass and a bigger more 3D soundstage.
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  13. phiemon
    Thank you very much for this answer.

    So, you mean that the SXC is brighter than the Ref8?
  14. Lookout57
    I wouldn't call the SXC 8 brighter. When I hear brighter, I think more pronounced highs. The SXC 8 is more revealing with additional details that make the soundstage more 3D without introducing any high end harshness.
  15. Ryokan
    Listening to Bjork - Vespertine I'm not conscious of a lack of bass or bright highs, I'm just sitting listening mesmerized, everything flows with crystal clarity. Can understand all the glowing reviews now - which is the reason why I bought them.
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