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Broke my Etymotics...didn't care for them anyways. Need new CHEAP IEM's. help!

  1. proglife
    I've had these Etymotic ER-4's for something like 7 years now. The little plastic shaft on one of the earpieces snapped. It was my fault, not the headphones. I'm not that bummed out about it, because the sound signature never really appealed to me. They always felt super dry, analytical and...i hate to use the expression, but "less than musical".

    I'm looking for a budget pair of IEM's for use at work. The greater value the better. Nothing over 100 bucks (the cheaper the better). They'll be powered by a FiiO E7 DAC/Amp.

    Other headphones I own and like: HD600, SR-125. REALLY like the Sennheisers. Any recommendations are appreciated!
  2. Shevanel
    I'm just surprised you went so long with something you didn't like. My vote is for some rezeros or re0s. Probably doesnt fit what yyou're looking for thougg
  3. ZARIM
    The JVC FXD80, Sony EX600, Yamaha EPH100, RE0, JVC FX3X and Turbine are great sounding pair of IEMs with good punchy bass and fairly wide soundstage (few) and they all are musical (litle warm, few).
  4. siemens123
  5. proglife

    Long story short: they were purchased by my employer and were technically their property. They've since become "mine". Never thought of moving them on for something I like better.

    excellent. will look into all of them. thank you!

    Interesting. I suppose I'd still be stuck with an IEM I don't particularly care for. Maybe I could move them on after repair.
  6. todd92371
    Sony MH1c's. I don't listen to my ETY er4p's since I got mine. Love them.
  7. kmhaynes
    If you want something quick and easy, find someplace local who carries the Philips SHE3590 (or buy from Amazon.com).  I listen to them almost 1/2 the time with my ER-4P -- it is a fuller, more musical sound, but still has some of the detail and clarity of the ER-4P, just more balanced all the way around.  $15-20.
  8. Deadlovestory
    Shure SE215. Nice bass, won't tire you out at work either due to its warm sound sig. Comes with high quality removable cable too. MSRP is JUST under your budget limit at 99.99 bucks!
  9. proglife
    For 15 dollars shipped to my door, they're certainly worth the shot.
    Thanks for the replies...I'll check these Philips out and then work around the other suggestions.
  10. proglife
    Thanks for the recommendation. For 15 bucks, these will do. Certainly not an amazing headphone, but I think for work purposes, what they lack might actually be an attribute. I don't think they'll be fatiguing with hyper detail. 

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