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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. battosai
    Hiss has nothing to do with the DAP output impedance, rather with amplification stage. How clean is the power output and how much power we're talking about.
    The R6 Pro is a power monster so it amplifies background noise of its amplification stage as well...
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  2. duyanh43
    Absolutely fine for me tho. Zero hiss, bass was much improved. And yes, enjoying the upgrade :D Thanks for your reply, now i can listen in peace.
  3. Cevisi
    L.I.P ma dude
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  4. jsmiller58
    Sorry, did not say, or mean to imply, that hiss has anything to do with output impedance, but I can see how you could have read what I wrote that way.

    The earlier poster had written “Just got my hand on the Hiby R6, absolute no hiss, noise floor with my DM6. I'm not sure about all the warning about 10Ohm Output impendance.” In fact I said I have hiss out of the R6 Pro which has very low output impedance. It is why I purchased the IEMatch. Yes, in fact as @Joe Bloggs has said on the R6 Pro thread before, the Pro's hiss issue is a tradeoff for the extra power it delivers over the R6.

    I suggested that same iEMatch purchase for the earlier poster if they wanted to reduce the possibility that the high OI of the R6 was coloring the sound. That is a personal decision.

    Last edited: Apr 21, 2019
  5. battosai
    All good, no worries. Enjoy the R6 Pro!!
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  6. capnjack
    :frowning2: My left iem started to develop at slight ‘rattle’ in the upper treble range - noticed it on George Michael - Different Corner.
    I hoped it might be a cable connection at first :wink: but no such luck :frowning2: Now I have no sound at all from left iem.
    Looks like QC is not particularly good with BGVP.
    So I just shot Penon an email explaining my problem and now waiting on a response when they go back to work tomorrow. At least I have another set though :) so all is not lost.
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  7. Redcarmoose
    Good excuse to buy more junk! :)
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  8. Isloo
    I’ve changed to a Fiio cable and spinfit tips and these are now sounding seriously good. The hiss has reduced and the bass is now just perfect. I don’t normally believe in cables making a difference, but in the case of the DM6 it really does make a noticeable difference. I initially found the clarity a bit lacking in comparison to the KPE, but now clarity is on a par with them.
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  9. duyanh43
    Different experiences for me, when i change into LC-2.5C i almost want to return it. Now i'm using Spinfit and Satin Kraken 4x. Perfect
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  10. Redcarmoose
    Your one of many documented in this very thread who was surprised by a cable change! Kinda looks funny now for the long standing cable non-believers. Lol
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  11. capnjack
    I find the ISN H8 pairs really we’ll with the DM6, the standard cable was really poor, recessed mids - was awful
    I also highly recommend the Ares II on the IMR R1 Zenith
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2019
  12. Cevisi
    I got the same problem
  13. capnjack
    Let’s hope it’s just the odd pair with an issue then. It would be a shame as they sound so good, I got my white pair from BGVPs own store on AliExpress, but my smoked ones came from Penon Audio, a store I have used before with no problems with whatsoever and have heard only good things about in the past.
  14. Cevisi
    Mine came from the official store from ali express the left on rattles and makes distorted sound the mmcx is very lose i had to send them back too bgvp i hope i get a normal one back
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  15. capnjack
    Hope so buddy, when they are good, they are really, really good! As long as the sound sig is to your taste! :wink:
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