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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. JRichardson1228
    Update: I got to play around with them for around three hours this afternoon. Played through the entirety of the aforementioned Headhunters, then I ran through Led Zeppelin I, which is a 16 bit flac rip from the original '87 Atlantic CD. Obviously those records aren't the most well mastered albums available, so while the DM6s definitely shone a light on its imperfections, it also brought to light some of the micro details in Plant's vocal performance (tiny breaths I've never heard before, as well as background wails that sound so distant it's no wonder I've never picked up on them), and Bonham's cymbal crashes sound spectacular.

    After that, I kind of went berserk. I never liked the way my T2s played back my Deathcore albums, as the vocals always felt like they were buried in the mix. With the DM6s, the vocals sounded clearer than I've ever heard them in my life. Keep in mind, these recordings are brickwalled to hell, but still, I was really impressed (Suicide Silence - No Pity For A Coward, Whitechapel - Reprogrammed To Hate, and Winds Of Plague - Classic Struggle). Then I hopped onto Dr. Dre's 2001 album and blew through half the record, finding new things hanging in the background of songs I've heard hundreds of times before.

    After that, I was onto Eminem's Relapse and that's where I started to see where sibilance would be an issue for some. Granted, his vocal performance, as well as the album's mixing, puts a really strong emphasis on the "sh," "ch," and "tion" sounds in his lyrics, and due to his wordplay and alliteration throughout the record, it's probably more pronounced than on any other vocal-centric album I own. Still, while it was noticeable, it wasn't something I considered fatiguing, so my ears might not be as sensitive as others. Like I said above, I'm still figuring this out as I go along.

    What I love most of all, however, is the form factor of these little guys. While I always enjoyed the sound of the T2s, the way they fit in my ear always felt unnatural, and my ear canal always got unbearably itchy after an hour, give or take. Like I said above, I went for just under three hours when I took them out of the box, and while my ear was a little sore from adjusting to this new thing I shoved into my head, I felt no discomfort, and I never once felt like they were about to fall out of my ears, which was a common thing with my T2s.

    I know some of this is still new-toy-excitement, but given the polarizing nature of these iems, I'm glad it's starting off strong. Hopefully it only improves from here.
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  2. docentore
    It does get better, at least it did for me.
    I've got my set back in November. Due to personal and financial issues I had to sell my pair 1.5 month later. Almost cried when packing the DM6 so it could be posted, like saying good-bye to old friend on his funeral.
    Luckily for me the guy that I sold them to is rotating his IEMs a lot and agreed, well he offered this himself, that when I will get my money straight I will be able to buy them back from him. And I did few weeks later :D
    Not going to sell them, these are keepers.
  3. zeppu08
    Just want to share my DM6..

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  4. redrol
    Great review!! The DM6 is my favorite IEM for heavy metal bar none. It's got this detail in the guitars that is missing from a lot of other IEMs.
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  5. archy121
    That’s cable #130. Please share some thoughts on it. Any sonic changes compared to standard, microphonics and memory wire comfort ?
  6. jsmiller58
    I lost the link to the cable thread... can someone post a link?
  7. Cevisi
  8. jsmiller58
  9. Cevisi
    You're welcome
  10. duyanh43
    Just got my hand on the Hiby R6, absolute no hiss, noise floor with my DM6. I'm not sure about all the warning about 10Ohm Output impendance. Is there any problem with pairing DM6 with R6. I know this is a pretty much old questions but i searched through this thread and can't find the satisfied answer.
  11. jsmiller58
    Mismatch in the output impedance of the source and the impedance of the IEM may not result in hiss. Rather it will distort the sound of the IEM, in particular increasing the lower frequencies in relation to the mids and highs. This was a fundamental design mistake of the original R6 and corrected on the R6 Pro. You might be able to use IEMatch if you want to correct this, or just live with it if it does not bother you.
  12. duyanh43
    I mostly use BAL, IEMatch only have 3.5 version in my country. I still hear good sound from my DM6, idk how it affect at all @@
  13. jsmiller58
    For Balance, what I did was purchase on Amazon (but may not be available to you) the 2.5mm iFi IEMatch. I then use a 2.5mm to 4.4mm adapter to connect the IEMatch to my R6 Pro (even though the R6 Pro has very low output impedance, there will still be hiss on very sensitive IEMs.
  14. duyanh43
    "in particular increasing the lower frequencies in relation to the mids and highs" I also noticed that Bass on my DM6 is punchier than my DX120. Overall tonality is brighter
  15. battosai
    There is absolutely zero problem between R6 and DM6 just pure enjoyment. The R6 output impedance issue is really overblown and only apparent to very low impedance iem. The DM6 is fine no need to buy anything extra to solve a non-existing problem.
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