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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. battosai
    Any idea on price ?
  2. Fawzay
    yea probably next week i hoped. the DM7 offers different colours plates right?
  3. battosai
    @antdroid Which bgvp has switches ? The DMS (that would be my guess S for switches?) or the DM7??
  4. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2019
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  5. AudioCans
    Often a review will hype the item being reviewed, this is positive and reveals that the reviewer likes the product. It is all subjective and personal opinion.

    I trust reviews from certain people, as it aligns with my preference. hence I took the plunge and bought the DM6 and am very pleased that I did.

    Kudos to all those reviews that hyped the DM6, you all rock.
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  6. Cevisi
    Yes but it seems like every reviewer that change the cable says its good and who dont says they dont good
  7. capnjack
    To be honest the standard cable sounds dull and lifeless to me, as I have a few mmcx cables lying around it wasnt that much of a problem. Really though I found the right tips and cable combo fairly easily with all the advice on here :wink: thanks to all the guys who have chipped in making this a really good thread.
    Edit. My second pair should be here on Monday, I like these that much I thought I’d have a pair for work as well
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2019
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  8. Cevisi
    Damn got a package it was just my nicehck 8 core cable not the dm6 :triportsad:
  9. capnjack
    Keep the faith bro, they’ll be with you soon. My second pair will be with me by Monday :wink: according to dhl’s website
  10. Cevisi
    Yea i hope mine too.i order the cable 2 days after the dm6 it has been landing yesterday in germany and now its here. The dm6 landed on saturday i thin they still in custom. Here is some extra custom above 150 euro value.
  11. capnjack
    And here I’m afraid, I just had to pay an extra £16 today. So that mine will be delivered
  12. AudioCans
    I have changed the cable and I prefer the new cable mainly because it is 2.5mm balanced, the cable that shipped with the DM6 I personally really like. in fact for SE 3.5mm listening I only use the stock cable.
  13. Cevisi
    So i came home from work got the email the cable is delivered here is no cable the door has been ringin THE MAN got my DM6 helllyeaahh they sound great daaaaammm but where is the cable smbody here who got email fromali express that is signed for and nothing is there ?
  14. antdroid
    Ok. I didn’t meant to start any flame war. Maybe the term hype wasn’t the best choice of words. I’ve edited my comment.

    Note: I didn’t get a chance to hear the DM6 until many months after it came out, hence my original comments about other IEMs coming to market and pushing it down my list. The delays were due to the sales of the unit and the capacity of the company, and so by the time I did get it I had a chance to listen to several other IEMs which for me, suit my preferences more. I think I would have liked the DM6 more if I had a chance to it sooner perhaps. I found that they had a little bit of harsh treble on some tracks due to the slightly uneven and raised treble, in regions that don’t suit me well.

    Anyway, sorry for stirring up anything if I did. Honestly didn’t mean no harm to anyone.
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  15. Cevisi
    On mine the treble is very smooth stock tips stock cable i see no trouble to wear them for hours
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