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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. capnjack
    Just got mine delivered and I’m about an hour in and WOW, just WOW. These thing walk all over the B400!
    At first I thought the treble was a little bit hot for me, but after a change of tip Final Audio E, and a silver/copper cable and all is good with the world! Passed my sibilants test - Minnie Ripperton - Loving You, with flying colours, Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls, Bass all present and correct. These things are sounding promising already :)
    Early days though yet, let’s give them some time and we’ll see.
  2. Cevisi
    Now i am just more excited did the cable change the sound ?
  3. archy121
    Not to worry as the DM6 is a fantastic steal at its price and worth the wait. Just persevere with it as it will get better with time. What source will you use with it ?

    Also Know that DM7 is not a replacement but additional higher cost model so it’s not like your DM6 become suddenly outdated.
    Cevisi likes this.
  4. Cevisi
    I use the sxfi amp(akm 4377 dac) whit my samsung s8

    Maybe i will upgrade the source but i have nothing in sight
  5. Isloo
    I’m glad to say mine have finally been shipped!
  6. Cevisi
  7. capnjack
    To my ears, the combination of the Final Audio E tips with the copper cable seems to work best. But as these are brand new iems straight out of the box, it may be just my brain getting used to them / new toy syndrome!?!? As I say though, they are very impressive already and better sounding than my B400. YMMV however as we all have different preferences in sound/music etc.....
  8. SciOC
  9. Cevisi
    Hmmm thats a shame about what time of period are you talking ?

    Maybe i can hold it longer pretty i am electrican working whit cables is my bread (Hope is the last to die) <---german saying
  10. allaces305
    I found an old fabric speaker cover and I cut out small squares and placed them over the nozzle and held it in place with the tips... Worked out great for me and I hear no audible differences..
  11. keoki
    So what eartips did you guys settle on or find that works best for you? I read a few pages but got a bit too much to read (just being honest)...
  12. archy121

    If you are suffering sibilance type issues go for the widest bore silicons you can get hold of. Eg Philips Fidelio or NewBee tips. They take edge FF highs and even increse bass.

    Otherwise Symbio Wide are fantastic and so are JVC Spinfits for even more controlled bass.
  13. OldDude04
    I ended up using THESE from Aliexpress, but THESE from Amazon were a super close 2nd place.
  14. archy121
    Those are the NewBee i referred to earlier.
    Very cheap on AE and come in a case that you can use to store you own favourite selection.
    I found the silicon used is very soft and not outstanding in any way.
  15. keoki

    Mahalo for your suggestions! Did either of you find that one feels more comfortable than the other besides improvement with the sound?
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2019
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