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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. OldDude04
    Comfort was a big consideration for me. If they sounded great but didn't offer suitable comfort, off they went. I found both to be very comfortable for long listening sessions.
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  2. SoundChoice
    Sometimes we never make it to step 7
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  3. mundofunk

    Mine arrived yesterday, and everything that is says is true:

    -very good construcction, feel like a expensive iem
    -sound amazing
    -are sibilant, but I buy another copper cable and now it got better
    -the stock cable maybe is not the best cable for them, buy another one
    -very, very sensitive iems, you can ear the background noise in some daps
    -you need better quality audio, it’s easy to identity a mp3. Flac or a DSD file.
    -change tips

    Well I very hapy with them, I can’t compare with another most expensive iems, but there are my experience.

    greetings from Chile...:beyersmile:
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  4. Cevisi
    Have fun
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  5. Steve Guppy
    The mp3 v flac file comparison is spot on. I didn't think I'd notice that much difference, but I'm glad to be proved wrong. The details these pull out of the music is staggering for the price :-D
  6. capnjack
    Yes, I have to agree with you guys mp3 sounds flat and lifeless(192) compared to flac or hi-res. But then again it is compressed to crap! However I found that the right tips and a different cable made a difference for me too. Player upgrade is next I suspect, my wallet hates me! Almost as much as my wife hates this hobby (I’ve given up, she never hears a difference).
  7. Steve Guppy
    Yep, tips make the biggest single difference. I tip rolled a lot. Thought I'd settled on Symbio N's as the perfect tip, and they were, and still are, very good, but then I tried some ML spiral dots I'd had lying around, and these are better still. Will always try new things, but I'm struggling to see how any tip will sound better still..
  8. keoki
    Interesting you went with the Symbio WN's as I tough the W's were suppose to be a better fit. I messaged their support and was suggest to get W's to fit the DM6.

    With the Spiral Dots, I see that there are ML and ML- B. Would you happen to know the difference?
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2019
  9. capnjack
    I tried symbios, rha, spiral dot, spinfit, trinity, comply and found Final Audio E tips worked best for me
  10. Steve Guppy
    Not WN's, just N's. Don't think the guy even makes em anymore. They fit the DM6's perfectly. Bit of struggle getting em on my FH5's mind !!

    The only ML's I've seen (in the uk at least) ARE designated ML-B. Mine are. Have you got pictures of the ML only designation? Maybe someone else can clear this up?...
  11. Steve Guppy
    Final Audio E's are the ones I haven't tried. Might look into those. Amazon? EBay?.
  12. capnjack
  13. keoki
    Found these with free shipping over $20 spent. I don't know about the company though as I never bought from them (just Google'd it)...
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  14. jon parker
    The Final E types are one of the last 'top' tips ive yet to buy - Just bought some extra large from hifiheadphones - Very nice to see a LL size on offer!
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  15. antdroid
    I may be receiving a preview unit of the DM7. Pretty excited to hear what this one offers. I liked the DMG when it first came out as a fun IEM. I thought the DM6 was a bit sibilant for me, but an improvement upon the DMG -- but after the DMG came out, other IEMs popped up that I liked more priced between the DMG and DM6 putting both a little down the pecking order for me. So, DM7 -- hopefully BGVP stepped up their game.

    Note: I didn’t get a chance to hear the DM6 until many months after it came out, hence my original comments about other IEMs coming to market and pushing it down my list.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2019
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