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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. MariusAB
    Two Hawaiibadboy babies. But it looks amazing in combo. It should sound the same.. :wink:
  2. mr.karmalicious
    (no hiss with my Apple DAC, fwiw. but yeah, these babies are extremely sensitive!)
  3. MariusAB
    How is treble after you burned them in? Have they a little bit relaxed? As for me treble is a little bit piercing in some higher registers at the moment. Not verry comfortable to the years. But i understood that dm6 likes a little bit warmer dacs, because with too neutral it could sound a little bit clinical and dry for my ears.
  4. zeppu08
    Anyone tried the DM6 with the Mojo?
  5. Kitechaser
    If it's TRUE OCC copper, I would go with that. But like someone else said on a different thread, this stuff is coming from China, who knows what's in it.
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  6. Redcarmoose
    I don’t have a treble issue at all with the DM6, and I’m treble sensitive. Everyone is different but you may find different tips do the trick. I view all IEMs as having a signature in being related to their own aspects. Meaning if you want more bass and you have a tip that gets you bass, you don’t turn it up as loud so the treble is less piercing; if that makes sense?

    We have had a bunch of folks confirm that it’s difficult to really, really know if you have an airtight fit. With some IEMs it’s night and day, but here we have the fit and tip use almost completely EQ the IEM into all sorts of directions. Meaning I could get a tip that enhances the mids and treble, like a wide bore, and I would think there is too little bass. So I use these gummy two material Sony Hybrid Tips, which seem to add treble attenuation just being what they are and due to airtight fit, add great bass.

    It’s all about the tip it seems? But.........there is a profound transparency here with the DM6 which parlays DAC and amp character. It’s actually spooky that a $199 China IEM can relay what is upstream so well. It’s a testament to the ability we have in our hands at the moment.

    The 1Z has more treble than the 1A and more treble than the Sony TA desktop and the 1Z is my go to DAP for the DM6. But I do believe the treble smooths out. I ended up burning my DM6 IEMs in for 8.5 days. Lol.

    But also the 1A is a great pairing. At first I thought the 1A was the DAP for the DM6 but with different 4.4mm Pentaconn balanced cables and burn in the Sony WM 1Z is the ticket in my humble opinion.

    Last edited: Jan 19, 2019
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  7. cobrabucket
    I have no way of measuring if it real OCC, but FWIW I own the BGVP OCC cable and love it. Feels very Primo compared to the others I have. Ordered the $24 NiceHCK for comparison, but I am definitely satisfied with the BGVP OCC cable!
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  8. Kitechaser
    Trust your ears :) that's the only way to go in this hobby.
    I don't think BGVP would sell a fake OCC Cable, they are building a good rep, would be foolish to throw it away to save a couple of dollars.
  9. jason96
    DM6 sounds great paired with the Fiio M6 IMG_20190104_153448.jpg
  10. viper2377
    It really really does have great synergy!
  11. archy121

    Just when I had some good news..
    This morning tracking is showing that Royal Mail is holding item because it requires outstanding fees to be paid.

    I haven’t got the official delivery card through the door so it could be to do with paying additional fees for postage or Worse - Customs duty :fearful:

    Was really hoping for no more hoops after such a long wait.

    I purchased the headphones on 11/11 for $153 inclusive. This converts to about £120 in GBP. According to Customs website if item is of value under £135 than I only have to pay VAT (20%) plus £8 handling to Royal Mail ie £32 to pay which isn’t too bad.
    Additional customs duty value is applied for goods above £135 - good to know.

    Can anyone verify my understanding and share their experience ?

    Also it remains to be seen what AV store has declared the value of the headphones. Hopefully it’s what I paid or better less and not hiked up for insurance cover etc.

    @Huxley you lucky sod got away with it :D
    Are you able tell me what value AV Store declared for the parcel ?
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2019
  12. Huxley
    Oh believe me it's rare that I do.
    Fraid I didn't look at the value, must have been low as they only had it for three hours.

    If it makes you feel better, I paid £66 on some webbing just last month and that was at least £220.
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2019
  13. MariusAB
    A/v declared in my case 25,.. euros so no additional taxes. They newer should put real price.
  14. MariusAB
    Nice. So synergy is good there? Isn't too neutral with m6 ? As i heard m6 is quite neutral and dm6 also transparent and neutral. So what final comes out? With fiio k3 dm6 a little bit harsh, i feel it needs more smoothness and warmth. When i put my bower and wilkins p7 they have this smooth musicality, what makes music tasty to listen. I also have as an option to try m6 as price is very nice but dont want too sterile and clinical sound with dm6. And dm6 character tends to it so dac should be in opposite.
  15. adamdos
    Bought a pair of DM6 just out of curiosity in order to check what all this hype is about. I was never believer in “chi-fi-less-then-200-orwhatever-buck-iem” miracle.

    Oh boy, I was mistaken. Out of the box these are most comfortable iems I own/owned - several Campfires (still own Andromedas), Sennheisers,
    AKGs and Ibasso. Stock tips gave me excellent fit still will be experimenting with Symbios and Spiral Dots. I do like my green Andromedas, but
    their fit is only satisfactory. DM6’s build quality very good, but subpar to CAs and Sennheisers, and actually better then Hifiman.

    Using them with Sony WM1A and CA Litz 4.4mm cable. Music mainly non-orchestra classical, jazz and acoustic. Technically these are for sure not
    the best iems I have but they do rock in terms of giving me the highest level of music engagement. IMHO they hit deeper then Andromedas (but quality of bass may be slightly lesser), wider and deeper sound stage (sometimes I feel too wide, but I can easily live with it) and instruments positioning is much more accurate. They much less efficient then Andromedas for sure.

    Long story short, in past 3 days not a single time I wanted to put Andromedas in my ears. DM6 DO cost every single penny of 185 dollars I paid for them.
    May be after “honeymoon” period I will be changing my opinion, but as of today I don’t want anymore to buy CA Solaris which I was dreaming of. And yes, I am going to buy one more pair of DM6 (custom one).
    Last edited: Jan 19, 2019
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